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Union des organisations civiles luttant pour le respect des droits fondamentaux

Union of civil organisations fighting for the respect of fundamental rights

Unie van de burgerlijke organisaties die om het eerbiedigen van de grondrechten

Союз гражданских организаций борется за соблюдение основных прав


MARCEL VERVLOESEM, murdered on 22 January 2018 at the request of  the so-called "Army-People of the Soviet Commonwealth", will always remain for ever the President of Honor of the Foundation,  for having sacrificed 30 years of his life (1988-2018),  to rescue those he called the "discriminated people".  He is the one who collected the evidences that forced the Council of Europe to draw the laws on child protection, as well as the Belgian government to vote laws to protect prisoners. It is he who taught me (Jacqueline de Croÿ), all the KGB Codes of Procedure that enables to part the lies from the truth in sensitive cases.  He is immortal.    


GINA BERNARD, the partner of Marcel Vervloesem,  murdered on 15 November 1998 by the sabotage of her car, also either paid or requested under blackmail by the so-called "Army-People of the Soviet Commonwealth",  is Member of Honor post mortem for having been the only one who dared translating to Marcel Vervloesem  the files he needed to identify the terrorist network formed by the former KGB agents who integrated children in the prostitution networks to blackmail personalities, knowing that it might kill her.

    Doctor GIORGIO GAGLIARDI, former Mayor of Como (Italy),  Medical doctor and Professor in hypnotic psychotherapy at the European School of Hypnotic psychotherapy in Bologna - Specialist in sects and pedophile criminality - Expert for the tribunals: (expertise on moral damages, etc.), is Member of Honor of the foundation for having provided us the most precious help as straight from the beginning, in 2003, while the "Army-People of the Soviet Commonwealth", attacked us constantly. 

Professor MIKHAIL ZAGREBELNY, for giving the foundation the means to implement the Magnes Project, which will certainly be the most fabulous humanitarian program in history of humanity to rescue the most vulnerable people in society. (Portrait under construction)


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ANCORA BAMBINO IAD onlus Assistance to victims of paedophile criminality. Ancora Bambini has organised the famous 2007 congress in Milan, gathering the European specialists to show how child abuse is detected and proved. Mail: Site: Tel: 333/788.40.47. Via Procaccini, 34 - Milano - Itaty 
MOVIEMENTO PER L'INFANZA - Consortium of Italian organisations for children's rights. Italy.

REPENTANCE - Charitable Foundation registered 2330029989 INN, OGRN 1032316913034 under Russian law, under the higher patronage of Professor ZAGREBELNY.

SOS BAMBINI- Belgian/Italian news blog on child's right.

TELEFONO ANTIPLAGIO First Italian NGO fighting sects and dream merchant swindlings - - Italy

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