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      Giorgio Gagliardi by Giovanni Cristiani

      The doctor that goes lie hunting with the truth machine

Photo: Werkgroep Morkhoven HQ: Jan Boeykens (left) Giorgio Gagliardi (centre) and Alain Fauvage (right)

Asso, Italy - Giorgio Gagliardi is one of the major Italian expert for this type of technique - he has even examined the clairvoyants of Medjiugorje

He examins the serial killers, the wizards and clairvoyants - even called for the "Cogne" case. He is a man to whom it is difficult to lie, particularly if he opens the little black suitcase he carries with him and which is equiped of a truth machine. Giorgio Gagliardi is a lie hunter, from the lie of a husband who betrays his wife, to the one of the serial killer who tries to avoid life imprisonment. In the years the family doctor of Asso, who for a period was also Mayor of the town, has alternated the visits in his consultation to travelling in all of Italy, and sometimes also in Europe, in order to submit people charged in the biggest lawsuits, to the machine of the truth.

Gagliardi, 71 years, also psycho physiologist and psychotherapist, among the other, teacher at the European School of Hypnoses and Hypnotic Psychotherapy of Milan and member of the Centre Para- psychological Studies of Bologna, still today take care of important judicial vicissitudes. He was contacted for the "Cogne" case, had to take part in the lawsuit of the monster of Florence and has subordinate to his test Tullio Brigida who has killed his three sons, and also to the three of the boys who saw the Madonna of Medjugorje Of the countless cases in which he took part in order to try to understand if the witness lied or said the true; he cannot or he does not want to speak about them: "there are recent cases and other still in course, I do not want to give names", he explains, backing-up behind the professional secret. Yet, he can tell stories that are concluded, and are hard stories, to which the last word was not fine: "Normally I come, at the request of the defence, the party that in a lawsuit that has little to lose with the machine of the truth. At Rebibbia I have submitted the test to Tullio Brigida.

They had called me for Pacciani, before he died; I have also submitted the test to minors of age shown for homicide and serial killing. With my staff (also composed of general patricians of Valbrona Fabio Alberghina, ndr) we have submitted to the test the three of the presumed clairvoyants of Medjugorje: Marija Pavlovic, Ivan Dragicevic and, partially, Ivanka Ivankovic. I study over again what has happened, in 1985 on the square and in 1998 in the meeting house of the Christians of Capiago Intimiano ".

The doctor of Asso has also been consulted abroad: "they have called to me in Portugal for an aerial attack in which three ministers and four generals died ". From time to time, in between these heavy cases, "calm" conjugal cases, or television shows: "years ago the machine of the truth was protagonist in one television transmission of Network 4, "Guilty or Innocent".

A light transmission in which the test was submitted to actors, medium, clairvoyants ". In Italian lawsuits, the machine of the truth is not a priority: "If something is found, then experts and counter experts are convened, and to the end the last word is given to the lawyer. In the United States however, the detector hold in strong consideration ". There are various ones: "the one that I use normally is the conventional one; then there are also computerized ones ". How many experts exist in Italy? "I of it do not know others, but for sure, they are some in the police and the secret services".