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The murder of Marcel Vervloesem was requested by "Soviet" terrorists

22.01.2019 - Marcel Vervloesem was murdered exactly a year ago today, on 22.01.2018, at the request of a terroriste organisation who calls itself the «Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth». The inquiry led to very nuanced conclusions on the Zandvoort network, which was believed to be a pedophile network.

Marcel Vervloesem founded the NGO Morkhoven. He has spent half his life getting adolescents out of Dutch and German brothels to bring them back to their parents. Each time, the network blackmailed people around him to accuse him of a crime, according to a KGB code of procedure to sabotage the inquiries.

The criminal network abusing these adolescents was indeed employed by the KGB foreign-agents to feed the kompromat, a blackmail evidence file created in 1881 by the Okhrana, the first Russian antiterrorist service, to force revolutionaries to become double agents. The komprompat has been updated and misused ever-since to blackmail personalities.

In 1991, the Westerners did not imagine the danger that represented for former soviétiques foreign agents who refused to come back home after the dissolution of their services. They formed the «Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth» to overthrow the Russian president and used the kompromat to sabotage all the agreements that could increase the popularity of his government.

In 1998, the number of people under blackmail was such that Mr Yeltsin had no other choice than to ask that a copy of a kompromat to the head of an NGO that would surpass the censor. This is why Gerrit Ulrich, who had made a computerized version of the pedophile kompromat with a mixture of photomontages and real pictures, gave Marcel a copy, without telling him it was a Kremlin backed decision, of course. This is also why Senator Brongersma wrote to Marcel that he was sending his copy of the kompromat to the German police. Neither of them survived it.

In 2003, Vladimir Putin asked Wanja Götz to tell the press that the Zandvoort file was a KGB blackmail file, actually to stop the Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth to use it to sabotage his efforts to reunite the East and the West. Wanja Götz was immediately jailed.

Marcel survived by miracle to such an amazing number of murder attempts that doctors used to called him «the living miracle». They would jail him and deprive him of insulin for five days, then give him double doses of insulin, knowing that his heart condition required miracles for him to awake after having fallen into coma. His murderer is the doctor who allowed him to leave hospital after a dialysis during which two liters of blood too much was taken from him. The inquiry shows that it was most probably done under blackmail of a Belgian «Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth» branch, yet under orders from abroad.

In Russia, the code of procedure is more noisy but more simple. They gun-down the «Soviet dissidents», then they say Putin did it. Putin answers he did not do it. The « human right » organisations of the Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth» spread their interpretation of the prosecution and no-one knows what to believe.

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