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Franck D’Angelo: look into the stars who cheetah all the time… even charities

Franck D’Angelo is Canadian « intrepid entrepreneur, singer, restaurateur, and the James Bond of the Canadian beverage world », who is also «inspired and multi-talented», selling CD’s for charities helping homeless people and fighting breast cancer.

Ben Johnson, the Canadian sprinter born in Jamaica who was convinced of steroid doping after his 100m victory at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, had the extraordinary idea to star a publicity for D’Angelo’s energy drink with the D’Angelo leitmotiv «I cheetah all the time».

Over 400 people, among which the charities that the «intrepid entrepreneur» claimed to support, endedup to claim charges against him for nearly a 120 million Canadian dollars in a so-called «bankruptcy», which raises questions on where Frank D’Angelo found his leitmotif «I cheetah all the time».

The «James Bond of the Canadian beverage world» was also prosecuted for having « conspired and agreed » with a both a police officer and a Crown attorney who prosecute cases in various courtrooms in Toronto «to obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice», in the sexual assault prosecution filed against him by one of his friend's daughter... but he is still a star!

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