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NEW BELGIAN MEDIA SETUP: head of Brussels police denounces the corruption mechanism of high ranking magistrates on a false case to hide a real scandal.

Marcel Vervloesem will remain in prison for a linguistic problem

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 19 août 2009 (updated)

The Court of Cassation confirmed legality to prolong ten months the refusal to Marcel Vervloesem, of any release on parole or penitentiary leave to treat his final diseases, on the basis of impossibility for a Flemish court of application of the sentences, to take into account an invitation written in French, to come in Brussels, on Flemish territory, thought the two official spoken languages there, are French and Flemish. This Court had previously confirmed the legality of jailing him, in spite of two faults of procedure recognized by the Superior council of Justice. The highest ranking Belgian magistrates had thus swept 88.539 children victims of the Zandvoort file by assuring, on the basis of incomplete file that the person who had denounced this crime against humanity would die in prison.

The court of application of the sentences had pronounced its judgment on the basis of social investigation requested by the direction of the Bruges prison, but which the Brussels service of the Ministry of justice never joined to the file. The ministry was thus sole in the position to forward this document to the magistrates and this, out of the procedure. A principle of right wants that magistrates bases the judgments only on the parts of file which the parties entrusted them to judge, without taking account the least external element, including the TV news and consequently, not even a suggestion of the minister. This is called "the independence of justice and the separation of the capacities" to prevent dictatorship: judgments dictated by the media and the Minister of Justice.

Judge Goossens of the Gent Sentence application Court has all-the-same retained, on the basis of this document that was never communicated to Marcel Vervloesem, positive that he is supported by the Princess of Croÿ, but negative that she "believes in his innocence". His judgment reproaches her of being "implied" in the NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven, whose objective is to expose paedocriminal network Zandvoort. He also reproaches her the Web site, www.droitfondamental.eu, which seems to him "fixed on the situation of detention of Mr Vervloesem, and in before all, on all kinds of unjust situations of which they (the members of ONG) complain".

The magistrates conclude that Marcel Vervloesem would work for the Foundation Princesses of Croÿ and Massimo Lancellotti, on the basis of a work contract in French, thus that a Flemish tribunal can’t judge, according to Judge Goossens. The Court all-the-same issues: "this plan of reclassification is difficult to describe as plan of reclassification to limit the repetition, but rather of a prolongation in his former life style." The repetition would be thus the research of paedocriminal networks, unless these magistrates are trying to imply that the foundation's objectives would be to rape little boys.

This report would have been "lost", according to the psychosocial service. The investigation, made on 26th, May was exclusively intended to judge of penitentiary vacation 3 times 36 hours per quarter, to determine whether the host is informed of the facts reproached to the prisoner and what are the vacation plans. It obviously acts of the only official document which gives a report on the suicide that Marcel Vervloesem was doing for 12 days. He was then abstaining from all medication, a doctor prison having ensured to him that he could not survive it more than 10 days.

A copy of this report can be found at the office of Else Deloof, director of the prison of Bruges sector, who has ordered the inquiry. A second copy is at the Brussels' House of Justice, who has carried out the inquiry. A third copy is at the office of the judge Goossens, who states it in his judgement. Else Deloof obviously communicated this report to the "Werkgroep Morkhoven cell ", of which we discovered the existence only when a document concerning a case children trafficking without known connection with that of the Zandvoort file, was found by mistake.

By forwarding directly to the Sentence Application Tribunal, a report hidden to the applicant of the judgment, the ministry of justice assured the magistrates to pick a few words in it, to cover-up the faults of procedure necessary to deprive of him of his rights. The social worker who carried out this investigation had seldom been able to note as many favourable conditions to grant a prisoner his right of penitentiary vacation, which moreover, was to give him the strength to give up suicide and treat his final diseases.

Judge Gossens decided Marcel Vervloesem had to die in prison. The Court of Cassation has confirmed, this August 11th, the legality of the violation of the separation of the capacities. It considered legal, what the Council of State had considered to be illegal, one assuring that a prisoner cannot be sanctioned for articles of which he was not the author, the other assuring he can.

The press, which has respected breadth censures on the killing of this Flemish hero, took three days to do a media assembly, which is supposed to make believe that Belgium applies its laws on curruption. A head police officer confirmed this August 14, 2009, a mechanism of corruption operated among Belgian’s highest ranking magistrates, while trailing in mud, the prosecuting attorney of the Court of Appeal of Brussels and former public prosecutor of Brussels, the president of the bankruptcy court and a lawyer.

The police officer already took part in a media assembly in May 2007. The official version ensured then, there was not paedocriminal networks in Belgium, which made of it the unique country in the world where the Mafias gave-up exploiting children, for moral reasons. The police officer was announcing he had discovered his first paedocriminal network and declared: "I am particularly proud to have been able to find part of the confidence of the population, in a field where we had lost it".

Multiple similar media assemblies defrayed the chronicle, always with the same technique of destroying innocent people, to cover the achievement of unfair acts of high ranking civil-servants in duty, or the abstention to make acts which returned in the order of their duties.

In 2006, the secret arrest of Pascal Taveirne, at the origin of the Koala operation (which takes its sources of the Zandvoort file), was covered by sensational arrest of Karl Van Rompaey, for the murder of Katrien De Cuyper, a 15 year old young girl, whose photographs were found in the Zandvoort file. Justice still refuses to consider closing the Internet site of the child porn studio that she left the day her death. But Karl Van Rompaey was maintained 4 months in preventive detention, to have when he was 20-years-old, sent anonymous letters about her.

In 2008, the lawsuit of Pascal Taveirne was covered by the inculpation of advocate Hissel; one of the only lawyer who dared denounced the networks, in spite of the governmental assertions according to which there would have only been isolated predators in Belgium, for the Koala case. The media assembly has ruined the life of the lawyer, just to cover-up the exit of the prosecution of the man at the origin of international police operation, in anonymity and with a sole sentence: "The man from Bruges implied in a child porn case was condemned to 10 years of prison".

At the end of 2008, revelations made by Marcel Vervloesem on the so-called "legal medical extermination block" of the Bruges prison, were covered by a media show on the detention conditions the so-called "Guantanamo block". The press had thus covered-up the detention condition of sick prisoners in a section of the prison where it takes a miracle to get out alive, by talking only of a section of ultimate sanction intended at reducing the prisoners into vegetables. The prisonners of the medical block 35 are waiting for death in a state of zombie, whereas those of the "high security" section can get out alive, only because they are in too good health to kill them according to the standards accepted by the ministry.

A little later the President of the Court of Cassation exposed the illegal contacts between various ministries and the magistrates who had been brought to judge the Fortis case. The scandal on the violation of the separation of the capacities came out when the ministry of justice was convinced that Marcel Vervloesem would not survive the administrative opposition to urgent medical treatments, amongst other things to a gangrene of which he had to be amputee, while waiting for a double open-heart operation.

Since the media assembly’s practice generally implies to get rid of the people who embarrass the corruption, reveal that the magistrates and lawyers trailed in mud in the Fortis case are likely to be most honest. It is also remarkable that a police officer, who is hiding the truth as regards as paedocriminality, exposes a file of corruption in financial matters in the press, without that the ministry of home affairs (on whom he depends) reminds him his duty to respect the professional secrecy.

The Belgian government has not yet answer an international request dated of August 16, 2008, to set up a commission of public survey on the achievement by people who exert a public office, of unfair acts at the time of the performance of their duty or the abstention to make acts which belongs to the order of their duties, within the dossiers related to child rights and organized criminality. Ironically, the Minister for justice gives priority one year later, in August 2009, on ordering an investigation on the president of bankruptcy court!

Fortunately, not many everybody are able to live with on the conscience, the murder of a man such as Marcel Vervloesem and the cynicism to deprive him of health care which are accessible only in the hospitals. Everybody in the prison is very kind with him and makes efforts to relieve him as much as possible. A nurse told him: Every day, I pray God so that it is not me that will have to find you dead.






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