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Dirk Jan Prins
Dirk Jan Prins

DIRK JAN PRINS: 10 Belgian victims of the network Zandvoort/Koala invited by Holland to claim compensation

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 7 septembre 2009

The Dutch justice is judging Dirk Jan Prins, a 42-years-old paedocriminal of Rotterdam, twice arrested following international police operations: Hamlet 2002 and Koala 2008, which have found their sources in the Zandvoort ring. Pascal Taveirne, whose identification had initiated the two police operations and who was condemned to 10 years of prison, gives us additional details on the network, in a letter that he wrote from cell 3616 of the prison of Bruges.

Dirk Jan Prins was arrested on September 15, 2008 when a Belgian police officer recognized a classmate of his daughter among his victims. The Dutch police found in his home; a gun, a revolver and 50 million images aiming at selling real pictures of crimes, including 7.5 million paedopornographic ones. They have identified 10 Belgian victims, who are invited since one year, to claim charges before the end of the prosecution.

Operation Hamlet led to sentence Dirk Jan Prins to 30 months in prison, of which 8 months suspended for possession and production of child pornography, of which as a partner in crime to a Danish couple, who abused their 9-years-old daughter.

Interpol had identified Pascal Taveirne, exchanging his production with Dr. Emmerson, an American citizen, owner of a million images of child porn, who pleaded not guilty and was sentenced to30 years prison. In Belgium, Antoine Duquesne, then Minister of home affairs and Marc Verwilghen, then Minister of Justice, seems not to have found convenient to disturb Pascal Taveirne.

The countries involved decided to close the Zandvoort file, at the root of both police operations, to cover-up the personalities shown in it. This only requests to accuse the main witness of being the unique culprit, in violation of all his rights. Belgium chose Marcel Vervloesem, researcher for the NGO, Werkgroep Morkhoven, who exposes the network since 1988. He could not be judged together with Pascal Taveirne or Dirk Jan Prins to render justice to their Belgian victims, since it would have required to recognise the existence of a network, of which two persons did not know the third.

Both paedophiles were caught-up by Operation Koala. Pascal Taveirne was only arrested in July 2006, at the request of the Italian justice, the film exposed having been produced and sold by an Italian: Sergio Marzola.

To cover-up Marcel Vervloesem's illegal condemnation, the Belgian press has censored the information and calumniated him, then reduced the real members of the paedocriminal ring to "Pascal T." and "Dirk-Jan P."

To cover-up the former Minister of Belgian Justice, who had assured the Senate on September 8th that the Zandvoort file contains no Belgian dossier, the Belgian press ensures that "Dirk-Jan P.", would have only been arrested this summer.

To terrify the Belgian victims, the press claims that Dutch justice wishes the "confront" them with "Dirk-Jan P.", whereas there is only the question to render them justice, which includes to allocate them a financial compensation.

The repression of the victims is such in Belgium that the father of a missing child, whose dossier was classified by the ministry of justice in that of the Werkgroep Morkhoven file, (therefore in the Zandvoort file), was just imprisoned in preventive custody, for a so-called "attack at the honour" of one of Marcel Vervloesem slanderers, on a miserable Internet blog. This slanderer has implicitly been recognized as such by the court that rejected his complaint, considering credible the testimony according to which this complaint had been paid.

A succession of miracles having enabled Marcel Vervloesem to survive the deprivation of medical treatment, the Department of Justice has decided to keep him in prison beyond October 5, date on which he is entitled to an ordinary release on parole. The network's elite has thus still not lost hope to kill him, by deprivation treatment of his cancer.

Ironically, this ministry had assigned the mission of covering the murder of Marcel Vervloesem by deprivation of health care, to the prison of Bruges, where Pascal Taveirne is imprisoned. The measures aiming at preventing all contacts between Marcel Vervloesem, thus the Werkgroep Morkhoven and those liable to give further information on the network have failed. Pascal Taveirne managed to forward him a letter, proving he had not been advised of his identification at the time of Hamlet operation. He admits his culpability, but only in the field of the paedopornography production, not in the sales’ network, which he says was the prerogative of Sergio Marzola. He is shocked by the refusal of justice to judge him on complete dossier, in particular on the protection of the network by a politician and on the iniquity of the media prosecution.

From Taveirne, P. to Mr. Vervloesem, M.


My wife has just written to me that she visited the site of the Werkgroep Morkhoven on Internet and she said that there was still information on me, in the HAMLET part, which is not at all right, but I do not want to extend on that. I heard that on the site is written that you are trying to see me or to speak to me. But I do not know your intentions and I would like an answer to that.

I can in any case say a thing, is that I had a dishonest prosecution from the media. I do not want to say that I am innocent, but there is much which has passed in the "doofpot" (pots of deaf). For certain things, for which I am condemned, there is no proof. The complementary enquiries were not accepted.

I still have many information in my file and one really wanted that would not reach the judges. Justice did, or did everything to show me over a bad day. There are evidences that my ex-wife was also guilty. She had even recognized it, but she was protected. She only had a suspended sentence for non-assistance.

I wrote a lot in my cell. I want to make a biography of my life. I do not have anything any more to lose. The Internet puts lies everywhere. And everyone knows it better than me relating to the facts. I still repeat, OK, I am guilty, but all the case of the beginning was exaggerated. Do you know that everywhere on Internet, on television, in the newspapers, that I am the head of a paedophile network? On television, in the newspapers, everywhere in the world, etc…

But what justice does not say, is that there is serious evidence of the opposite and that I did not have anything to do with the sale, because I did not know at all that Sergio Marzola had a network and that he did it. I was also naturally immediately released for this fact… But did one see that only once on television, in the newspapers or on Internet? In fact, NO. One could only see and read the worst, and further more, with an extra pack of lies.

I do not have anything any more to lose, and I am not afraid to tell the truth on what has REALLY happened. I want also to do it later in my book. Naturally justice was obliged to condemn me heavily, because I know what is happening in the under world and that can break its image. I had indeed contact with certain people in this world, but I was not implied in their practice.

What is very strange is that I gave information at the beginning to the federal police which was inquired. Then at a certain time, the investigation did not go any further… Did that come owing to the fact that they fell on the name of someone who is in politics… Oh, man, man, man... I can really write a book of that, and I will do it too!

I do not know what you think of me, or if you already saw me. In any case, I would find pleasant to speak with you. I want to tell you the truth, but to start, I want to know your intention. It is your turn to write to me now. I am in cell 3616. I want to ask to keep this between us, until I receive your mail.


PS: I would like to know how you found information about the HAMLET case, because I do not want to allow that. And I want go even further, to prove my innocence in this case.

Let us note that it is the second letter from a prisoner that reaches us concerning a Belgian higher civil servant paid by the network. Should Taveirne' 10-years prison sentence does seems fair, equity would have indicated that he shares his cell with this politician, and the journalists who cover the network by their lies.




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