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April fools for Marcel Vervloesem:

Stefaan De Clerck's orders a "social inquiry"

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 1er avril 2009

Antwerp's Court of Appeal would be mistaken, to believe the director of the Bruges prison. The psychosocial service would have the role of judging the legal and medical dossier, to grant the prisoners their rights of prisoners. The Minister for Justice advised Marcel Vervloesem of another social inquiry, rather than a parliamentary inquiry on the separation of the capacities. But the biggest April fool will be done at Antwerp's Court of Appeal.

Dr. Proot got cross, on Wednesday March 25. A college of doctors of Saint John's university hospital and him considered Marcel Vervloesem's detention conditions inhuman in the prison of Bruges. He underwent six major surgeries, of which a quadruple cauterization of cardiac valves, which opened his thorax and right leg on 40 centimetres, three weeks ago. The doctor had telephoned in front of him with the psychosocial service. He had demanded the report of the psychologist for Friday, day of the transfer to the Leuwen prison decided urgently, in agreement with the direction of Bruges.

Marcel Vervloesem was handcuffed nine hours in a prison van, that is to say a cage van, then brought back to the prison of Bruges, owing to the fact on the same day the psychosocial service was to give its report, it would have had right to veto on the doctors of hospital Saint John. Since, his fourteen pills, his insulin and his three months revalidation treatment were replaced by three pills per day, of which one for the heart, the other for cholesterol. One should believe that soon, will come the day when it will no ore be known if the social workers will take the place of the doctors in the hospitals and the magistrates in the law courts. Meanwhile, they take the hood of torturers.

Marcel Vervloesem will again do 200 kilometres in a cage for April Fool. He will have been deprived of insulin during six days, whereas the doctor of the euthanasia commission told him he could not survive more than ten days without. Antwerp Court of Appeal will judge of the damage to the false victims, of which that who admitted having lied under the threat.

Look at him in the eyes, magistrates, and see the damage made to a man, imprisoned in spite the opposition of all the doctors. On the left, see him with Peter Wouters, another of his indicters and childhood friend of his daughter, after he admitted having been paid to file the complaint that imprisoned him. On the right, see him with Tiny Mast, mother of Kim and Ken, murdered by the Zandvoort network which the judgement claims "non existent".

Marcel Vervloesem et Peter Wouters, un de ses accusateurs et ami d'enfance de sa fille, après qu'il ait avoué avoir été payé pour porter la plainte qui l'a fait emprisonner.Poisson d'avril dangereux Marcel Vervloesem et Tiny Mast, mère de Kim et Ken, assassinés par le réseau Zandvoort que le jugement prétend "inexistant".

Connected cases (see Van Rompaey case: another man sent to prison, in full knowledge he was innocent)

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