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De Cuyper case

Four months electoral imprisonment for Karl Van Rompaey

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 21/12/2006 - update 30/03/2009

Fifteen years after Katrien De Cuyper's murder, Karl Van Rompaey was betrayed by the DNA of his saliva on the stamps, which had been used to send the anonymous letters about her. She had vanished on December 17, 1991, at the age of 15. She had officially been seen for the last time in the bar "Les Routiers", bellow in the Antwerp child pornography studio X-Kiss and her photographs have been found in the child porn file Zandvoort. She was found six months later, strangled and nacked in another part of the docs of Antwerp.

Karl Van Rompaey was arrested on August 7, 2006. He admitted having written the letters, but assured their contents didn't correspond to any fact and denied any participation in the crime. He was 21 and had invented being the last one to have seen her alive. He has been imprisoned for four months, while the www.x-kiss.be was selling child porn on Internet.

He was accused, as an isolated and perverse predator, without a word on the Zandvoort file. The press immediatly started to darken him, a presumed innocent, by the passion murder made by his brother, as if crime were genetic. He was said "prosecuted for possession of child pornography" and shown to have made an overpowering description of Katrien's murder. He had actually made-up a whimsical sentimental scenario with the public rumour, on the path that had led the young girl from the brothel area of Antwerp to death.

Yet, the Dutch police had advised the Belgian police that there was a picture story of homosexual child pornography representing a photomontages of Katrien. It showed she was much younger when she integrated the network of sexual exploitation, than when she disappeared. The Belgian X-Kiss and the Dutch Studio De Pauw, shared their child pornography studio in Antwerp. Ulrich, who was selling these criminal pictures on Internet, was one of De Pauw's best client, which explains how the pictures arrived in his collection.

Belgian justice decided all the same in 2004, to close this track, arguing the photomontage showed Katrien with the body of a boy. The Foundation Princess of Croÿ had then made a biometrical analysis that has positively identified her on the files. All the pictures of Katrien biometrical analysis were removed from Google, as to avoid the public may discover the truth.

The arrest was a surprise. Belgian justice had always balked from arresting any person having whatever relationship with the Zandvoort connection, apart from Marcel Vervloesem whose only crime was to have traced, denounced the network, and brought their archives to the Belgian authorities. He was the only one officially condemned for the case in Belgium.


"It led to predict an extra miscarriage of justice", we said on August, 12, 2006.

The Foundation Princess of Croÿ and Werkgroep Morkhoven showed that the X-Kiss studios were modernized, officially going bankrupt, to become the "Gay-Kiss", then to become again the "X-Kiss" with a Belgian domain name, in order to produce adults and child pornography on Internet via "webcam".

For all reaction, the X-Kiss was obviously invited to concentrate on adult pornography. The offer of paid "webcam" meetings does no more show photographs of children. The link intended for the "- 18 years" leading to a children’s attraction park, ground of predilection for the paedophiles, was erased.

The Minister for justice will be sent a cream tart on her face, a few days before of the elections by an old man offended of the lack of prosecution towards the paedophiles and she will lose 5.000 votes on her last score. However, she did not understand the lesson.

Marcel Vervloesem will be condemned to prison to have possessed the CDs of Zandvoort where Katrien was found, the time to give them to justice, as well as for a public awareness campaign related to the dangers of the paedophile networks, transformed into "diffusion of child pornography of". Karl Van Rompaey will remain four months in prison and passed a lie detector to be freed without condition, under the motive of an empty file!

No prosecution was announced towards the persons in charge for the X-Kiss, neither for fraudulent bankruptcy, nor for incitement, remuneration and diffusion of child pornography, of which Katrien De Cuyper.

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