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Belgian media and the private life of Pascal Taveirne

Pascal Taveirne is Belgian, was born on May 12, 1970 and lived in the commune of Assebroek in Bruges, at the north of Belgium, geographical cradle of the paedophile network Zandvoort. He has initiated the biggest police operation in all times to dismantle a paedophile network and used to answer at the email "taveirnep@hotmail.com". The Belgian press calls him Pascal T. and the only faces known of the case, are those of two of his partners in crime, the Dr Lloyd Alan Emmerson and Sergio Marzola.

In 2002, he was 32 years old and the father of two small girls, respectively aged four and five years and marketed images representing him whereas he was raping one of them. The Hamlet operation, carried out by the international police forces, had made it possible to rescue sixty-five children aged from two to fourteen years, to whom the network of paedophiles had subjected to similar maltreatments. He traded pictures with a Danish chiropractor who had a half million pornographic images of children. The Belgian press left the case under silence, which made it possible Belgian justice to let him free, to charge of the two small girls whom he had sexually exploited. He was not unknown:

In 2003, Pascal Taveirne bought a Daihatsu red car, whose plate number was registered PRD-708, as far from imagining that he was to go to prison. At the beginning of 2005, he was looking for a private teacher to learn Chinese, which supposes that he then had Chinese customers. Six months later, he was looking for a private teacher who teach him how do make piercing, which supposes that he planed filmed piercing which would have been improper to require of a person of the trade, for example by mutilating a little autistic girl whose handicap will prevent that she can never carry draw a formal complaint.

In 2006, the Australian police force makes an anti-paedophile raid, whose larceny was sent to Interpol. Taveirne and his daughters were identified on films similar to those which they had transmitted to Belgian justice 4 years earlier. Italy was in boiling, furious against the Italian man, Sergio Marzola, who had filmed the little Belgian girls, but the Belgian press again kept silence over the case.

The Operation Koala, on the basis of material seizes, will reveal 2.500 customers who had bought by credit card a million and half pornographic images children. The Italian legal file supposes that Marzola was at the base of the "Zandvoort File", the network which already in 1998 had already made 90.081 victims, according to the Irish newspaper "Independent".

Belgium is one of the rare countries in the world where Taveirne benefits from anonymity, whereas in other countries, the dysfunctions that have allowed him to carry on his paedo criminal activities are compared to those in the most famous case in the world: that of Marc Dutroux.

A man of Bruges would have recorded images with a paedophile character of his daughters aged 6, 8 and 10 years. Information was not confirmed yet of official source, according to the "Dernière Heure".

Two other victims were Belgian. Their father, who forced them with explicit installations in front of the camera, was stopped close to Bruges one year ago, according to the Libre Belgique". The two main criminals are at the most called "Sergio MARZOLA and Pascal T."

It would not be not Interpol which would have identified the children, but a good police officer of Bruges, without relationship with the Italian police force who had transmitted the evidence of transactions between the two pédocriminels: 250-euro to film small the girl in linen room, 500-euro them to film naked and 750-euro so that the father rape the autistic one.

Long lives the right to information, since people can now learn with the neighbours, what is happening in their homeland!

Jacqueline de Croÿ

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