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Droit Fondamental
Bionda 1
Photo de Katrien publiée par le "Journal du Mardi"
Bionda 2
Photo vendue par le réseau Zandvoort/Apollo
Bionda 3
Photo de Katrien en provenance de ses parents.

ID service

Biometric identification of Katrien De Cuyper in the Zandvoort file

The analysis is done by the programs MIT with three photographs, respectively called: "bionda1", "bionda2" and "bionda3". Bionda1 and Bionda3 are photograph of Katrien De Cuyper, which come from her parents. Bionda2 is a photograph found in the Zandvoort file, in a paedopornographic photo serial.

The three photographs are inserted in the computer. The first research is carried out by seeking the common number of points between Bionda1, and Bionda2; then between Bionda2 and Bionda3; then between Bionda1 and Bionda3.The databank of the correspondences of faces respectively found are:

"Bionda 1" & "Bionda 2"
Katrien & the victim of Zandvoort

Katrien is the child of Zandvoort
Katrien & Katrien
"Bionda 1" & "Bionda 3"

The distortion shows a bigger difference, due to the different position of the face. There are more similarities between Katrien and the unknown child than between the two pictures of Katrien
The distortion shows a greater difference, due to the position differente of the face. There are more similarities between Katrien and the photograph of the unknown child, than between the two photographs of Katrien. In other words, there is more common points between the photographs of Katrien and the other of the Zandvoort file both facing front, than between two photographs incontestably of Katrien, of which one slightly of profiles. This is explained owing to the fact that it is easier for the program to find the points common between two face in an identical position.

One also notes characteristics similar present between the photograph of Zandvoort and that of Katrien, which indicates a "mark" of value. IDThere is in common a very light deviation of the nose with the nostril of left slightly higher than the line; the eyebrow of left slightly higher than the right and the edge higher left right slightly higher than it. The temples and general morphological characteristics of cranium are very similar.

Normally, the identifications indicate a matricial difference under the 300.000 is established up to 95%, therefore may not be contested. When the matricial difference reaches 400.000, there is a possibility of negative identification. However, considering the insufficient quality of the images compared, these thresholds cannot be considered strictly applicable and the value of 400.722, to enter the possible scale of compatibility between 300.000 and 400.000.

Identification Identification
Click: video superposition n°1
Click: video morphing
second series of examinations confirmed the identification, and of morphing photograph of Katrien, which you can see while clicking on the photographs below.


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