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De Cuyper case

Anonymes letters of Karl Van Rompaey

First anonymous letter

As a regular reader of your newspaper, I followed all the case of Katrien De Cuyper’ murder of. This letter is a recognition of facts. I am since months in a crisis of doubt and lack of confidence as for where I can deposit my testimony. The 17/12/1991, I drove slightly drunk (fortunately), in the closed part of the Antwerp’s harbour. Those who know the surroundings immediately know what I sought. For lack of result, I returned home. I do not know Antwerp. I lost myself and at around 23 hours, I passed to the avenue of Yser where I took Katrien who was hitch-hiking. I had with her a conversation, which I write with my own terms, as I remember it.

Katrien: Brasschaat Direction?

Me: Where is it? I must go...

Katrien: For me, it is the good direction. You can leave me where you turn, and I will hitch-hike again. After of 2 km, she told me about her telephone call with her parents as from the bar and they had answered her to manage to return. I left her on the road of Breda, right before the Breda/Anvers motorway.

I looked at her. She was a splendid girl. I offered her to bring her back home, but she answered that it was not necessary. I carried on my way to turn over to... When I learned her disappearance, I was caught by fear and it is why I did not say anything. I could not go to her funerals because I could not take leave, but I went the following day, Thursday July 2 and Sunday July 5, to the cemetery of Brasschaat, located max Hermannlei and I return every week.The reason for which I write this letter, rather than going to the police force or the gendarmerie is that Katrien died and that I am afraid to be suspected and questioned. I am a good citizen and I want to remain so.

All my life, I will be unhappy and I will suffer because Katrien is no more there. There was even a moment in the car when I fell in love. Now, I am annoyed against myself because I did not bring back her back home. If I had had courage, she would alive. Still, I have doubts in my heart and my head on her father. He conceals all in relation to this telephone call. I understand him, because everyone would blame him. He should not have lost father role with his daughter. Why to the Lord did he not go to fetch her? Who leaves his fifteen year old daughter alone at the night in the closed part of the wearing of Antwerp? I could never, in his place.This letter is a way of safety. You can give it to the investigators and publish it. I do not know if information will be useful. I have made my duty. I must continue my life by thinking that I am the last to have seen Katrien alive. My weekly visits to the cemetery will oblige me to think if I must give my name as a public. I will never forget Katrien!!


Second anonymous letter

Concerns: Katrien De Cuyper
I saw with great surprise that my letter was published. By this publication, I see that it is not a gossip magazine, reason why I write this second letter. Firstly, I must clarify a point of the article which was not clear: "He does not say precisely where he left Katrien." When? It is a question for the Law Court. I take hitch-hikers regularly, I do not note the hours to which I take them and drop them. There is no reason for that. There was almost no traffic. I drove at a normal and honest speed. Where? In the letter, I was very clear: I left her on the road of Breda, at the beginning of the Anvers/Breda motorway. Katrien knew the way and me not: I was obliged to look on my map of the city to find the information. You write that I could perhaps be just a sick joker. My answer: that surprises me. I thought that you had received hundreds of letters of genuine jokers. Now, it seems to me that my letter would be only one. I want to insist on the fact that I say the truth, but I am certain that there is nothing to make with my information. Perhaps I would be used as scapegoat and I do not want that. I took Katrien hitch-hiking. We exchanged some words and I left her ALIVE! There is nothing more than that. I do not know more than that. I do not even remember her clothing any more. Finally this more: I am between 18 and 25. I have fair brown hair. I have a normal physique and by chance, I resemble is the so-called witness of the burial (where I was not). They are certainly (for me) not very clear information. The description and the quotations so-called witness and the information given to the court do not seem to me clear and/or already exceeded.If you or the court still have questions to ask me, it is better to do it via the magazine. I sincerely wish to collaborate in this manner.Sincerely your, Copy to Blik and the family De Cuyper.

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