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Difference between an "isolated predator" and child traders

The X-KISS is the child porn studio from where Katrien De Cuyper (15 years) left the last time where she was seen in life, in 1982. The NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven discovered the www.x-kiss.be site in September 2006. The shortly after the publication of the news, the photograph of right, which gives access to a pornographic film and represents a minor young girl, was replaced by the photograph on the left, with a woman major of age. They were photographed in the same studio, with the same shoes. The site is still on line, without a sole member of Parliament raised a question. The people who are exploiting these children are child traders, not isolated predators.

Marcel Vervloesem's inquiry

Site till on line:


Warning: nothing nice to see

Small a Dutch blog started a psychosis, as from when it announced that it would publish the indications making it possible to locate within a 500 meters area, the places where paedophiles in Belgium live. Since, the Belgian state and Child Focus declared the war to Chris Hölsken, a former Dutch victim, who chose the child protection by the diffusion information legal in the USA. The polemic started due to the possibility that Belgium could close a website managed in a foreign country, for intruding in the private lives of Belgian paedophiles, but not to close a website offring child pornography via webcam.

Belgian Minister for justice advises Dutroux to file a complaint against "stop kinderporno"

The press agent Belga discovered a new "self-declared paedophile hunter", nickname given to all those who do not see a solution in Child Focus. Chris Hölsken has opened in Holland "stop kinderporno", a blog inspired by a "self-declared paedophile huntress", Yvonne van Hertum, who has created «stop kindersex", to expose the Dutch paedophile political party.

Belgium has started a storm in a tea pot, when Hölsken published on his blog, a perimeter of 500 meters around places where paedophiles live. An emergency procedure authorized to destroy his website, in despite the principle of extraterritoriality, applicable for the protection of the private lives of paedophiles, but not for the websites that offer a webcam child pornography service.

An American resident supporting Chris Hölsken has made a website that can profit from the American laws making it possible to name the potentially dangerous people, in order to protect the citizens. The Minister for Belgian justice, with a particularly original sense of "Christian democrat" ethics, has advised to the thirteen paedophiles named, to file a formal complaint for attacks to their private lives. Ironically, this advice was also addressed to Dutroux, Fourniret and their wives, as well as Michel Lelievre.

-This minister is a "pedovriendje", a paedo boyfriend, answered Chris Hölsken.

The entire Belgian press was convinced that Chris Hölsken had obtained the files of seven paedophiles that Belgium has judged in anonymity, from the Werkgroep Morkhoven, the NGO of "self-declared paedophile hunters" who has exposed the Zandvoort file. This could indeed explain the panic of the Belgian state. One also wonders why providing anonymity to two police officers and a NATO soldier in paedophilia cases. Thanks for the tip!

Saint Child Focus, born of the Immaculate Conception following the Dutroux case and the first television reports on the Zandvoort network, fears that exposing the paedocriminals "increase the facts, because condemned people are likely to no more want to follow treatment".

Among those reported on "stop kinderporno", there is Jozef Achtergael, a football coach who was sentenced to 7 years of prison in 1995, for having abused five children. He was released in 2000 and followed six months of psychiatric treatments inherent to his sentence, then got a visa for India. He presented himself as a children psychologist to various club and NGO, to obtain employment close to children. He even took groups of children to Sweden and Finland "for exposure to a better game".

One of the Belgian victims, by discovering Achtergael's activities on www.IndianFootball.com, warned the local press in 2008, that he was not the ideal choice. Confronted with the evidence, Achtergael said: - Please do not write about me and get me out of here. I love being with children just as you love being with women, don’t you understand? But I have not done anything wrong in India." "I have paid dearly for my sins. My life is finished if my story is published in the newspapers. Please, please don’t ruin my life. I love India and its people. I want to continue my association here for very long. I will not harm anyone, so trust me and let me continue my good work here.

The "Criminal Intelligence Gazette" of the Indian police force immediately gave a watchword of greater vigilance.

Child Focus obviously wrongly determines the problem by finding for sole solution that "the authors of the facts must follow a therapy during and after their imprisonment". The budget allocated to health care in prison does not make it possible to cover hepatitis B. or the psychological assistance to suicidal prisoners. If the psychiatric follow-up is limited to six months after the release on parole with a result of transforming a paedophile football coach into psychologist for children, one understands the importance of get rid of him by granting him a visa to India.

Some ensure that exposing child abusers rises of a Nazi concept. Others allot this concept to the denial of mass crimes, whose photographs are sold at large scales.

The European laws provides that all person accused has to be judged during a public prosecution, in the name of the people, by the voice of the magistrates. Nothing thus justifies allotting a preferential treatment to child abusers, by granting them anonymity. The people must on the contrary, have the possibility to make the difference between the isolated predators, the child pornography traders and their customers.

Indeed, many paedophiles have an underprivileged background, where the instruction is limited, but misery, alcohol or drugs is unlimited. They are many for whom a prison sentence makes it possible to bring to an awakening of the harm they have done and that they do not want to do any more. The sanction enables them to discover a normal life, without representing any more danger to society. This is not the case of the people who are primarily motivated by the money provided by paedopornography. Most dangerous are their customers, primarily greyed by the network, a trade-guild of perverts who mutually stimulate one another to win the medal of horror.

Of these facts, we do not see the interest of exposing an isolated predator, but we do see good reasons to expose the traders and the customers purchasing of crimes on children.

We believe however that we are not to judge choice of Chris Hölsken, or of his freedom to think that the American law is better than the Belgian ones. He is a man of a great courage. One understands the dangers of this job, when the Minister for justice invites the worst criminals to file a formal complaint against a person who was abused during childhood and the Saint Child Focus attacks him, rather directing him towards better action for child protection.

"The name of the victims of these authors can also be revealed, and often against their liking," pretends Saint Child Focus. "The victims thus are also injured by this Internet site". It is not true. The blog only exposed criminals and offered a forum.

"It is not unimaginable that paedophiles meet via the site and create networks of paedophiles", concluded Saint Child Focus, who has not pretended to intervene since in 2006, to erase an Internet site with a Belgian domain name (.be), offering a child porn service via webcam.

Welcome among us, Chris Hölsken!




Jacqueline de Croÿ - 1ier mars 2009

Belgian Justice and Child Focus are highly worried about the Dutch organization STOP KINDERPORNO, which plans to put on line an Internet site to enable Belgians to locate the districts where paedophiles are living.

- This risks generating an unjustified psychosis in the population, according to Child Focus, who fears that paedophiles hide and refuse the treatments to "reinstate" themselves in society.

- It is of justice to deal with people who were condemned and to take care of victims, according to Stefaan De Clerck, Minister for Belgian justice, who says that private initiatives and Internet sites will not bring a solution.

- A Website referring to paedophiles and identifying them is illegal, quasi criminal, according to the Commission of Protection of the Private life, which mentions a "lynching culture".

Production of images of child pornography and torture is primarily motivated by easy profit, which may not be cured. This is not a disease, nor an sexual orientation, but a crime that does not concern the private lives of the authors.

Stefaan De Clerck is quite conscious of the problem, since 1998. The researches of Marcel Vervloesem, from the NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven, had allowed tracing a boy kidnapped from Berlin, in a Belgian, Dutch and Portuguese prostitution network. He had then said to the newspaper 'Algemeen Dagblad' :

- Everyone knew that such things happened for a long time. (…) Since the government has closed its eyes on the pornography implying children, the citizen are more and more going to take the role of the police force and of the justice department, like the Non-profit organisation Morkhoven. They are pirates, in a certain way. I have, as a minister, spoken with these people, but I remain very careful. They themselves are discussed, but one cannot ignore them. They lay out important information. As long as they give this information to the government, it is necessary to give them credit.

Our orgaisations would be useless, if the justice and the press did their work. The lynching culture is reserved to those who denounce the networks. Justice systematically treats these cases in the same way:

  1. The victims are locked up in institution or entrusted to those which they exposed;
  2. The paedocriminals are released by voluntary procedural irregularities;
  3. The witnesses are imprisoned and/or ruined by false miscarriage of justices.

The cases are repeated since 1982, at the least:

- Jean-Claude Krief, who had exposed the network CORAL and the photograph of an underpants-less magistrate, was imprisoned for blackmail.

- A Yoruba King was imprisoned two months, accused of the traffics of which he had claimed charges in justice, against the one wo had taken along his children in a brothel of Brussels. The little princes where locked in an orphanage during six years.

- Marcel Vervloesem, after having spoken to Minister De Clerck, discovered more than 100.000 photographs of child pornography and torture: the ZANDVOORT file. He found it included the underpants-less magistrate identified by Jean-Claude Krief, and whose identity will be confirmed by biometrical analysis. He gave this file to justice. He is now as a reward, imprisoned, in waiting that the European Court of Human Rights releases him of crimes which he is recognized physically unable to carry out.

- The justice of Bordeaux will judge this Monday, the complaint in extreme urgency of a man whom Prosecutor BERTOSSA (Switzerland) and Judge RINGOT (France) suspected the son of appearing in file ZANDVOORT. The father obtained the exclusive custody of the child and the imprisonment of the mother. He accuses her now "of intruding in the intimacy of his private life". He asks for the eradication of her Internet blog, which reports a laboratory analysis proving that this child had a venereal disease at the age of 7.

This blog has allowed the mother to get help. She thus could discover that the father had hidden from her to have been procurer and that he had been cleared, in absence of 88.798 parts of the file. She could learn that she had called the underpants-less magistrate for help, and that she had been driven in a trap by his entourage. That she had been illegally detained during seven months, to destroy her recourse. That she had been maintained in isolation, probably to prevent that she meet in prison, other victims of her ex-husband. She has, by the intermediary of this blog, found the information which gives her a hope of justice.

The underpants-less magistrate has launched on Internet, a photograph of one of his doubles. The current biometrics is calculated mathematically by the evolution of the volumes, which prevents false identifications, even between identical twins. French Justice is invited to make the biometrical comparison the photograph of the double, with a recent photograph of this magistrate. The question arises on researches carried out to find this double, which underpants-less magistrate obviously could not do alone, from his court.

One understands the concern of Belgian justice vis-à-vis STOP KINDERPORNO, as the sole Dutroux file covers the map of the most dangerous paedocriminals. The Minister will find a solution by listening to the victims and the witnesses, not by terrorizing them, by imprisoning them or by denying their existence.

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