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Katrien De Cuyper


Katrien De Cuyper & the X-Kiss Zandvoort network

A Marcel Vervloesem inquiry

It was a Tuesday evening, the 17 December 1991, Katrien De Cuyper, aged 15, had spend the evening with her boyfriend. Normally, he would accompany her to the bus-stop on the Yser avenue, a sinister corner of Antwerp’s harbour, but not this time because it rained, he said.

Cases connected

At 22h45, Katrien telephoned from the pub “Les Routiers” (the Lorry drivers), according to the bartender. There weren’t just sailors or lorry drivers there. Rooms are rented, by the hour, by the night, by the week, of which to the "Gay kiss", a homosexual child pornography studio that had its private doorbell.

Maybe thinking of a game, maybe to please a boyfriend, Katrien had shortly been the actress in photo-serial,  homosexual child pornography. Photomontages were to guarantee she would not be recognized. She was to appear on the body of a boy, who himself was to pose separately, with make-up between his buttocks aiming to make believe he had been sodomised. She was there, laughing and joking with another boy her age, with whom she seemed in love. The séance might have been long, as sometimes they seem to be bored, he lifting his eyes to the ceiling.

Katrien never came back home. She was found naked, six months later in another sinister corner of the of Antwerp’s harbour. She had been strangled and dipped in acid, as to prevent that the autopsy would establish rape. The Antwerp’s harbour is the second largest chemical centre in the world, after Houston, in the United States of America, of which all the necessary acid wells. Yet, their use to dip children in them requires partners in crime.

Whereas the media had repeated the details of the official version, three anonymous letters were sent to the parents of Katrien and to a newspaper. The author seems to put on paper the public rumour, raising the question of what such a beautiful wealthy 15-years-old girl did alone in the worst district of Antwerp.

He implies that he was looking for a prostitute on the docks of the port. Not finding what he wanted, he decided to return home, when he would have picked Katrien hitch-hiking. He says she  had missed her bus and telephoned to her parents who would have told her to sort out coming back alone. He marks his anger against the father, who he blames not to have come to fetch her. He would have given her a lift to the motorway and reproaches himself not having made a turn to bring her back to her parents. She thought another hitch-hiking, according to him. This logical series of facts could have carried her up to the place where she was discovered. The following letters seem made of phantasm, of sadness and fears to be accused of the murder. He goes regularly to "her" cemetery and is convinced that "his information" cannot lead to anything.

The two boys who participated with her to the photo-serial never talked. The inquiry led to nothing, not even to the studio of child pornography above the bar. 

On January, 4 1994, Kim and Ken Heyrman, aged 8 and 11 years were kidnapped whereas they were going to play football. They will be seen for the last time at the bar "the Lorry Drivers". The body of the little girl will be found at the Asiadok, in a basin of the port located at a few meters of the bar. The autopsy will reveal traces iron in her lungs. A factory uses some in the surrounding, again not accessible without accomplices. Ken's body will never be found, but his jacket will be dropped at the Asiadok fifteen days after the discovery of his sister, and his football gloves will be slipped into his mother’s letter-box, a few weeks later. The "Gay Kiss" was still neither be discovered, nor denounced. 

When the Dutroux case burst out, Regina Louf, former victim of a child prostitution network, testified that the murder of Katrien had occurred in one Nihoul's orgies. Norbert De Cuyper affirmed that it was impossible that his daughter worked in a prostitution ring, due to the fact that she returned every day at home.

In summer 1998 Gerry Ulrich, the multi-millionaire archivist of the Zandvoort connection, owner of the Apollo network: producer and distributor of child pornography on Internet, was murdered in Italy by one of his victims: Robert Van Der Plancken, to whom he had promised his inheritance and who had in turn joined the network of paedophile pornography and child trade.


X-Kiss - Gay-Kiss et extrait de l'annuaire téléphonique. Cliquez sur la photo pour la parution de la faillite

Marcel Vervloesem went to Ulrich's house, seized the archives of the Zandvoort connection and brought them to the police. It contained 90.081 photographs of child pornography, as well as murders, rapes and tortures. Less than a year later, he recognized Katrien in the photo-serial, thus sold by Ulrich and Van Der Plancken on their website Apollo. At the Court of Antwerp, Leen Nuyts answered at his discovery, that although there was the effective resemblance, the Dutch and Belgian services were 95% sure it was a non identified boy.

Marcel discovered in the archives that the "gay kiss" was a branch of the "Studios De Paw": a laboratory of child pornography located at Utrecht, in Holland that had also been used by the Temse/Madeira network he had dismantled a few years earlier. Among the shareholders: Gerrie Ulrich! 

In January 2004, an official report appeared, to justify that the photographs had not been shown to Katrien's parents or friends, because "it was a boy", thus hiding from them the picture of the boyfriend! 

Foundation Princess of Croÿ had a comparative analysis made, which identified Katrien as the "unknown boy". A further analysis has just confirmed the previous ones. New photographs of Katrien have enabled the experts to make a reconstruction of her face in three dimensions.

A 15% discordance of the dots between the frontal surface and the rest of the head confirmed the photomontage and had the advantage to enable to superimpose this frontal surface to the reconstruction Katrien's face in 3D, swivelling it in order to better calculate the differences. The films show everything fits: the oval of the face, the nose, the mouth and the eyebrows. This victim of Zandvoort is undoubtedly Katrien De Cuyper. 

Peace be to the soul of this child, but nothing excludes that she believed in a play with her boyfriend of the time and that realising the truth, she signed her death sentence by saying that she would tell her parents. Nothing could exclude either, that she was trapped, the appointment given on the day of one of Nihoul's orgies. The following fact may prove what Regina said: the address books of her mackerel and of Robert Van Der Plancken will reveal that they had identical contacts.

Anonymous letters of Karl Van Rompaey
Traduction libre

Fifteen years after the murder, Karl Van Rompaey, shown for possession of child pornography and harassing, was betrayed by the DNA of his saliva on the stamps, which had been used to send the anonymous letters about Katrien's murder. Arrested this August 7, 2006, he admits having written them, but says their contents do not correspond to the course of the facts and he denies any participation in the crime.

He was only 20-years-old at the time. It acts of an "ideal guilty", said isolated and perverse, as the authorities like them. The miscarriages of justice follow the denials of justice since the discovery of the Zandvoort network, especially in election times, when the politicians wish to make believe that Belgium would be the only country in the world without paedophile network. The press pretends that Karl Van Rompaey has described Katrien's murder, what is not true. It announce an extra miscarriage of justice, we had the said. He was freed after four months of prison

Three children disappeared after having become by the café with rooms "Les Routiers", who sheltered the "Gay-Kiss". The two teenagers, victims of corruption of minors and probably fifteen years of blackmails, have right to be relieved.

At the hour when a man is in prison and risks a life sentence, isn't time to question the managers and employees of the pedopornographic studio above the bar-hotel?


Les identifications: (updated)

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