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Secrets of Cannes' police station (1)

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 3 septembre 2009.

2001, on fine a summer morning, a young lady arrived in tears at the Police Station of Quay ST Pierre, in Cannes. She is followed by a bourgeois, who rushes on her and howls: - Don't listen to her, she is a liar, she is mad.

The Sergeant Chief Patrice VERDI intervened on the spot, pointing out that the young lady had not had the time to say a word. The Gardien Principal *CHARLIE who was there, also tried to calm the bourgeois, who was repeating she was mad, lazy and inapt for work. The girl simply wanted to get back her personal belongings at this man's house, where the Orphans of Auteuil, noble French institution, had sent as an au pair girl.

They took a police car towards one of the finest area of Cannes. The house was huge. Sergeant Chief VERDI accompanied the young girl so that she gathers her belongings. She collapses in her bedroom. She spoke of the 7-years old daughter of the couple, who was allowing her to have lunch, completely naked, with local personalities. It was not a children's awkward game. She was also simulating masturbations, speaking about pornography and of a cupboard with a collection of special films. Strangely enough, the bourgeois paid three times his dept towards the au-pair and threatened the officer: - I am a friend of the Mayor, I will break you.

Back to the Central police station, the Judiciary police officer on duty auditioned the young girl. He came back an hour later and told Sergeant Chief VERDI: - "We are in shit, it is certainly a paedophilia case, we have to be careful, we are at risks of popping off." *CHARLIE was so scared that he decided not to sign the mission report, and assured he had left his service at 13h00.

The day after, Sergeant Chief VERDI was advised he would from now on take care of the traffic jams in Antibes Street, which interrupted without legitimate reason, the ascension of a career paved with congratulations. A few weeks later, he was accused of a swindle without head or tail. He was put under police custody, shackled as a terrorist, at the point that a doctor demanded that the shackles be loosened. Lieutenant *BRAVO then asked him:- By the way, did you have any news from the Auteuil girl?

Police Chief *FOXTROT, who was present, became bright red and struck of a glance the lieutenant, who left the room at once. Nothing had up to then, enabled to imagine that the recent mobbing was related to a 7-years old child, who simulated masturbations, and whose father said to the first police officer advised of it:- I am a friend of the Mayor, I will break you.

Sergeant Chief VERDI was imprisoned 44 days in High security district. He shared his cell with a police officer of the drug squad, he too accused of swindle, whereas he was writing a report intended to the General Inspection of the National Police Force (IGPN), on conventions between the police chief *FOXTROT and Mr. *ALPHA, fortunate owner of a called beach "the boiler" in reference to a drug trafficking, who is also a collaborator of the mayor!

In France, the elimination by legal assemblies is such a common practice; that a law court can wipe-out a political adversary. Even the former Mayor of Cannes was eliminated like that, after having been re-elected in spite of a judgment for corruption, which had obviously not convinced his voters. He was quasi immediately afterwards, object of new charges followed by 15 month preventive detention, as well as 8 years and 7 months of delaying tactics to judge him, whereas the international laws specifies that the time cannot exceed 8 years. As he was still popular, he was condemned to six years solid prison, matched to a prohibition to present himself for elections before 2010.

The French media failed to note that the magistrates in charge of the dossier should have known they where ruining the career of a presumed innocent, by the violation of the international laws. This former mayor of Cannes was imprisoned 4 years, which shows that Europe is unable to assure the respect of its laws, even regarding personalities.

Nothing surprising then, that the French media did not believe of their duty to inform the voters of the disordered inclinations of the friends of the new mayor of Cannes' or the fate of the officers, destroyed to have done their duty. As result, the best elements of the French police join the civil fight of the networks, with amazing information!

(*) The names preceded by * were changed.






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