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What about EU political prisoners?

BELGIUM: First actions of Mr. Vervloesem NGO in 1988 in favour of children in danger, were struck by a prohibition to distribute pamphlets in Antwerp. Since, he was condemned to an effective prohibition of contacts with the press during two years, before the court of appeal freed him, but he remains prohibited of visit from journalists. He spent one week in an isolation regime as a sanction for the refusal of NGO to censor their internet websites. A tribunal has refused him an electronic bracelet, with the reason of "criticism on justice" on the website DROIT FONDAMENTAL, which thus must prohibit him to treat his cancer as from the floor below the "scene of the crime". The ministry of justice refuses him penitentiary vacation at the home of the author of these articles, for the same reasons.

Absence of effective recourse of political prisoners in the European corridors of death

Publié le 19 juillet 2009

The European Union give prisoners victims of false miscarriage of justices in the domains that provides lots of money, the qualification of "political prisoners", only when they are condemned by tribunals out of it territoriality. An imprisonment is political when the condemnation requested the complicity of the ministries in charge of the respect of the procedures and of the police investigations, to cover-up the violation of the international laws.

Europe does not provide any effective recourse, as shown in the case of Marcel Vervloesem, a Belgian political prisoner, sentenced to death by deprivation of life-saving medical treatment.

THE LAWYER contacts all the fractions of the ministries, without obtaining any intervention to ensure him of the correct health care to a prisoner. He reminds that there is violation of the fundamental provisions of the international law, that the death of his client will be responsibility for each person who will have refused to intervene, but he only gets solidified smiles for answer.

MINISTRY FOR JUSTICE. All the Ministers for justice who followed one another along the procedures answered only to one mail out of three, and a half-question out of ten. They refuse to insist to obtain the royal signature necessary to the court of application of the sentences to pronounce the release on paroles for health reason, for "economic reason". The present Minister for justice answered to the Werkgroep Morkhoven not to have "any objective reason to intervene" owing to the fact that the file would be object of investigations, or that Mr. Vervloesem would have the ad hoc contacts with all the fractions of his services.

SENATE, ELECTED OFFICIALS POLITICAL AND INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS. The near total of the Belgian political power is advised week after week, of the treatments to which Mr. VERVLOESEM survived only by miracle, without a sole deputy raising a question on the separation of the capacities between justice and the prison doctors.

ORGANIZATIONS SUBSIDIZED BY EUROPE. The Council of Europe makes marvellous recommendations to protect the prisoners, but who do not belong to constraining laws, leaving free course to torture. Strasbourg envisages procedures in extreme urgency for the people threatened of expulsion, but nothing like this for Europeans death threats by dehydration and deprivation of health care in the prisons. The Committee Against Tortures of UNO highly criticized the prisoner salary in Belgium, but refused to intervene to save the life of this man, with the reason for "the introduction of the urgent procedure to the European Court of the Human rights", on August 6, 2008, that is to say over than nine months ago today. The NGO such as Amnesty International or the League of the Human rights do not even answer the mails which are addressed to them. The Belgian and French sections of the International observatory of the prisons were alerted recently but have not yet given any answer for the moment.


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