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Zandvoort ring shade hovers above Maddie and Ylenia

Madeleine McCann Van similar to that used for Yelenia's kidnapping Ylenia Lenhard

An investigation occulted by false tracks and another that only raises the interest of Swiss people. The disappearance of Ylena all the same seems the repetition of that of Maddie, with a white van registered in Spain, a child hunter and a child abductor, a frontier runner, and a little blond girl that "vanishes" without that the sniffer-dogs being able to find her...

In the area of Sagres, a man between 35 and 40 years was taking photographs of children and tried to force one of them to get into his car. Not far from there, a white van registered in Spain was parked several days in front of the apartment of the McCann family.

They where nine friends, young, handsome and wealthy, on holyday in Portugal. They were taking turns every half hour to check on the children asleep in their hotel rooms and have diner together at the restaurant, 50 yards away. A breach of security quickly located by the children hunters. On May 3, 2007 at around 9.30 P.M., a window and a shutter had been open in the bedroom of the McCain children. Madeleine, then aged three, had disappeared. Her brother and sister, two-year old twins, were safe and sound.

The description of the pervert of Sagres corresponded to a man seen as he carried a child away of the hotel. The white van was no more there the following day. Neither the alleged father nor the driver of the van showed up, though it was the start of the biggest media campaign ever on a missing child. Various personalities offered more than 8 million euro to whoever would make it possible to find Madeleine.

Robert Murat,  ordinary profile Robert Murat' creepy profile Robert Murat, desperate profile
Robert Murat, portrait of a man presumed innocent

Robert Murat, a 33 years old British, assured to have spent the evening with his girlfriend, then changed version and ensured to have spend it with his mother. Half a dozen people assured to have seen him at the hotel on the night of the crime. He was accused but let free, due to the lack of evidence.

Sharp criticisms were emitted against the Portuguese authorities. As an indication, this kind of cases in Belgium would have resulted with the imprisonment of Murat, the placement of the twins in public institution and with prohibition of the parents to have access to the file until the chances to find the child had decreased.

Mari Olli Pollard
Mari Olli Pollard, retired social worker who saw Maddie in Marrakesh

Serial false tracks... to help the detectives?

A Swiss woman saw Madeleine, accompanied by a man around forty in the hotel where she remained in Hersonissos in Greece. Norwegian woman saw her in pyjamas in a petrol station of Marrakech with British man she prayed to let her see her mom. British spies intercepted an Arabic telephone conversation where it was a question of a "little blonde", of her parents and of boats leaving the port of Tarifa.

Danilo Chemello Aurora Pereira Vaz
Italien Danilo Chemello, object of an French international mandat, and the portugese Aurora Pereira Vaz, who tempted to get 4 million d'euro

A couple known by French and Italian justice, in particular for violence, child-abuse, drug and weapons, ensured to be able to indicate where Maddie was, in return of 4 million euro. A Dutch man did the same, but for 2 million euro only. The Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf" received an anonymous letter indicating the place where the body of the child would be.

A couple had attended to an attempt at kidnapping in Monaco, of a little girl that looked like Madeleine by a Rumanian gang known to sells children for 10.000-euro and who "tempted to cut her hair". A retired South African pilot saw Maddie in a camp of gipsies located at 25 km of the place from where she had disappeared. A gipsy woman at the airport of Faro told him that she would now have her hair cut short and dyed in black. Fourteen people saw Maddie in Malta, and one at the airport of Geneva. All are tortured by the remorse of not having saved her.


Antonio Toscano
Antonio Toscano, journalist of "El Mundo", accused to want "publicity"

The Zandvoort shade...

According to Antonio Toscano, journalist of El Mundo, the man at the basis of Madeleine's kidnapping would be no other than a criminal that links the branches Coral and Toro Bravo of the Zandvoort network: Bernard Alapetite, a neo-nasi scenario writer and editor of child pornography.

Bernard Alapetite, pédocriminel de Zandvoort

The Zandvoort network indeed has maintained privileged relations with Portugal, starting with the Temse/Madeira branch and its 340 victims. Though Alapetite is more of pedo/dandy than a pedo/abductor, he remains of those who have participated to a crime against humanity that has made 90.081 victims, a number that supposes thousands of criminals. It is unthinkable to exclude them of the suspects of child kidnapping.

Alapetite denied any participation in the kidnapping of Maddie, ensuring not to have been Portugal since 1977. It is possible, but he was condemned three times between 1990 and 2000 within the framework of Toro Bravo and Ado 71, which includes "Gay France", a magazine of child pornography that would sell 15.000 specimens per months, of which a Portuguese version. This indicates customers and partners in crime in Portugal.

Various testimonys shows him in a paedophile ring in Spain. The case is raw, with all the ingredients at the "Zandvoort" fashion: some witnesses accused of paedophilia, others intimidated until they retract their testimonys, lazy judges and the cases closed without proper justification, as everywhere where the network passes.


Le montre qui invita Maddie au restaurant à Tongres mais vida cruellement le Fristi qu'il lui avait offer Katleen Sampermans
Identik of the Dutch Dracula who invited Maddie in a restaurant and had the cruelty to empty her Fristi Katleen Sampermans, the psychologist who cannot forgive herself not to have saved Maddie

Belgium eliminates the Zandvoort track with a Fristi box

Jessica Beem
Belgium: Jessica Beem saw Maddie in her flower shop, the "Doornroosje", at Eksel, according to the newspaper 'Belang van Limburg'
One hundred and twenty six people would have given Childfocus indications on Maddie. A couple saw her in front of the cathedral of Liege and a florist in her shop, showing paedophile criminals go to chuch and buy flowers to their victims.

A psychologist also saw her in Tongres, in the Flemish part on the Dutch boarder and she called Childfocus. The famous Belgian federal police force, which normally imprisons the witnesses instead of the paedophile criminals, took the psychologist "very seriously". Maddie was drinking a Fristi at the terrace of a restaurant, with an English woman, and Dutch man who look like Dracula teeth askew, supposing paedophile criminals have terrible faces and invite their victims at the restaurant to drink milkshake.

It took only a few hours to discover the DNA of a man on the Fristi box, which supposes that the Dutch Dracula has finished Maddie' Milkshake.

Jolien Houbrech
I am sorry I didn't look better, said Jolien Houbrech, a student aged 21 who served the Fristi without having noticed anything.

At the same moment, the British scientific team and their sniffer dogs had gone to Portugal. Ultraviolet rays revealed blood on the wall of the room of the children, which somebody had tried to clean. The sniffer dogs detected the smell of a death, which is perceptible to them only on a two hours old corps. Madeleine might have died between two and four hours before she disappeared, according to the experts.

The parents were said suspected, what the Portuguese police have officially denied, even if at the start of such an inquiry, any person that has approached the child is a suspect.


Urs Hans von Aesch Urs Hans von Aesch
Urs Hans von Aesch, a dangerous man, though he does not look as frightening as the portrait of Murat

Another "very sensitive" paedophile criminal, likely to have crossed Zandvoort

Urs Hans von Aesch, a 67 years old Swiss man, owned a white van identical to the one that remained in parked several days in front of the apartment rented by the McCann family. His DNA was found on the clothes of a Swiss child that vanished in the same manner as Madeleine: Ylenia Lenhard, whose DNA was found in the white van.

In 1961 already, Urs Hans von Aesch planed to kidnap a child of business man from Zurich. He had sent him a letter saying: "how terrible must it be of living the day when your dear Geni will not return from the nursery", and demanded 10.000-FF. His mother claimed reported him. He had declared having only been interested in the money. The psychiatrists had described him as being an "infantile psychopath" and he was condemned to 15 month of prison.

bunker espagnol du couple von Aesch
The Spannish bunker of the von Aesch

He married Vreni, a school teacher and in 1990, they settled in Benimontell, a village of 500 inhabitants, along the road which goes leads to Benidorm, seaside alamode resort. They lived in a strange small cubic house, with bars at the windows of the second floor rooms, as if he regretted prison. On the door, there was a poster translated into five languages: "Warning: protected land and buildings. Video and... The suspension dots were illustrated with a barrel and bullets. He owed guns and kept toys in a storeroom, next to chicks and lizards in formalin.

The bag in which Ylenia ' clothes where found
Ylena's child scooter
Helmet of Ylenia

As soon as the international press raised question on Alapetite - meaning the Zandvoort network - the von Aesch decided to leave Spain definitively, whereas they had just bought four extra pieces of land there.

They took the road on June 29, but Vreni returned in Spain ten days later, as if she forgot something. Urs Hans was looking for an apartment to rent or buy, with from two to five rooms. This supposes they were not short of money, though the modesty their Spanish bunker in which they had lived seventeen years. Indeed, the Swiss and Spanish real estate markets are not comparable.

Little Ylenia was going back to the public swimming pool to seek the shampoo bottle that she had forgotten the day before. Urs Hans von Aesch van left the car park of the swimming pool with 9h20. He had an appointment with a strange shooting in full forest. He had met a man whom he seriously wounded, then was killed at point blank range, so as to simulate a suicide. The bullets happened to have been shot from two different weapons and the one that had wounded the walker had vanished with Ylenia, leaving her child's scooter and bag in which her clothes were folded.

Inside the van, where DNA traces of Ylenia where found: a mess in contradiction with a man who folded the little girl's clothes in her bag. Who turned the place upside down? Should Urs von Aesch had hidden the child scooter, the helmet and the bag as well as the body and the gun, would police have looked for Ylenia's DNA there or would it have been an ordinary suicide?

Urs Hans von Aesch would have been surprised by an unfortunate walker at whom he would have shot. Taken by remorse, he would have hidden the gun that had wounded the unfortunate walker and the body of Ylenia, and then called his wife before committing suicide with another gun. The Swiss police did not give any indication of solid proof no one could have murdered him with a weapon that was put in his hand. They are looking for a naked corpse, whereas it would have seemed more convenient to look for a little girl alive and dressed with clothing other than those she wore the day of her disappearance. Ylenia could be in Austria, Germany or Italy that are very close, which would be more convenient than Switzerland where every one is looking for her.

If hardly arrived in Switzerland, Urs Hans von Aesch already worked in ring; there is much to believe he was part of a team liable to have carried out Madeleine's kidnapping with the same procedure and the same finality. A hunter and a kidnapper leave two locatable tracks, which enables a frontier runner to take the child away without incident.

  • In Portugal, the 35/40 years old man and probably Urs Hans von Aesch.
  • In Switzerland: Urs Hans von Aesch and the one who made disappear the weapon and child.

The Werkgroep Morkhoven confirms that the McCann and Lenhard cases present components of the paedophile network Zandvoort and starts an investigation.

Followed: Who thread its way between the police and the journalists to hide Maddie's dead body? Hate campaign against the McCann, without the least presumption of innocence, nor evidence, if not of a multitude of aberrations without explenation

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