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Zandvoort prosecution - Marcel Vervloesem at the Court of Appeal

While bringing the proof of the existence of the paedo criminal network Zandvoort which counted 90.081 victims in 1998, Marcel Vervloesem had not imagined that 10 years later, he would be object of an illegal judgment, presented as the criminal. The one ans only.


Buble of 90.081 victimsOpposite judicial truths in the European Union- 20 novembre 2007

The prosecution against Marcel Vervloesem aim at making believe that he has taken the Zandvoort file for his pleasure. The dossier is allied to "Operation Koala", the biggest anti-paedophile police operation of all times, with the seizure 2 million pictures of child pornography, according to Italy. It would be a "burst air bubble", according to Belgium, which requests to condemn Marcel Vervloesem for an act of good citizenship, for which the King of Belgium has congratulated him ten years ago. The Belgian authorities could thus destroy the evidence concerning the authors of crime on 90.081 children victims, according to Interpol, on the basis of the law limiting the conservation of personal data to the duration of the investigation.

Identification of the magistrateAntwerp. Wednesday 14 November 2007. On the dock of the Court of Appeal, Marcel Vervloesem, who revealed the Zandvoort file with 90.081 photographs of children victims of murder, rapes, torture. This file is just a "burst bubble of air", said Prosecutor TAC, who gives an unexpected view on the absurd persecution of the accused.

The photograph N°9 of the Zandvoort file is that of a man who observes his erection in the hand of a child, of whom he holds the penis between the fingers. It will be subjected to a hundred and twenty-five thousand three hundred and sixteen biometric tests of correlation, arriving to an identification of a French magistrate at 99, 03%. This photograph was part of the production of Gerrit Ulrich, who sold child pornography on Internet from his office in Zandvoort, Holland.

On June 11, 1998, Werkgroep Morkhoven, organisation fighting the sexual exploitation of children, was brought to Ulrich by Robbie Van Der Plancken, who obviously had the intention to have him arrested. Marcel Vervloesem, main inquirer of the group, was looking for Manuel Schadwald, a child missing from Berlin at the age of 11.

Vander Plancken's arrest for the murder of Ulrich
Robbie Vander Plancken arrest

Eight computers showing child pornography were linked to Internet. Trapped, Ulrich gave the Werkgroep Morkhoven a CD with photographs of Manuel Schadwald and runaway. This CD was given to the Dutch authorities by the Dutch television NOVA, to make sure it would not vanish, as child pornography usually vanishes from Belgian law courts.

Strangely, the Court of Turnhout in Belgium marked its intention to prosecute Marcel Vervloesem for "receiving child pornography".

Ulrich, obviously to prevent that Robbie Vander Plancken would take over his business after having given him up, telephoned Marcel Vervloesem from Lyon, and told him where he hid all his paedo- pornographic material. Robbie Vander Plancken found Ulrich in Italy and shot him. He pled the accident, but had possibly been surprised to learn that main part of the material was in the hand of the Werkgroep Morkhoven, thus lost. The Italian tribunal retained a murder, for which he serves a fifteen years sentence.


Marcel Vervloesem's IQs would not exceed 88%, according to the expert.

This man is diffamed since 20 years he has founded the Werkgroep Morkhoven and is on the traces of the Zandvoort network. He has always been prosecuted alone, though the decisions of this organisation are taken by a board of directors composed of three members at the least, among which Marcel Vervloesem, and not him alone. As all agree, all are concerned by the diagnosis of the expert. They would thus all be idiots with no more than 88% of IQ.

Stupidity would have led the Werkgroep Morkhoven to accept the invitation of Prosecutor Bourlet to give him the entire file for investigation, via the lawyer Van Der Smissen. It was done under the terms of the European laws asking the Member States to support the handing-over of this kind of material to the local authorities and assurance of the Prosecutor their would not be any prosecution.

These missing 12% of IQ had enabled to make believe that all the truth would be made about the Dutroux case, as the King of Belgium had promised. Prosecutor Bourlet was in charge of the Dutroux case and the Zandvoort file was linked to the Dutroux case. The file was thus given to him with a formal complaint against X for indecent assaults, rapes, violence, threats, tortures, kidnappings, corruption and prostitution of minors, human trade and child pornography, etc. The Royal promise was a guarantee that it would have been rude to set in doubt by claiming damages, which in Belgium, is necessary only to make sure the complaint is instructed.

The Dutroux case had led to a modification of the Belgian legislation, by Article 28 quarter of the Code of Criminal law, which stipulates that the public prosecutor, taking into account the guidelines of the criminal policy of the minister of justice and the board of prosecutor generals decides over the opportunity of the prosecution. The truth about the Zandvoort network was liable to turn Belgium in a storm of fire and blood, as appeared dozens of Dutroux cases. Prosecutor Anne Thilly demanded that the Zandvoort file be sent back to the Court of Turnhout.

Time has shown that the lack of damages claim has allowed them to deny the convenience of prosecuting the criminals shown in the complaint, in despite the King's orders. All the Belgian cases linked to the Zandvoort network were filed in separate dossiers. The only one Belgium has prosecuted in the case is the one who brought the evidence. It was unforeseen since it is undeniable that Prosecutor Bourlet has at least 100% of IQ.

Victor Vervloesem, angry !
Very cross, Victor V. pulls his tongue. After it was shown he had a phonetic spelling, he was promoted from the Social Service to the Council of Police.

The Court of Turnhout wove a net around Marcel Vervloesem, which in time and via the press, will temps to make believe that he had taken the file for his pleasure, as if he had the intention of taking over the head of the network under the cover of an NGO of child welfare - as the identified alleged paedophile French judge makes by dozens. He will not be charged of receiving, but of possession of child pornography.

Turnhout waited 2003, thus five years, to retain the complaints of nine illiterates, themselves object of complaint for sex crimes, who had accused him rapes: "to show who was the white knight who denounced the network of pedophilia", according what they had told the press. The slowness of Turnhout is explained as retaining such accusations in 1998 would have made riots.

The plan failed in 2005, when one of the plaintiffs testified they had been paid 250-euro to file the complaint, an extra 125-euro for saying to the television that they had been raped by the paedophile Hunter. The prosecution will be delayed.

Victor V., member of the commune for the socialist party (SPa), had paid these sums. He had become member at the direction of the social service. He had assured three teens to avoid public institution if they filed accusations of rape against the "Paedophile Hunter".. to please the tribunal of Turnhout!

Thrown in prison, Marcel Vervloesem started a hunger strike, but one of the boys preferred public institution, rather than a responsibility in the death of a man all admire and withdrew his complaint, saying what had happened. There will even be a call in the press, asking any other "victim of Marcel Vervloesem rapes" to take contact.

It seems Prosecutor TAC has retained the two other accusations of rape by distraction, so there are evidence of lies.. Unless he just aims at making Marcel Vervloesem appear as devil, in view to obtain the destruction of the Zandvoort CDs?


The least one can expect in matters of international paedo criminal networks is that there is a uniform judicial truth within the European Union.

According to the Italian judicial truth - native country of the Queen of Belgium - the Zandvoort file is linked to Operation Koala, with 2 million files of child pornography, what is the finality of years of inquiry from neighbouring countries. According to the English judicial truth, the dossier was linked to Operation Cathedral with 700.000 files of child pornography. According to the Danish judicial truth, it was linked to 500.000 files of child pornography. According to the Swedish judicial truth, 37 children have been identified as victims of Zandvoort. France, who has many magistrates and politicians embarrassed by the dossier, closed it, saying many children where foreigners or abused with the consent of their parents. All the other European countries are still inquiring. What Prosecutor TAC qualifies of being "burst air bubble" gather's, according to Interpol, 90.081 dossiers, by the numbers of victims.

Nobody would have been identified in ten years and there would be no Belgian dossiers in the Zandvoort file, according to Prosecutor TAC, who did not explain how it is possible to identify the nationality of an unidentified person. But he quoted a sentence from the official report that ends with the biometric identification of several Zandvoort children: Katrien De Cuyper, murdered in Antwerp and who is of Belgian nationality; Cecile Bloch, murdered in Paris; Casey Bohun and Louise Morin, missing from Canada; and Magdalena Gruzaska missing from Poland. The official report has been followed by a constitution of injured person, which by Belgian law, prevents that the file be destroyed before the complaint is treated.

The Court of Appeal grants only two hours to defence this 5 December, which will be full of surprises. It will come to a conclusion on January 10 about all the evidence brought, which will certainly also bring lots of surprises.

Will it be possible to justify a sentence for having possessed a "burst air bubble" without Belgian people may fear to be banned from the right to breath?

Should Marcel Vervloesem be sacrificed to make believe the King that his orders where respected, rather than to let Belgium align with the judicial truth of 99% of the countries involved in the Zandvoort file, the case will just have to go to a European court.


No withdrawal of case for a crime against humanity - 11 december 2007

Antwerp - December 5, 2007. The lawyers of Marcel Vervloesem, main investigator of the Werkgroep Morkhoven, pleaded the appeal of a judgment showing him for having acquired the working capital of the pédo- criminal network Zandvoort for his own account: a cabal that was to allow the destruction of the evidence on crimes committed upon the 90.081 children victim of the network, without having to justify any inquiry.

It is not the first time Belgium abuses the European law limiting the conservation of personal data to the duration of the investigation, to close dossiers where judicial "dysfunctions" had gendered rapes and torture upon children. The child pornography filmed by Raymaekers was destroyed on the day following his judgment, which resulted at freeing the rapists filmed and deprive the victims of justice.

To make believe Marcel Vervloesem intended to take over the head of the network, he had to be condemned for paedophilia. A man has admitted having been paid 10.000 BEF to file a complaint for rape when he was a child and an additional 5.000 BEF to repeat it before the television, thus for a total of 375-euro.

The Court of Turnhout has returned these consent to its author, and retained his false complaint, where he had pretended Marcel Vervloesem raped him during an orgy on his 15th birthday. A medical certificate proves that at that time, the defendant had just left a hospital in a wheelchair with a legs reconstituted by a series of pins. How could he have raped a teen in these conditions?

Nine complaints of the same kind were destroyed by this testimony, then replaced by those of three teens. One of them retracted the next day, saying they had been threatened to be locked in a public institution, by the one shown for having paid the previous cabal.

The magistrates were started when hearing that the medical file shows that the defendant is cardiac and diabetic depending on insulin, thus physically, technically and medically unable of having raped the two boys by anal and oral penetration, but he has been condemned for that.

Marcel Vervloesem appeals a judgment for the possession of child pornography of the Zandvoort file. The facts reproached date from July 24, 1998 and prescription rules since July 23, 2003, explained advocate Jespers.

The Werkgroep Morkhoven is not an association of paedophiles, its Internet site is not a paedophile site and it does not publish pornography, carried on Advocate Jespers. Marcel Vervloesem has proved it while giving to Dutch justice, the files of the network found in Holland. He has proved his will to have the criminals arrested, by transmitting copy of this material to the King of the Belgians, to the President of the European Parliament and to most of the European Heads of States. He has proved it again by a detailed complaint of Werkgroep Morkhoven to Prosecutor Bourlet, in charge of the Dutroux inquiry, with the result of his inquiry, and the exhibits.

No European country, neither Holland, France, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal, or Italy, nor Prosecutor Bourlet has retained convenient to prosecute him for these facts. The court of Turnhout, explained Advocate Jespers, as if it acted of an island isolated from the world, had done something unique in Europe, unique in Belgium: it condemned Marcel Vervloesem for possession of child pornography for the CD sent to the President of the European Parliament, but not for having sent it to the King. A related file, which required the royal agreement, would have been "lost" and this man cannot be condemned on the basis on an incomplete file, for facts without criminal or profit-making goal, and struck by prescription for five years.

Marcel Vervloesem appeals of a judgment for swindle. Mrs Dormans had joined four families, which had gathered money to consult the Werkgroep Morkhoven. She had presented herself with a man who made himself called "K", then Karel Van Genechten and who turned out to be a Dutch police officer named Karel Vanden Beghe. He wanted a copy of the Zandvoort file, which would have been concealment of child pornography. Mrs Hutsebaut (of the organization ECPAT, partner of Childfocus), pretended to have identified among the Zandvoort victims, Etienne, the son of Mrs Dormans, who then filed a complaint for swindle, saying she had paid large sums without service.

The four families confirmed that the plaintiff could not claim to have been swindled of moneys they had paid, for a service of which they had been satisfied. The Dutch police force certified that the photograph was not that of Etienne, but of an American child, published in an American magazine, several years before the birth of Etienne. Nothing in these facts reveals any swindle on the behalf of defendant.

Marcel Vervloesem appeals of a judgment for the publication by a Dutch organisation of (non-pornographic) photographs of children on its Internet site. He did not have to answer in Belgium of facts that do not concern the Belgian territoriality, explained advocate Jespers. It acts of a Dutch website, legal in Holland, whose publications depend of the organisation Buro Zoeklicht and not at all of the Werkgroep Morkhoven. The Dutch authorities never prosecuted Marcel Vervloesem for this site. The respect of the territoriality principle is elementary, said Advocate Jespers. A Belgian person cannot be condemned for the eventual breach, from a Dutch website under the responsibility of a Dutch organisation and hosted in Holland, of the Belgian law on the private life.

In December 2004, the Werkgroep Morkhoven and the Foundation Princess of Croÿ had made a public awareness campaign with illustrated posters, on the defect of investigation related to the complaint filed at the tribunal of Neufchâteau and transferred to the tribunal of Turnhout. This campaign resulted of frustration due to the lack of inquiry, to request the arrest of identified criminals. It was made without criminal intention or profit-making goals. The only ones prosecuted were Marcel Vervloesem and Eddy Decat, whereas they do not appear as responsible editors and the responsible editors where not prosecuted. They must be released from this judgment.

Advocate Jespers also pointed out that Professor Cosyns, while recommending condemning Marcel Vervloesem to a prohibition to speak with the press, has seriously led astray the duties his mission.

The judgment is expected on January 9, 2008. The press that calumniated Marcel Vervloesem during ten years was absent. Would silence have been ordered? The private foundation Princesses of Croÿ and Massimo Lancellotti saw its computers destroyed by hacking, and is threatened of an "administrative investigation", but will not yield to the censure. These investigations consist in seeking all administrative harassing and slandering made-up to conceal the scandals, explains Werkgroep Morkhoven. The Foundation is looking forward of the opportunity to prosecute the Belgian state for the multitude of fundamental right violations of those who denounce child abuse and expose their number within its institution of child welfare.


Marcel Vervloesem et une amie des "violés"
She is one of the teens, who passed their lives at Marcel Vervloesem and makes 40 km to see him at the hospital. He is for us like our grandfather, wrote her brother to the judge. It never touched one of us, he never raped anybody.

Death sentence for Marcel Vervloesem

The man sentenced to death is the secretary of the Werkgroep Morkhoven, the NGO that has shown two major networks of children's sexual exploitation, the so-called Temse/Madeira showing 340 victims, and Zandvoort showing 90.081 victims.

Marcel Vervloesem was absent for the hearing, as he needed to be operated in emergency of his third cancer in ten months, a tempo explained by his diabetes that prevents chemotherapy. He was condemned, "his state of health taken for account", to 4 years solid prison what is, "his state of health taken for account", is a death sentence.

The first judges had rejected nine complaints for rape, as one of the plaintiffs had admitted they had been paid 375 euros each to file the complaint. The aimed at showing that a man who rapes children cannot direct the inquiries of an organisation that fights paedophile networks. The second judges recognise the credibility of the testimony assuring the complaints had been paid, but also retained also the credibility rape accusations in one out of nine of these paid complaints.

Tourne visse à la main, Peter Wouters cambriole le Werkgroep Morkhoven
Peter Wouters ressort de chez Marcel Vervloesem avec des dossiers
Peter Wouters who here burglarizes the Werkgroep Morkhoven, is the best of the band. His mother was condemned for a forgery in writing, within the cabal 92, was paid 50.000-FB (1.250 -€), to show him for swindle. Victor has paid us 375 -€ to show Marcel for rape, but he goes too far: he threatens to have my children locked in institution, he said.

The first judges had rejected one of three complaints for rape, filed by teens, as one had written to Marcel Vervloesem daughter that they had acted under the blackmail of her Uncle Victor, for whom they were dealing drugs. The second judges had bounced up their chairs hearing that Doctor Smet, Marinus, Schoenmaeckers and Wildiers attested that the accused was then physically, technically and medically unable to rape anybody. They thus retained that he had raped the three teens, even the one who admitted having lied and though in theory, judges cannot dispute a formal diagnosis of a doctor.

Marcel Vervloesem was asked "to admit" the crimes that he could not physically have committed, for a "reduction of sentence", but even with the care that his health requires, he never could leave prison alive.

"It is great day", said the Uncle Victor, an illiterate actually employed at the Police Counsel. He did not understand that while recognising he had been a go between to pay these complaints, of which eight were rejected, the judges had indirectly condemned him to pay serious damages. He believes his half brother should be interned in psychiatry, obviously unaware that cancer is not a psychosis.

The first judges had considered criminal of Marcel Vervloesem to have possessed the Zandvoort file, time to take it and bring it to justice. The file is empty. Marcel Vervloesem took it by perversity, explained Prosecutor Tac. But the international press had just made a wild portrait of Belgian justice, which was sufficient to weigh on the judges:

Chez Marcel Vervloesem, deux personnes payées pour l'accuser de viol et son beau fils
On left: the son-in-law of Marcel Vervloesem. Annie, at the center and Peter Wouters on the right, testify to have lied for the money, and ask to stop harassing: Marcel goes to the Court of Cassation.

The dossier is too big for Belgium, who is unable to handle it. A French magistrate was identified in the Zandvoort file, said the German press. The file is connected to the Koala file, with two million evidence of crime upon children, according to the Italian police. Belgium has repeated the Dutroux scandal in freezing that file and allowed a Belgian criminal to prostitute his daughter during 4 years, according to the Irish press.

Thank you Germany, Ireland and Italy. Faintness appeared when the judges try "to cover" the cynicism of the Prosecutor TAC, who had taxed this file, therefore the 90.081 victims which are in it, of "burst bubble". He would have made "good conclusions", they said, yet they did not dare to confirm criminality to have brought the file to justice.

The first judges had considered Marcel Vervloesem had intruded in the private lives of the victims. In short: Cecile Bloch’s murder concerned the private life of the eleven year old girl. But bringing proof that a Zandvoort member had murdered her was a crime that could not be judged in Belgium, under the motive of the extraterritoriality of the Internet website that has revealed it. The second judges have freed him of the charges.

Marcel Vervloesem et Jan Boeykens
Jan Boeykens, president of the Werkgroep Morkhoven: I have been fighting 20 years with Marcel Vervloesem and I will carry on fighting to restore his honour, what ever time it takes.

They rejected the testimony of the Dutch police, who attested that Carine Hutsbaut, from the rival organisation ECPAT, had identified an American boy, and not Mrs Dormans Aggenbach' son, who was not born at the time the photograph was taken. She assures to have been swindled of monies paid by several families to define if the network that has abused their children where in the Zandvoort file. These families opposed that she could claim the monies they paid, but their formal complaint had "vanished" from the file.

They have considered Marcel Vervloesem guilty of swindle for having assured her that her son was not a Zandvoort victim. He has been condemned to reimburse her monies paid other families.

They also confirmed him guilty of a public awareness campaign to the danger paedocriminal networks, transformed in "diffusion of pornography", following a complaint of Child Focus, partner of ECPAT. The testimony showing that he had no legal responsibility had also vanished of the file.

Belgian justice is allergic to the Werkgroep Morkhoven publications, at the source of the criticism of the international press last November. Marcel Vervloesem had been condemned to a prohibition to talk to the press, but this violation of the right to the freedom of expression had not been imposed on his NGO. Justice thus uses all means of pressure extend the prohibition.

Indeed, hardly two weeks before this justice parody towards the Werkgroep Morkhoven' secretary, the vice-president of the NGO was condemned to be deprived of control over her private property, what the first judge based on a publication under the legal responsibility of the Werkgroep Morkhoven'.

Blessure un des trous dans le toit que la justice à retenu "du à l'usure", puis empêché de faire reboucher, lorsque le Werkgroep Morkhoven payait les travaux

Photographs of Werkgroep Morkhoven evacuating the water, whose publication is taxed of "the accused act". The wound resulting from the situation of danger and one of the holes in the roof that justice retained resulting "from wear", then prevented from repairing, when Werkgroep Morkhoven paid for the works.

Though seven years of conflict between lawyers and four years of legal procedures, Brussels’s justice had not managed to avoid the Werkgroep Morkhoven, the obligation to evacuate approximately 9.000 litres of rain water from a living room contiguous to its office. It had generated a new service and body of press under the responsibility of the NGO: "lodging policy".

The first judge estimated, with a very original notion of the freedom of expression, that conflicts should be regulated in the courts and not in public, as if the public had to be limited to the one inside the court.

"The accused act (the publication) finally mines radically the defendant's credibility, but also the defence worked out by her council, being unaware of the fact (of Werkgroep Morkhoven), he wrights in his judgement, which he concludes by: "the obstinacy of the defendant makes fear that she is incorrigible on short-term, so that the mandate will be allotted for five years instead of two".

In practice, this means that the chosen administrator was going to be allowed to stop the works ordered and paid by money lent by the Werkgroep Morkhoven to cover the holes in the roof, whereas its vice-president had just been seriously wounded, in the result of the situation. The sentence was confirmed in the appeal, with a maximum cassation motives in a minimum of words 

It is a game for these judges and an obstacle that those who join the fight of judicial dysfunctions are prepared to surpass for the cause. But when after 16 years of prosecutions, all undoubtedly linked together since 1992, theses judges deny the facts and count on a man's state of health, to deprive him of the European judgment provided by law within 8 years; it exceeds what Europe should tolerate.

Marcel Vervloesem et Jacqueline de Croÿ sortant du palais de justice de Turnhout. Les "pièces à conviction" de viols sont des bambou de jardin, qu'il n'aurait non pas utilisé comme tuteurs pour se plantes, mais pour battre et violer des enfants

Jacqueline de Croÿ: Marcel Vervloesem revealed what was the sexual exploitation children in Europe, which is badly seen, since Belgium has a central role in it. But nothing will stop us disseminating information: My ancestors are among the most calumniated in Euroepan history (among which Dracula) and there is no calumny which impresses me.

The next step is to obtain the Werkgroep Morkhoven right of answer, widely defamed, as usual, some going up to the indecency of pretending that the Temse/Madiera and Zandvoort files were empty! And in parallel, right of answer of the condemned, of which the entire press has explained the absence by a cardiac operation, what has amused his doctors, as they didn’t open his belly to remove his heart. Not one newspaper said that Marcel Vervloesem expected before the judgment, he would have to request the "Cour de Cassation" to judge of defect and/or contradiction of motives; defect of response to conclusions and defect legal basis; violation of the law by false application; by refusal of application or by false interpretation and denaturising of clear and precise writings.

As it is the first condemnation of the vice-president and the secretary of Werkgroep Morkhoven, we are unaware of what is worth the Belgian Supreme court of appeal. But a new decree of this Court causes, for example, if a man in final stage dies of a haert attack at the time of an arrest carried out "in consideration of his health", his family must prove that he could not have died in normal circumstances, before a fault can be recognised. Nothing thus guaranteed that there will not be a new "Zandvoort decree", which makes it possible to condemn somebody on basis of an incomplete file and with the contempt of his presumption of innocence

The Foundation Princesses of Croÿ and Massimo Lancellotti and Werkgroep Morkhoven have agreed to pay all the procedures to restore, even post mortem, Marcel Vervloesem’ honour, by the means of the European Court of the Humans Rights, if need.


Marcel Vervloesem speaks about his death sentence

The press has transformed a man into monster; the judges added a presumption of imbecility. A first video shows him both lucid and logical. A second video illustrates the disconcerting humanity of a man, who applies a justice beyond what had offended him.

By condemning Marcel Vervloesem for crimes that his doctors ensure he could not physically do, the judges have served political interests, illegally, because without the doctors' qualifications, necessary to reject a medical certificate. He will be cleared, but meanwhile, justice discredits the one who has shown that the Zandvoort file is constellated with cases alamode Dutroux, to accredit those which claim it empty, whereas even Interpol says it is filled with 90.081 victims.

The judges condemned Marcel Vervloesem to four years of prison, taking into account its health. He thus explains he is diabetic and dependant on insulin. That he underwent seven major operations in these last ten years: three open heart operations, of which for a double heart bypass. A fourth operation to the pancreas, a fifth one to the kidneys. A sixth operation for two cancers and a seventh one for a third cancer in ten months distance. A tempo which is explained due to the fact his diabetes prevents chemotherapy.

After having condemn him to an interdiction to speak with the press, he has thus been condemned to death. It is illegal in Belgium, but all is possible in this country, when it is a question of concealing those who denounce the judicial dysfunctions.

Indeed, not later than in 2005, Marcel Vervloesem made a 31 days hunger strike, to ask for his right to a fair judgment within the reasonable delay. He had been imprisoned, filmed naked so that his daughter had to see him so, on a monitor. The regulation obliges that any hunger striker which refuses to eat beyond 10 days is transferred in a prison hospital. But Marcel Vervloesem was maintained in isolation during 25 days, awaked every fifteen minutes "to control if he was not dead". He could only walk in an open-air cage and was to see his visitors standing up, behind a pane. The prisoners had made a chain of solidarity around him, at the moment of his daily passage to the infirmary to measure the sugar in his blood. They would slip under his pyjamas, paper, pencils and stamps of which he had also been deprived, so as to prevent that he could communicate with the outside world.

His cardiologist had recommended that the re-feeding be done at an intensive care service, owing to the fact that he was the first known cardiac diabetic in hunger strike from where, the first clinical case which will show that an ordinary re-feeding would endanger his life. He was transferred in a prison hospital, but deprived of intensive care services, since the role of a prison is not to preserve people between life and death. He was re-fed in prison and fell into three diabetic comas, to which his heart has resisted only by miracle, the day before of the audience which was to release him. As thus had in addition, serious problems with his kidneys, liver, pancreas, and stomach and lose two teeth.

In this video, Marcel Vervloesem explains the bases of his appeal in cassation. He is at his sixteenth year of procedure because magistrates were going to superimpose charges without anything in common and maintained separated the files that were united by the same people.

He briefly analyzes this judgement, clearly as no imbecile would be able to do. The judges’ issue there that the 10 years delay was perfectly reasonable, whereas the legal delay is of 8 years and the effective delay is of 16 years. They forget justifying a sentence for retracted charges, with the reason which they had been carried under threats; to justify a judgement whereas there is procedure with the Higher Council of the Justice, which retained the absence of many parts to the file.

He speaks about the defect of motivation, yet necessary to justify the rejection of all the expertise which cleared him. The inconsistency to ignore the results of a lie detector requested by the first judges, while rejecting identical results of a second lie detector test, produced by Professor Gagliardi.


Disconcerting humanity of a man sentenced to death, who applies a justice beyond what had offended him.

The police force in charge of the investigation called Annie "the witness of Victor", the latter having made a political career on the basis of what justice will implicitly recognize as being a false evidence. Conscious that Annie was not able to understand the gravity of what she did; Marcel Vervloesem forgave her of having been one of the tools which was used to destroy his reputation. He forced all his friends to do as much, by the single force of a truth which he estimated fair beyond what had offended him.

The video shows Annie who breaks her solitude, by coming, as every morning to have breakfast with him. She is now terribly upset of this judgment, which she cannot understand.

May these magistrates remember the lesson and look at these faces, as the day they will manage to respect others beyond an offence, they will be able to pretend being fair, and therefore have necessary qualities for the mission which falls to them.


Robbery of 7 Zandvoort compact discs

The Higher Council of Justice confirmed on February 21, 2008, the faults which carried out to the irregular sentence of Marcel Vervloesem on February 6, on the basis of a dossier lightened of an incredible number of parts that cleared him. Most extraordinary is the robbery, within the judicial institutions, of seven compact discs of child pornography, which the Werkgroep Morkhoven had sent to the King of Belgians in 1999, to kindly request from him to personally make sure that the enquiry is correctly carried out.

The minister of Justice of the time, Tony Van Parys (CD&V), had then given Antwerp's General Attorney, the mission of examining their contents. No one knows his conclusions: the file disappeared!

Marcel Vervloesem was prosecuted for having had the compact discs of the paedo criminal network Zandvoort, which was obvious, since he had posted seven of them to the King by registered mail of with a notice of receipt. He thus was publicly insulted for ten years, of which recently by Prosecutor TAC, on the basis of stolen file!

Other major parts missed from the file, which did not obstruct judges Van Craen, Jordens and Jaques to condemn this man, quickly before the Higher Council of Justice would prevent them to do so, by the recognition of the faults of procedures.

The next appointment is with the Court of Cassation.

Ref: Letter of Geert Vervaeke, president of the Higher Council of Justice, February 21, 2008, reference N070185BDMKDB.


Jacqueline de Croÿ

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