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Foundation Princess of Croÿ fight paedophile networks

In year 2001-2002, the Nigerian mafia of Belgium tried to use the Brussels' Anglo French Kindergarten, to pass children from school to brothel. The case of the little Nigerian princes will prove a paedophile network covering eighteen countries and a very surprising non-assistance of endangered people.

It appears that Scotland Yard was working on the British part of the network, without having been advised of the main cell is located in Belgium. The non-functioning of Belgian justice will be explained by a police corruption, the tiny size of the country, and its geographical situation; a step away from Holland, Germany, France, England and Luxembourg, enables a few men to transform the land in a genuine centre of paedophile networks.

The kindergarten was closed and gave place to this foundation, the bares the name of the director and owner of that school. It regroups various projects on the domains of education, children's protection and fight against paedophile networks.

The Princess de Croÿ consulted the Werkgroep Morkhoven, a group of Flemish activists, famous for having dismantled the Thames, Zandvoort and Madeira networks. The foundation took in charge to create and diffuse series of articles in their extraordinary discoveries on paedophile criminality, as well as the Mafia and police hassling endured by the Marcel Vervloesem, the director of their operations and the murder of one of their activists: Gina Bernard.

Following a media meeting of Mister Vervloesem and the Princess de Croÿ, the hosting company of our site received a defamatory complaint of the Belgian secret services and they erased the gigantic site without notice or verification of the complaint, taking in its devastation around fifty shocking articles.

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