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Pascal Taveirne, or the prosecution of Mr T.

At the origin of Operation Koala, of which 2 million paedopornographic files seized, Pascal Taveirne, discreetly passed in front of his judges on January 15, 2008, in Bruges, in Belgian Flanders.

Identified in 2002 in a film where he raped his daughters, the Prosecutor Vandaele said:- The tribunal avoided the worst with his arrest in July 2006.

What could be worse for two little girls aged 5 and 6, to be abused and prostituted by their father during 4 years without intervention?

The film at the origin of the arrest had been produced by Sergio Marzola, an unemployedman of Ferrare, which the Italian legal documents reveal as the main supplier of the "Zandvoort File", which was brought to justice in 1998 by the Belgian NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven.

The mutism of justice and media happens to act of a political question that the Italian police and the Irish press denounce without forgivingness.

Here above, the video of the Royal Gendarmerie of Canada and Interpol, who explain the impressing Operation Koala

VoirThe criminal activities of Taveirne were discovered in Denmark in 2002, following the Hamlet Operation within the framework of the network "Fun Club". Betrayed by his accent, Interpol located him in Flanders. Apolice officer of Bruges recognized his daughters, who were autistic.

In 2006, a fair Australian police operation carried out to a new wave of arrests of paedophiles and seizures. Interpol identified again Pascal Taveirne in a film made by Marzola in a hotel of Bruges. Italy launched the Video Child Operation, so as to force Belgium to imprison him.

Marzola had offered him €-250 to film them in lingerie, €-500 to film them naked and €-750 the incestuous rape, and €-20 each child, the father also took for himself. The operation brought him more in 4 hours, which he could earn honestly in two weeks, he said. Taveirne had set-up a children "escort service" and rented his daughters, of which the eldest one to a Dutch couple to produce pornographic films. He would reward the little girls by French fries and a hamburger in a fast-food restaurant.

KoalaThe address book of Marzola counted 30.000 addresses and gave place to a world police operation, code named "Koala", because of the Australian stop. At the beginning, the Belgian press called the Italian criminal only Marzolo or Marizola, as to prevent that their readers discover on Internet that Pascal T. was actually called Pascal Taveirne. Not a single photograph of the Belgian criminal was published, not even with a band on the eyes, which supposes that he might have made more than the four victims recognized by justice.

"It is the very first time in our country that a producer of paedopornography is judged", said the Attorney General, who forgets the most famous in the world: Marc Dutroux!

Taveirne and Marzola had built a Ukrainian branch, where the children cost only between 5 and 10 euros per day, rather than 750 euros in Western Europe. The Belgian police officers ensure that their Ukrainian colleagues would not have transmitted them the information to on the production of paedopornography. They allot their behaviour to corruption, as if the Ukraine wanted to decrease the sentence of Taveirne, so that he can return as soon as possible to rape little girls. This is more likely to be a Belgian favour, to hide the gravity of having let this criminal free.

"Without the excellent investigation of the hunters of paedopornography, the girls of Bruges would perhaps work today in a large international circuit of child pornography", the newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen has the guts to say. Were those two little Belgian girls not exploited by an international circuit, with films of their rapes sold in Denmark, in Australia, and some produced in Holland?

Taveirne is described like as a cretin, sexually insatiable, who would not understand the gravity of his acts. "He is not the organizer of a wide paedophile network as some allege", said his lawyer. His "escort service" shows he is the organiser of a little international network. The Ukrainian branch shows he is partner of a wider networks, and he is a distributor on Internet, which is a very big network.

"It is impossible that a mother does not see that her daughters of 9 and 11 are abused since so a long time", the investigators said, while hiding that the examining magistrate of the Hamlet file had a film of their rapes when they were 5 and 6 years old.

The Public Prosecutor would claim the maximum sentence for the Taveirne couple, which would be 10 years of prison for the father and 2 years of prison for the mother, herself shown of guilty non assistance, according to the press. But in truth, following the Dutroux case, the Belgian law was made terrible for paedocriminal. The prison sentence for the rape of children of the ages of Pascal Taveirne's daughter is between 20 to 30 years. The prosecutor thus ironically claims the minimum acceptable for the father and the maximum acceptable for the mother.

The Belgian press that had never broken a word on the Hamlet or Video Child Operations, which could have saved the Taveirne sisters from four years prostitution, and the little Ukrainian girls from filmed rapes, now smother the truth with shameless lies.


The Zandvoort file: a political problem on the French, Dutch and Belgian level

The Italian police force was outraged by the behaviour of their Belgian fellow-members and did not hide anything of the facts. But there were too many important people involved, even the lawyer of a Dutch royal prince and a higher French magistrate. Holland closed the file in 9 months, ensuring that the 90.081 photographs of victims would just be the private collection of an isolated pervert. Claiming the file empty, France closed it in April 2003 and Belgium currently tries to do the same, whereas they are the most touched countries

On April 14, 1999, of the prosecutors of the town of Antwerp said, to the BBC who questioned them on the instruction of the Zandvoort network, that they were going to "study the material before deciding whether launching an investigation". Belgium thus foresaw already closing the case, which required maintaining legal dossier empty. Abusing the European law on the protection of the private life, which limits the conservation of the personal data to the duration of the investigation, would enable to destroy the evidences. This is why each case impossible to classify in a separated file, has never been examined and why Pascal Taveirne was allowed to continue his criminal activities.

The plan nearly fell down the drain when, following a Werkgroep Morkhoven complaint to the Prosecutor Bourlet from another district, a house search at Jacques Delbouille, who appeared in the address book of the Zandvoort network, led to 15m³ of child pornography. Child Focus repaired the blunder, by ensuring that the operation was initiated "by an anonymous complaint" addressed to them. The case could thus be kept out of the Zandvoort file.

But the Werkgroep Morkhoven identified the French magistrate, then Katrien De Cuyper, murdered at the age of 15, whereas she had left the paedopornographic studio X-Kiss of Antwerp. To make believe in a mistake, Karl Van Rompaey, a electrician who had written phantasmagorical anonymous letters about Katrien when he was 20, will be imprisoned four months, shown for her murder. Like Taveirne, the X-Kiss will be authorized to continue its activities, in so far as it removed the paedopornography from its Web site.

Belgium will try to make pass the one who had brought the file as the "big boss of the network". The Judges of Turnhout, on the basis of cabals, will condemn Marcel Vervloesem for paedophilia, though knowing full well that their sentence would be rejected by the supreme court of appeal, due to the absence of forty discharging evidence from the file and for having exceeded the reasonable delay.

Mark TAC, public prosecutor at the Court of Appeal, accredited the slandering, with proof in hand that the defendant could not have raped anybody because of his state of health. He long pleaded that the Zandvoort file was empty, without children identified, though he had proof in hands that the Werkgroep Morkhoven had identified by biometrical six missing or murdered children and a seventh one alive: Katrien De Cuyper (Belgium) Manuel Schadwald (Germany), Magdalena Gruszacka (Poland) Casey Rose Bohun and Nicole Louise Morin (Canada), Cécile Bloch and X (alive) in France, as well as that of the French magistrate, naturally.

The empty file of prosecutor TAC:
Operation Koala
A "burst air bubble", according to his plea...

The goal was not to obtain a sentence for paedophilia, but for "the principle of having laid hands on the Zandvoort file, FOR THE PLEASURE", which required a presumption of perversity. Justice would thus make pass Marcel Vervloesem for "the only criminal of Zandvoort". He envisages the supreme court of appeal for any condemnation, even tiny, to prevent the destruction of the file, so that Belgium preserves the evidence likely to identify other victims, if not of "Mr. T.", in any case of "Marzolo-Marizola".

Marcel Vervloesem and Pascal Taveirne will be judged at 13 days distance, one on February 6, the other on February 19. The Werkgroep Morkhoven studies the possibility to claim charges on Taveirne and appeal any judgment that would be bellow the minimum envisaged by the law, to make sure that a correct instruction was brought to the Zandvoort part and that justice did not "forget" other victims and criminals.

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ReadWe are advised that the cabal page has been hacked. Should it still be the case, please find the translation HERE, then acces the video directly on youtube to see what the journalist of the repport called "the world press", who is interviewing Marcel Vervloesem, when he brought the Zandvoort file to justice. http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=2PajOlfeLLY.


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