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Most eminent eyes directed on the underpants of the French magistrate

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 1er août 2009

An internal report of the ministry for the Belgian justice, which qualifies Marcel Vervloesem of "Paedophile Hunter", ensures that he cannot be granted a penitentiary leave or an electronic bracelet, because he would repeat in his research on paedopornography and have contact with the press. The risk of repetition would be increased by the NGOs that expose the network who marketed the 88.539 photographs that Marcel Vervloesem brought to the justice, of which that of a high-ranking French magistrate, identified by biometrics, underpants-less, with a 11 year old boy.

The penitentiary policy would provide that any prisoner in final stage is released only three days before his death, and that if he is brought to commit suicide, it is his own choice, without any decision of the European Court of the human rights being able to release him, according to this report. Approximately 9 prisoners die in these conditions every year, has recently explained ministry for justice, before adding that it did not to keep the account as of those who were alive, but supposed that all were dead.

The ministry would thus have envisaged that no court would grant the "Paedophile Hunter" any penitentiary leave, what the Implementation of the Sentence Court has just justified, due to an Internet site that "criticises justice". If this is true, the Court of Cassation should declare legal what the Council of State judged illegal: the sanction of a prisoner for publications of which he is not the author, and on which he does not have any control.


The miraculous survival of the "Paedophile Hunter" to the tortures inflicted, by ministerial refusal to grant him essential health care, has attracted the curiousity of the most eminent people of the scientific and religious communities, who rushes to see the website.

During these sole last two weeks, the www.droitfondamental.eu got the visits of the universities of Georgia, in Nebraska; of Corvallis, in Oregon; of Kaplan, in California and of Wisconsin. The Corinthian College of Santa Ana, in California; the Wake County Public Schools, in North Carolina and the health department of Florida. The hospital St Luke's Roosevelt and the Iona College of New York, in the United-States of America. The Universities of Queensland, in Australia; of Laval and of Sherbrooke, in Canada.

The pontifical faculty of sciences of education; the Congregation of the Sisters Devoted disciples of the Divine Master, the universities of Rome, of Genes, Verona and the GARR consortium, (interconnection of more than 250 universities, laboratories, libraries, observatories and other establishments of research), in Italy. The universities of Amsterdam, of Utrecht and of Tilburg, as well as the academic hospital of Utrecht and the Medisch Spectrum Twente, Overijssel, in Holland. The university hospital of Nice; the School of the High Studies and Social Sciences (EHESS), the National university of Paris and the Chester College of Higher Education, in England.

The universities of Teheran, in Iran and of Zayed, in the United Arab Emirates. The Sain’s university, in Malaysia and the Liberec University in Czech Republic. The Lanka Education and the Research Network, in Sri Lanka; Aware Limited Corporation, in Thailand, etc

Ironically, even the United States Army Information Systems Command of Pennsylvania and Missouri (USAISC), the Belgian Armed forces and the Kremlin came to see, possibly because France has locked the magistrate underpants in its "Secret Defence" files! There is no chance that the American and the Russian armies invade Europe for these underpants, but the European Parliament will discuss in September, of the systematic violation of the fundamental provisions of the international law in the legal instruction of this dossier. We thus also had the visits of the President of the Italian Council of Ministers, of the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies, as well as the French ministries of the foreign affairs; of the Economy, of the Finances, of the Employment; of the health and of the social affairs.

The incredible violence inflicted to the "paedophile Hunter" in prison, finally managed to direct the eyes of the most eminent people, on the underpants of the French magistrate. Let us hope that the Court of Cassation will not issue, in the name of the King of the Belgians that it acts of a disgusting website, aimed at a public of pigs, of which it is legally admissible to protect the prisoners.




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