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Promenade tchétchène au Parc Royal Chechen promenade at the Royal Park
Passeggiata cecena al Parco Reale di Bruxelles Een Tsjetsjeens uitje naar het Parc Royal in Brussel

Chechen promenade at the Brussel's Royal Park

Jacqueline de Croÿ, le 16 avril 2011

Last Tuesday, helicopters streaked the city skies. Police cars, sirens wailing, hailed the passage of dozens of police vans. Some parked in front of the courthouse, others in front of parliament, so as to surround the Royal Palace without disturbing the Royal luncheon.

The Chechen community gathered from all over the country to deliver a letter to advise His Majesty of the persecutions of one of their heroes to the Royal post-box. They concluded the note saying: We salute the His Majesty, the King of the Belgians and will be infinitely grateful to him, if He accepts us as servents, as He does of the Belgian people. Moreover we will leave Belgium if He asks us to, provided He allows Commander Arbi Zarmaev, in whatever health condition he may have, to leave with us.

A coalition of psychopaths who holding power in Belgium and blocking the formation of the new government is provoking riots. They wish to justify the construction of "special prisons for Muslim extremists". They wish to calm down the guards who are shocked that their colleagues receive a premium to drug detainees by force within the "special sections of personal safety", as it is done in Russian prisons to drive them to suicide.

Commander Arbi Zarmaev is one of these Chechen war hero, who is drugged by force and tortured in solitary refined by scientists to torment him mentally. He maintains his sanity through prayer. He is held in detention even though the European Court of Human Rights has suspended his extradition in a planed exchange against Belgians in Russia.

His parents came with their relatives to the Royal Park, opposite the Palace, in advance of the appointment. When the father saw the number of police vans, he asked that the support groups be advised by mobile telephone to stay behind the security perimeter, because he did not want that others be tortured in the Belgian prisons as his son is.

The Anti-Terrorism Brigade came with 18 heavily armed policemen. It was not the troublemaker unit in combat gear, which had surrounded and jostled them and stolen our banner three weeks earlier at the European Parliament. They ordered the Chechens to disperse or be arrested and detained for 12 hours which evoked laughter. One reported that the repression builds each year.

We dispersed in small groups in the park to eat iced creams with the sons of Commander Arbi Zarmaev at my invitation. We were waiting for what was deemed "dangerous terrorist of information" from Jan Boeykens, the president of the NGO Morkhoven. He was bringing a new banner "Free Arbi Alive". The recidivist launched the "photo code", strictly prohibited in Belgium, when it comes to exposing the abuses of the psychopath Ministers.

Catholic "terrorists" unrolled the "bomb", just long enough to take three photographs and roll it back, which takes roughly 15 seconds. Three police officers had framed us before the end of the operation. The fifteen other officers followed: "You will have to answer of your inconsistency," I was informed by a gendarmette. They again claimed to be entitled to steal our banner... under the pretext of Anti-Terrorism. "No way', answered Jan, who "hit and run", on the grounds that banners are not yet classed as prohibited weapons. One of the police officers started to run after him, until another stopped him, shouting to drop it.

I asked about the law that prohibited people from taking photographs in a public park in front of the Royal Palace, which raised a great embarrassment. All police officers looked at each other saying "uh" "uh" when the gendarmette exclaimed: - "It's in the police regulations... number, uh, uh...." I pointed out that they did not even know what we were doing there. It turns out that alienation of the Bylaw number "uh, uh" is to answer the questions whose answers end with "uh, uh" with absurdities.

- You have no right to make a request to the King without authorization and moreover he is not even there.
- Yes he is there, because the Belgian flag flies over the Palace. We are simply posting a letter in his post box, where they say they will leave Belgium, at his request, if they can not live here in safety.

I saw horror on the faces of the police officers, perhaps because they thought they had to repress terrorists, while they were repressing the survivors of genocide who was offering to leave our country to escape persecution. Then, perhaps because the truth is too painful to accept, the gendarmette shouted: -

- This is not true. We are in a state of law which is governed by laws.
- No. We are in a dictatorship where ministers dictate the murder of people by mocking the laws, I answered.
- This is not true. Disperse: there are women, children and babies. You never know what could happen, she said, as if the antiterrorist squad was only allowed to attack men, but not their wives and babies.
- Do you blame me for having offered ice creams to these children at the Royal Park, I asked.
- I want a strawberry ice cream, said the chief.
- Bribery of public servant?
- I will pay my ice-cream myself. You go too far: "IDENTITY CARD", he shouted.

Ironically, Her Most Serene Highness was the only one that had the honour of being subjected to an identity check. The Chief Inspector commanding the anti-terrorist squad in Brussels arrived and he gave me his card. This card is a material evidence that Annemie Turtelboom, the minister of home affairs, has agreed with Stefaan De Clerck, the minister of justice, to provoke violence and then pretend to suppress it.

The Chechens will not yield to provocations, I explained. It is their discipline that makes them exceptional soldiers. They prefer death rather than allowing a slightest of their movement may be used as a pretext for legalizing the torture centres. The Koran requires treating prisoners properly and thereby justifies their position..

The Council Chamber decided to release the Commander Zarmaev on Friday. Following that decision, Jürgen Van Poeck, the prison director, advised his family that on the contrary that he was to be held for ten days in solitary confinement with a ban on the visiting rights from his brother. None of the Chechen will answer the provocation. Commander Arbi Zarmaev will shortly be filing a complaint at The Hague to judge of the tortures inflicted to Chechen officers in the Belgian prisons. His family will follow the complaint and others will certainly join the procedure. The commander himself has been subject of surgical mutilation.

Catholic Terrorism in Belgium
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