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Magic pills of the Minister De Clerck

Jeudi 9 Mars 2009 - Jacqueline de Croÿ

Stefaan De Clerck, the Belgian Christian Democrat Minister of Justice, has appointed Wim Distelmans, president of the euthanasia commission, to judge of the opportunity to grant Marcel Vervloesem a pill, to cause him a deadly heart attack. As soon as the news arrived in the prison, Doctor Proot replaced twelve of the daily medications which doctors have been prescribing him for ten years by a single mysterious pill. It would cover the therapeutic virtues to relieve of cancers, leukaemia, dysfunctions of the kidneys, of the pancreas and more recently of an insulin pump, but not of the ASPRO for the heart, or the LIPITOR for the cholesterol. When the sugar rate of his blood rises too much, the nurse tells him that he must eat less.

The Professor Distelmans still has not answered to a protest which was addressed to him on November 23, on the operations to push a prisoner to suicide, by depriving him of the health care to relieve him of his deadly diseases. Marcel Vervloesem cannot live more than ten days without his medicines, according to a doctor of the euthanasia commission. His revalidation treatments after last months’ open heart operation have been suspended for the Easter holidays. We have to go to the prison to know if he is in hospital, because the Ministry of Death does not advise the family, when it plays with the life of a political prisoner.

Belgium ensured Marcel Vervloesem a lawsuit at the Soviet fashion, with the theft of 42 parts from his file, of which the proof of a crime against humanity, with the photographs of 90.000 children victims. Gina Bernard-Pardaens said to the light of what she had learned of the dossier: "Either they murder me, or Belgium explodes". She was murdered and Belgium ensured that the file was empty. It was the turn of Marcel Vervloesem, but not a killer agreed to execute him. Belgian justice takes care of it. The European authorities, supposed to guarantee the respect of the human rights, turn out to be very effective to blame the USA, the USSR and China, but not to protect Europeans.

Dr Luc ProotMinistre DeclerckMinister De Clerck took four months to answer the mail of his political prisoner, two letters on the same day, on March 25. He bases his opinion, ironically on the reports of the prison doctors who have maintained Marcel Vervloesem a foot in the grave during these last seven months. It seems they praise the quality their medical treatment, which is directly responsible for the destruction of 40% of his kidneys, the damage on four cardiac valves, gangrene, two haemorrhages, of which an internal one, multiple diabetic comas, two suicide attempts and two requests for euthanasia. His medication where taken away on March 27.

Nine doctors had testified for the justice department that Marcel Vervloesem could not survive the prison. He was treated at home and had not spent one night in a hospital during the 17 months which preceded his imprisonment. The judges, who are not qualified to oppose doctors, decided of an imprisonment, which provoked five hospitalizations in emergency (and in secret from his family) between October 8 and December 1, 2008. He spent 170 days out 214 days in the prison of Bruges for medical reason and 23 days in intensive care for 6 surgical operations under general anaesthesias. The terms and conditions of the prison's medical section deprived him of open air walks for 109 days, of which 32 days without being able to open the window.

To all the doctors of hospital St John

Please don't let Marcel Vervloesem die without the confort of his family and friends. Please call us as soon as he arrives, even in the middle of the night.

Tél.: 02 537 49 97.

Everything is negotiated in prison, including health care. Dr. Proot negotiated the return of Marcel Vervloesem to the prison without infirmary of Turnhout, following 35 daysin the medical section, out of 40 days of imprisonment. He negotiated a suicide against a cardiac catheterization. He then negotiated his leave from the medical section after 63 days without right to open air walks, with the promise an individual cell. He had again negotiated the two open-heart surgeries. He has even asked the withdrawal from Internet by his collaborators, of an article which raised question about the non-right zones of the university hospital St John of Bruges.

The Minister doubts that Marcel Vervloesem will take the pill offered to cause the stop of his heart beat, since he accepted the negotiations, rather than committing suicide on the spot. The prison warders have instruction to watch Marcel Vervloesem closely, under pretext of suicide danger. In truth, he protests against a simulation of medical and administrative mistakes which deprives him of his medication. He asks the Minister De Clerck to take his responsibility, without disguising his murder into a false suicide. He reminds him that he has been waiting since November 17, 2008, for the Commission of Euthanasia to fulfil its mission of proposing the health care which could enable him to stand the sufferings inherent to his final diseases without having to put an end to his life.

The day Marcel Vervloesem die, Mr De Clerck, you will the first of his assassins, since the last to have refused to save his life. The only thing that was missing in Europe, was the Commission of Euthanasia offering a pill in view to stop a heart of a political prisoner, a heart which for 21 years, only beats to ask justice to the 90.000 children victims of a crime against humanity.

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