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Murder of a Flemish hero: D day -2

VIDEO ONLINE: VIDEO ONLINE: Marcel Vervloesem explains the only hope of justice for Belgian people fighting mafia is the European Court of Human Rights. He describes the treatment that authorities emposes them, which explains why he has not a chance to leave prison alive. At the time this video was taken, he was unaware that he had been hidden a cancer, 3 1/2 years earlier, when he was a prisonner. (Dutch/French)

Marcel Vervloesem, who is at the origin of all the European laws to protect children from pornography after he exposed the Zandvoort file in 1998, will be imprisoned on this September 5, 2008, for crimes which medicine recognizes he is physically unable to carry out. His real "crime", is to have discovered that personalities and politicians were covering-up the integration of children into the porn industry.

He will begin a hunger and thirst strike in prison, to open the eyes of those who close them on corruption, such as defined by law: The achievement by people who exert a public office of unjust acts at the time of the performance of their duty or the abstention to perform acts that belong to the order of their duties.

The thirst strike kills in a week's time. The tongue dries, swallows, becomes as wood and coma turns-up within a few days. Marcel Vervloesem has already started to abstain from taking salt, so to prevent any retention of water likely to drag along his agony.

He has been wrongly imprisoned several times since he is following the Zandvoort network, of which the last time in 2005. Cardiac, diabetic depending on insulin, he has been kept unaware of a cancer and deprived of medical care. He had developed two metastasis, operated but never canalised by chemotherapy. Ironically, the Order of the Doctors has answered that it does not judge the cases dependent of justice, so as to reveal that the defect of health care was a decision of the justice department, and not of doctors!

Marcel Vervloesem will be imprisoned, whereas his health condition due to the lack of medical treatment in prison, allows at most, a domiciliary arrest. The penitentiary centres are intended for penitence, and not to ensure personalities that those who expose them cannot leave them alive. He will not runaway and will not commit suicide comfortably at home. Belgian administrations will have to face their responsibilities in death of one of the rare Flemish heroes.

The European tribunal of Human Rights has called his lawyer to advise him the case will be dealt in absolute emergency. Within the 20 years that Marcel Vervloesem has followed the Zandvoort network, it acts of the only authority that has reacted normally vis-à-vis the behaviour of Belgian justice. But he will be dead, unless the judgment can be done within the week.

It is not the accusations against the convicted man that embarrasses, but the personality of those he has shown, evidences in hand. Indeed, the Human Right league had no difficulty to offer its lawyer to a paedophile blamed in the French branch "Zandvoort-Coral" to plead a risk of miscarriage of justice in 2004, but has refused to assist Marcel Vervloesem in 2005, saying it was "against hunger strikes". Corruption is a word that is only wispered, except in Italy, where judges gave their lives.

A petition requests a board of inquiry on the achievement by people who exert a public office of unjust acts at the time of the performance of their duty or the abstention to perform acts that belong to the order of their duties in Belgium. It is severely hacked, but will be maintained post-mortem.

Correctly carried out, it should remind Nuremberg, where each tempted to report its responsibility on an other. But the system is so corrupted that there is little chance of fair sentences.

TV repports of the RTBF on the "burst bubble" of Prosecutor Tack, and the Belgian experts views on:

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