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Conditions de détentions inhumaines ont changé Kim De Gelder
Kim De Gelder prend la place de Marcel Vervloesem, qui est envoyé au block 35

Inhumane detention conditions have changed Kim De Gelder

Jacqueline de Croÿ - Jeudi 27 juin 2010

The lawyer of Kim De Gelder asked an inquiry on the "medical treatment" inflicted to his client, saying he has changed mentally and physically since his detention. Kim De Gelder was arrested on 23 January 2009 for having stabbed twelve babies, three women, killing two 9-months old boys, a 54-years old child minder. He has also admitted the murder of a 73-years farmer's wife six days earlier. Statistics are showing that 100% of serial killers have been the victims of serious violence during childhood without that their abusers having had to answer for their crimes.

Kim De Gelder was submitted to prison conditions reserved to those whom the Belgian state wishes to permanently silence by inciting them to suicide, or driving them mad. If the Justice department manages to kill him before his prosecution, no one will know why a 20-years-old boy described as being always nice and always friendly, very intelligent, solitary, secretive, shy, immature eccentric and who someone who "never dared react", became a serial killer.

Kim De Gelder has been wounded during his arrest. He was brought to hospital, where he began a hunger and thirst strike, which normally kills within three days. He was incarcerated in the prison of Bruges to prevent him from revealing to a nurse, what has led to such abominations. The Ministry of Justice has emptied the section of the infirmary reserved for prisoners sentenced to death by lack of adequate treatment, the time he decided to live to answer of his crimes in a public trial.

Kim De Gelder was transferred to the Guantanamo block, which is normally reserved for inmates with extreme and persistent behavioural problems, who attack the staff and / or the inmates. The guards of the Guantanamo block are paid an extra 100 euros per month for the daily rape of the prisoners by the intromission of a finger in the anus. The "special sanction" provides an isolation 23 hours on 24, with one hour of walking in an open air cage, hands and feet shackled, for a period limited by the regulation to 6 months.

This regime, intended to reduce the troublemakers into the form of vegetables, was clearly not suitable for a boy "always nice and always friendly," alleged to have made terrible crimes as a reaction to a denial of justice. Kim De Gelder has had only three months of respite in an isolation regime in the prison Oudenaerde. He was brought back to Guantanamo block of Bruges, "for reasons of safety and psychiatric support", as if there were no security, or psychiatrist in Oudernaerde.

This 21-years-old boy, who is sentenced in advance to a life-time isolation regime, is thus invited to put an end to his days, by lack of chance of ever having human conditions of detention.


Fondation Princesses de Croÿ et Massimo Lancellotti - 10 Rue Faider - 1060 Bruxelles - Belgique - Droit de réponse:

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