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Kim De Gelder
Conditions de détentions inhumaines ont changé Kim De Gelder
Kim De Gelder prend la place de Marcel Vervloesem, qui est envoyé au block 35

Kim De Gelder takes the place of Marcel Vervloesem, who is sent to block 35.

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 29-01-2009 - updated 27-06-2010

Marcel Vervloesem, the Belgian political prisoner who miraculously survived a hunger and thirst strike to expose the false miscarriages denying justice to victims of paedophile networks, was transferred to the block 35.

The infirmary of the Bruges prison was reserved to Kim De Gelder, a 20 years-old boy who had just stabbed to death two babies and a woman, wounded ten other babies and two women in a crèche and immediately started a hunger and thirst strike. The coincidence is far more disconcerting, knowing that 100% of serial killers have been objects of abuses at various degrees during their childhood, without that any the authors of these abuses were ever punished for these crimes, according to the statistics.

Marcel, national hero of the fight of paedocriminal networks when Kim was 10, had just been sanctioned because his NGO had refused to censure its Internet sites. The Justice department, by the voice of the prison directors, demanded the eradication of a public inquiry on the health care policy of Dr. Van Mol and the term "attempt at murder", in reference to a ban on dialysis treatment for his cancer and a double open heart surgery to push him to suicide. Marcel was advised on January 22 that he would pass in a disciplinary commission the following day. The sanction consisted in banning him from his friends the right of visits during one month, so as to prevent they may convince him to give up suicide. He is also condemned to leave all his outgoing mails open... obviously so that the experts may officially analyze his state of mind vis-à-vis death. He is also forbidden of going to mass. I carry on the fight, he wrote. You will read and hear me again on February 23, 2009, if I am still alive.

Kim De GelderAt the time when the sanction fell, on that same February 23, Kim reproduced the scenario of a film snuff in a crèche, his face made up as the clown "Joker" in the "Batman" film, silently, during a quarter of an hour. He left as he arrived, on the most remarkable bicycle of the region, because he had attached a trailer to it. He was wearing a bullet-proof waistcoat. He drove towards a supermarket and carried on until the police force arrested him.

The police officers hit him off his bicycle, plated him on the belly and took off his trousers, which they folded back on his thighs, tells a witness. He was wounded at the time of the arrest and taken along to hospital. He has started a hunger and thirst strike. He was sent to the medical Centre of the Bruges prison on February 28. Marcel was sent to block 35, in a strict isolation regime, clearly to avoid they may meet. The prison of Bruges provides inhumane detention conditions to the witness the shortcomings of the state to permanently silence them by driving them to suicide or to madness.

The fellow-prisoners of Marcel managed to convince him to live, therefore to reconnect his insulin pump and take back the 14 pills which must maintain him alive. The Department of Justice took the opportunity to deny him his medications for 4 days in order to kill him, but he again survived miraculously, as he had survived five months of such treatment.

Kim De Gelder, who was given the first name of a girl, is the oldest son a bourgeois family, who might well have canalised his murderous pulses, until he decided to live alone, three months ago. Prosecutor Dufour, famous for having persecuted Marcel when his NGO was exposing the Temse paedocriminal network, has insisted for several days that he has no criminal or psychiatric record. The inquiry showed an always nice and always pleasant boy, very intelligent, who had several times the best notes of his class and is particularly gifted in mathematics. His former classmates say he was solitary, secret, timid, immature and eccentric. They nicknamed him Satan because he was always dressed in black and had long hair dyed in black. He "never dared to react", they say. He had, two days before Christmas, resigned from his employment, by solidarity for one of his colleagues, who had been fired. His boss said that his insistence to want to remain correct in the modalities of his departure, made his resignation incomprehensible.

Kim De Gelder is also accused of the murder on January 16, of Elza Van Raemdonck, 73-years-old farmer, six days before the massacre of the babies. He denies this murder, possibly to focus the attention on the summit of horror. However, he reminds of a young American serial killer, who explained having strangled two students, to see whether it was easy to kill, before he attacked his real objective: his mother that he did not want to miss, for having offered him to a paedo-satanic sect.

The young man had noted three crèches and chose the one named Fable land (Fabeltjesland), which reminds the paedocriminal network "Wonderland", related to the Zandvoort file, main dossier exposed by Marcel. The "Wonderland" network has the particularity to have been discovered in 2002 with a film where Pascal Taveirne, a man of Bruges, raped his daughters. The Belgian justice had refused to arrest Taveirne before 2006, only after having condemned Marcel for having possessed the Zandvoort file, with a "judicial truth" claiming the dossier was empty.

The horrendous massacre reminds of two Dutch paedophile cases inquired by Marcel, but closed by the Dutch justice, who had concluded that they acted of hoaxes. One occurred in Oude Pekela, a village where children reproached the sexual abuses of men with faces hidden by masks of clowns, as Kim De Gelde hid his face under the make-up of "Joker", a sinister clown.

Get your claws off Marcel Vervloesem. He is our hero. The victims.The other occurred in the villages of Oirsbeek and Amstenrade. The school organized trips in Germany, where without the knowledge of the parents, the pupils had to "act" in snuff movies. They are now all around 20, like Kim De Gelder. They say that the children who where murdered during these films, spoke neither German, nor Dutch, obviously "imported" for the filming. They talk of blood streams. They made a protest, when Marcel was on a hunger and thirst strike, with streamers addressed at Belgian justice: "Get your claws off Marcel Vervloesem. He is our hero" and they signed it "The victims". They were going mad to see that the ministry of justice had opposed to the hospitalisation of Marcel, said a mother. The dates of the murders coincides with the lost of hope he may survive, without reaction of the press.

The prisoners employed to clean cannot no more enter in the medical section, to prevent any attempted murder of Kim, according to the official version. The cleaner, tiny and skinny who rushes around with a bucket and mops, would not stand a chance to steal the keys from the warden, who is twice his size, to assassinate Kim in his isolation cell. The Department of Justice has simply sentenced Kim to a prohibition on disclosing to anyone the reasons for his moment of madness, before being able to answer he's crazy.

Among the elements that lean assume an abomination aiming at exposing other abominations is the inventions and contradictions of the Belgian press, as soon as the first choc passed. The violent arrest is replaced by a scene of cinema where Kim De Gelder smiles at the request of a police officer to put his rucksack on the ground. His hunger and thirst strike is explained by a suicidal tendency, which does not explain why he would commit suicide with a bullet-proof waistcoat. The non-existent psychiatric past suddenly appeared, in the form of three months psychotherapy and psychiatrists who would have disputed his internment. If Kim was abused child without getting the help he was entitled to receive, the Department of Justice shall be guilty of having held the murder weapon.

The Foundation princesses of Croÿ and Massimo Lancellotti and all their partners organizations, are united in the pain of the families and present them their most moved condolences.


Fondation Princesses de Croÿ et Massimo Lancellotti - 10 Rue Faider - 1060 Bruxelles - Belgique - Droit de réponse:

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