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Foundation Princess of Croÿ for the fight of paedophile networks

Bruxelles, 21 décembre 2009

BRUSSELS 2001. The Anglo French Kindergarten, a small international school in the capital of Europe, saw within 6 months, eight of its pupils, all African or of African origins, who had fallen into the clutches of a criminal network, which implemented their kidnapping. At least 18 countries were involved. The Princess Jacqueline de Croÿ, director and founder of the school, discovered at her greatest surprise, the immobility of the Belgian authorities, despite the tortures of children established by five medical certificates. The case also involved the parishioner of a church who was trafficking children between Brussels and London, with the passport of her own children. Six little Nigerian princes were rescued, but not two little Australian girls of African origin, Lauren and Vanessa, inscribed at the school by a "hotel hostess" who claimed to be their mother, but did not speak their mother tongue.

At the same time, Scotland Yard was working on a network of 300 churches, which perform sacrifices of African children. It later on appeared that the African gang leader in Brussels was in contact with Nihoul, convicted as the leader of the criminal conspiracy of the Dutroux network. Nihoul was also involved in the production of pornographic and sadomasochistic films, which also included the murder of children.

The failure of justice finds its sources in a corruption, inconceivable at the time. No one imagined the censorship of the Belgian press, or the fact corruption reached the highest levels of Europe. This corruption has its origins in embarrassing photographs of personalities, among which in the bedrooms of the luxury hotels of Sun Myung Moon, the Korean sexual predator and founder of the sect that bears his name and who has in the meantime proclaimed himself "Messiah" in the U.S. Senate.

The Princess de Croÿ closed her kindergarten in 2002 to make way for the foundation that now bears her name and that of her cousins Massimo Lancellotti, to consolidate various projects in the areas of education, protection of children and the fight against paedocriminal networks. She consulted in 2003, the Werkgroep Morkhoven, a group of Flemish activists, famous for having dismantled the paedocriminal networks Temse, Madeira and Zandvoort. The press was giving the impression they were dissolved by scandals, which in reality had been created from scratch.

The foundation has started to create and disseminate a series of articles about the incredible discoveries of Marcel Vervloesem, after he had access to the judicial dossiers of the authors of a false complaint against him, at the time of an arbitrary detention. Soon after the first meeting, another false complaint, but from the Belgian secret services, was filed to the hosting company of the foundation's website, which has been eradicated, without notice, taking its toll fifty reports with supporting evidence.

The Foundation and the Werkgroep are fighting for the right to information on the means used to destroy the victims and witnesses of organized crime by false miscarriages of justices. The discovery of the "Swiss trap" laid for the French victims of the Zandvoort network, all of which have been incarcerated in the absence of 80,000 evidences of their dossier, as a way to free the child porn producers and their wealthy clients, gave place to a new illegal detention of Marcel Vervloesem.

But as every time the government tries to silence the NGOs by an unlawful incarceration of Marcel Vervloesem, he discovered another crime against humanity: a prison system of "economic recovery" through the work of prisoners by allocating them only a few cents an hour and saving on their health care, which kills people every day. These crimes, may the be committed in the field of the sexual exploitation of children, of massive swindling or of serial murders of prisoners for economical reasons, are covered by international organisations of Human Right control, which do not claim to perform the tasks in the order of their homework.

Click & send a mail to subscribeWhen Belgian justice took Marcel Vervloesem as a hostage, it was to threat his life since September 5, 2008, by refusing him all essential medical treatment for his metastasized cancer and the sufficient supply of insulin to control his diabetes mellitus, as well as to inflict him sanctions that are officially motivated by the publications of NGOs, but of which he is not the author. Marcel Vervloesem was diagnosed as a "living miracle". Universities around the world consider him as a case of exceptional survival.

The foundation has initiated DROIT FONDAMENTAL (fundamental rights), a strong Internet press agency with tens of web-logs on human right issues around the world, emphasising the right of information, the freedom of expression and the inviolability of human dignity.

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