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Justice - Belgium - Decembre 2007

Dr Jekkil & Miss Laurette
Dr Jekill or Miss Laurette

List of children hostage and  institutionnal outrages in Belgium between 1987 and 2007

Incredible number of children taken as hostages by the Belgian authorities, who impose them situations of danger to their physical or emotional integrity; of people who denounce crimes upon children who become victims of succession of miscarriages of justice and of the criminals maintained free. The institutional outrage is a system dating from 1940-1945, has beed used in any case as from 1987 to destabilize the victims and close the dossiers on organised paedocriminality. This list is incomplete, since the information has long depended on the state's news service, which passes some under silence and disinforms on others. All the cases are checked on the basis of written evidence, before joining the list.

 In 1987, Brussels took the children of Alain Fauvage without justification, as he was discovering a series of murder of children.

- In 1988, ill-treatments in the psychiatric Institution "Good Engels" are denied, until Marcel Vervloesem from the NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven brings the proof that children broke arm and legs in  isolation cell.

- In 1992, Katrien De Cuyper is assassinated, after having passed by the studio  X-Kiss of child pornography in Antwerp. Fifteen years later, X-Kiss became a site of sexual exploitation children via web-cam and a  miscariage of justice imprisoned a man for 4 months.

-  In 1994, Antwerp will "suspect Tiny Mast of the disapearance of her children. Her daughter murdered close to the X-Kiss studio, was called "the little whore in her white coffin" in from of her and her son will never be found. 

- In 1995, Termonde will imprison Marcel Vervloesem during two weeks under the accusation of blackmail from the paedocriminals he had shown for the sexual exploitation children. It was the Temse/Madeira network with 340 victims. 

- 1996 was the year of all the exploits which will lead Julie and Melissa to death in the Dutroux dungeon, which was watched by the police force.

- In 1998, Regina Louf carries a formal complaint  against those who have exploited her whereas she was child. They were  partners in crime with Dutroux. She was said crazy, without obtaining lawsuit against the people whom she denounced.

-  In 2001, Bruges will deprive Pascal Taveirne's daughters of protection; whereas Interpol had communicated videos representing their father raped them.

- In 2002, Brussels will lock up little Nigerians princes on the basis of false testimony from the service of youth, after having tried to place them to the alleged sleeping partner of their disappearance into prostitution.

- In 2003, the Gohar case will show Brussels entrusting the custody of a child to his grandfather who had abused her, will lock her mother in psychiatry and her father-in-law in prison, for 7 months miscarriage of justice.

- In 2005, Turnhout will lock up in public institution the teenagers who had complained of sexual abuse Victor V. and will condemn these crimes, his brother they had called for help.  

- Namur will press the Warnotte parents not to call the press, to prevent "the tourists to run away". Their daughter had run away 80km from home in a hut they owned and she will come back 13 months later, without police intervention.

- In 2006, Liège will silence the mothers of Stacy and Nathalie, murdered by a paedo-criminal released of a psychiatric institute that allowed him to go to the brothel, the first by condemning her for child-abuse, the second by taking her other children away.

In 2007, Mons has put Fiona and Milla between the hands of the one they have shown of rapes. Their mother will be condemned for parental abduction, which Italy will recognise illegal, as there where no facts constitutive of parental abduction as recognised by the European Union.

Please do not hesitate to advise us of any other case of which you can bring documentary evidence (testimony, statement, article of press etc.)


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