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Policier Demoulin, poursuit une mère de victime de Dutroux pour diffamationCarine RussoCarine Russo leaves the Senate; life of Marcel Vervloesem again threatened

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 12 septembre 2009

At the minute Carine Russo leaves the Senate, 1 million pages relating to her disappeared 24 hours from GOOGLE and the Ministry of Justice asked the deportation of Marcel Vervloesem in the extermination centre of Bruges.

Carine Russo is the mother of Melissa, starved to death in the cellar of Marc Dutroux who operated for the paedocriminal network Zandvoort. Carine Russo was prosecuted for having exposed Michel Demoulin, a head of the investigation that did not make manage to find her daughter alive, in the terms "extort", "falsify and direct", which Judge Ancion had qualified "extremely serious". The investigator, promoted with a higher rank in the federal police, complained of having had "his life broken".

Co-opted senator after having obtained 57.747 votes on the list ecologist, Carine Russo quickly lost her illusions on the political power. "Often, in plenary session, I asked myself the question: 'But what am I doing there?'. I have the feeling to attend a play role, a scene setting", she said. Carine Russo gave up her mandate this September 11, 2009, saying: "I only have taste for what is useful, not for power". Belgium is indeed a centre of the sexual exploitation children, held by a totalitarian legal apparatus, which only Europe has the capacity to rectify.

The ministry of justice reproaches the NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven of having exposed the industry of photographs of crimes on children with the Zandvoort file, in which Marcel Vervloesem found the assassin of little Melissa. Spokesperson of ONG, Marcel Vervloesem was condemned for crimes which the doctors recognized him unable to carry out, with a sentence to which they have estimated that he could not survive. That was enabling the ministry to close the file of the 88.539 victims of the Zandvoort network, separately from the Dutroux file.

Belgium covers its death sentences by a unique prison system in Europe, which grants to the administration the right to oppose doctors’ orders. The sick prisoners can be released only by administrative decision, when their agony appears irreversible: three days before their death. They depend on an internal regulation, which is governed by no other law than the arbitrary of the civil servants.

The ministry has imposed on Marcel Vervloesem to be chained 591 hours, a foot shackled on operating tables, intensive care or to an artificial kidney, but persists in refusing him the treatment of his cancer for one year. This was not included in the sentence. The hidden death penalty became clear when, prisoner, he was subjected to a dehydration regime (only 4 cups of boiling water to drink per day), followed by an opposition to surgical operations to treat his kidneys, until his heart and his blood were seriously damaged.

The ministry favours the blazing university hospital St John of Bruges, from which the non right zone reserved to the prisoners seems more of a surgical slaughter-house. Their doctors sent back Marcel Vervloesem, who is diabetic dependent on insulin, the very same day of a catheterization, with an open femoral vein, in the cell of a psychiatric patient who was spreading his excrements everywhere. The ministry then imposed the execution of the two open-heart operations recommended by the doctors, in only one operation. He was sent back to disciplinary district, as soon as the signs of agony disappeared, 10 days after the intervention.

The catheterization had then just helped to ensure him a gangrene, which leaves him a hole where the catheter was inserted, in which he can hide half of his fist. The ministry only granted him "more human detention conditions" at the prison of Turnhout, when a French media had shortly broken the censure, but not long enough to save his life.

Nadia Goosens

On the left: Nadia Goossens, member of the Superior council of Justice and Application of Sentence Judge, who prolonged Marcel Vervloesem' sentence and refused him penitentiary vacation beyond the date he is releasable.

On the right: Geert Vervaeke, President of the Dutch speaking opinion and enquiry commission of the Superior council of Justice, who recognized two faults of procedure in the judgment of Marcel Vervloesem

Judge Nadia Goossens, member of the Superior council of Justice, could thus condemn the embarrassing witness to remain in prison beyond the time required by law, whereas Geert Vervaeke, President of the Dutch-speaking commission of opinion and investigation of the same Council, recognized the initial sentence sullied with two faults of procedure.

The ministry currently found the need for a new catheterization at the hospital St John of Bruges, which implies to shackle a cardiac patient for a 12 hour return ticket in a travelling cage, for an examination normally made in one day, at a hospital located at 5 minutes away from the place of detention. He has no guarantee to be brought back to Turnhout, since the administration always give promises to get an agreement, then find excuses to retract it.

Marcel Vervloesem is sentenced to death and prefers to die in the prison of Turnhout, where the doctor does all he can to relieve him, rather than in the death camp of Bruges, where there are only a few guards who are human. He will have to go to the Council of State, Court of the administrative decisions, to ask by what right the administration can oppose to the decisions which the international laws only grant to the doctors. It is the only distraction of people sentenced to death in Belgium. It will not save his life, but it will help to understand the Belgian democracy.

The heaviest of prison when being unaware of if you will be alive the following day, says Marcel Vervloesem, is to be deprived of the comfort from the family and friends, confined in a cell, which enables two prisoners to turn in round on only 81 flagstones, that is to say 1.35m² each.

Nobody can explain how he survived; if not that he finds his strength for our 88.539 victims. "My pain is unimportant beside that of these thousands of children, for whom a tiny improvement or a tiny advance means an enormous lot", he says. "These children have the right to be helped and heard. It is independent of the destiny which awaits us in our fight for them and we must set ourselves on the side, if it is needed. There are no bars, no chains, and no prison walls which will prevent me from keeping my conscience".

The bureaucratic management of doctor's orders of these ten last years contributed to one of the highest suicide rate in Europe, between 21 and 37 times higher than that in the American prisons. The data of the ministry reveals that every year, following an administrative decision, an average of 9 people are sent back to their family in a state of agony, only three days before they die. This number of death represents 6 times the suicide rate in the American prisons.

The international NGO refuse to support us, alleging they can act only on the "global situations" and not "individual cases". This leaves us only the solution to kindly ask from all the academics who read us, to explain to those who have the capacity of intervening, the legal and ethical heresy of an internal regulation, which manages the death of prisoners, per administrative decision.

Please help us to stop mass murders that are repeated every year on people who have no body to help them or listen to them.

Herman Van Rompuy, Prime-minister
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1000 Bruxelles - Belgium

Stefaan De Clerck, Minister of Justice
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