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Why seven years silence ?

20.01.2019.  My last article was published on this website on 7 January 2012. I had closed my school ten years earlier, after an officer from the Human Trafficking department of the Belgian federal police threatened me that I would «lose my school» if I did not take distance with six of my pupils who where framed by a international gang of child traders. I chose to open a foundation to lift the censor of the information, because no-one had advised me to go and see Marcel Vervloesem, who had spent his life getting children out of the hands of child-traders. 

Seventeen cabals had paved Marcel’s paths, at the rhythm that his NGO filed complaints against what we thought was a pedophile network. I discovered we had attacked the blackmailer gang of the former KGB foreign-agents, when I discovered that the so-called « Soviet dissidents » who were heading the Paedophile Front, where also heading the Human Right organisations who accused the Russian government of the genocide in Chechnya. I found wiser to inquire silently ; to find out who are these people and what did they want.    

It took me seven years to find the evidences that the pedophile network was actually employed by the selfproclaimed «Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth», by accident, as I inquired on trillions of dollars stolen from the Russian treasury. Their only aim is to «undermine the ideological and economic foundations» of Russia by diverting any fund or weapon liable «to be used at any time by disgruntled generals to finance a coup and overthrow the President and the Government, as well as to pay large bribes to appoint their people to key government positions, contract killings, finance the shadow economy under their own cover».

The Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth is a genuine terrorist organisation formed by Generals of the Ministry of Soviet Interior and foreign agents of the KGB who refused to go home after the dissolution of their services following the dissolution of the Soviet geopolitical entity in 1991. They have huge means as they took over the worldwide infrastructure of the foreign Soviet intelligence, as well as its network of collaborators, which includes journalists and organized criminality.

They are those who stole the Ferraye patents worth hundred of billions of dollars, then blackmailed the entire French and Swiss administration to sabotage the judicial file. They used this money to finance the Chechen genocide. Some of their Russian generals sent their special intervention forces to commit horrendous war crimes, others where selling to the Chechen generals the weapons meant to be used against Russian soldiers.

They still use the same « intervention troops » to kidnap Chechens, not because they are « gay », but as a mean to request ransom. This is also the standard code of procedure to force people to exile with the help of international human trafficking organisations founded by former KGB agent under the cover of human right organisations. They first request payment to traffic their victims towards Europe. They then request money from the same victims to avoid a deportation back to Chechnya, which occurs to be requested under the basis of files forged by their own services.

They also provoke troubles in Syria and in Nigeria, then sold weapons to « rebels » or mercenaries. It is thus not Putin who support both Assad and the Islamic State, but Putin who support Assad and «Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth» who provide the weapons to the Islamic State.

They are also those who finance the social troubles, such as the «yellow vest» movement, everywhere they want a government in favor of the Soviet Commonwealth. This is how we can see ridiculous scenes filmed in Paris, such that of a man crying «we are hungry» and that of a women begging pity on her knees in front of flabbergasted police officers.

Why am I back today? I have finished with this inquiry. Belgium now has the best minister of justice in the world.

Further more, I love the Magnes Project. It is more fun and less dangerous!

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