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Project Magnes

21.01.2019 - Meeting with the Consortium of Scientists of the former Soviet Union who are literally make rain fall and sun shine with magnetite, appeared to me as a light in the midst of darkness. They cover the Sahara with meadows and rivers; they calm the sandstorms and they disintegrate the clouds of pollution. They increase agricultural production and the longevity of farm animals without chemicals, for free as from an insignificant investment. They purify polluted water by accelerating the natural process, for one-tenth of what we pay for the chemicals and filters that are currently used. They provide a solution to the worst dilemmas of society, but the information on their exploits is covered by censorship.

It is while inquiring to find who had an interest in stealing bread from the poor that I discovered the existence of the "Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth" whose official aim is "to undermine the ideological and economic foundations". This is how I discovered the name of the army of schizophrenics I have been fighting against since 2001.

As they had raided the Russian gold and diamond mines, as well as cargoes of oil, to finance all wars against Russia, President Yeltsin decided to entrust the Russian treasure to Western banks. His government instructed that the funds should be used as a guarantee to implement the scientific projects of their geniuses and develop trade between East and West.

The "Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth" concentrated their efforts on diverting the funds, accusing the Consortium of their crimes, according to the good old KGB code of procedure. They sent their army of scammers, who work under the cover of humanitarian project, with always the same « Dr Jekkil and Mr Hide » code of procedure. They are charming and efficient at first sight. Their true face only appears when they are caught stealing documents or setting-up traps that enables them to blackmail honest collaborators. They blocked Mr Yeltsin’s master plan by infiltrating all the humanitarian organizations.

Fortunately, KBC, a Belgian bank, who is known to favor the poorest and to whom the Consortium has entrusted part of the Russian treasure, appears to have resisted the attack!

I offered our geniuses to serve them as « Straw Princess’ (because I cannot be a straw-man) to promote their inventions in secret from the "Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth". In response, they asked me to implement a project in keeping with Mr. Yeltsin's motivations to give them funds, giving priority to set up an intercontinental center devoted to children in Brussels.

Russia is the land of my ancestors, who were there long before the arrival of the first Russians. It is therefore impossible for me to resist the temptation to re-establish the links we had before the cold war. I think I can bring back to the Russians at least two, if not three times the money entrusted to me.

The Magnes Project will attract tourists who will be looking for "Bed & Breakfast" services to see the resurrection of the castles and fortresses that we want to restore to make schools.

The Project Magnes will encourage people from Eastern Europe to come back home, first for an employment to rebuilt the castles and the Bed and Breakfast facilities which are to provide prosperity, then to benefit from assistance to implement magnetic agriculture and fish farming.

One of the priorities is to cover the deserts of Africa with meadows and rivers to stop famines. My foundation intends to implement that project with the help of the former pupils from my school who came from Africa. Most of them have also been attacked by the "Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth", so that it is difficult to trap them. Russia will gain by grateful partners, on a continent full of natural resources.

Self-portrait of Jacqueline de Croÿ


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