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Agitprop around the three stolen trillions

18.10.2018 - The Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth still uses its old-fashioned Agitprop codes of procedure issued by the former Soviet Agitation and Propaganda Department which, however advanced it may have been for 1917, now transform historical facts into an antisemitic vaudeville to explain where did the three trillion dollars they stole from the Russian treasury came, and how they disappeared.

In 1876, according to the Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth, Czar Alexander II would have asked Mr Rothschild to hide 47,800 tons of gold in Spain, just about 2,474 m3, yet in secret from his cousin, the King of Spain!

Czar Nicholas II, his grand-son, would have entrusted « the gold certificates » to Rasputin (1869-1916), though gold certificates are a French invention dating from the forties. Rasputin, hated for having convinced the Czarine that he could cure the hemophilia of her son, would have been « the most spiritual monk of the time ». He would have returned Nicolas II the « gold certificates » because he expected that an English spy would murder him to steal them!

Mr Rothschild would then have financed Trotsky and Lenin to murder the Czar, but he would have been double-crossed by Stalin, the son of a Georgian shoemaker who would have been a « secret cousin of the imperial family ». Stalin would even have hidden his imperial cousins for many years, in secret from all the historians… apparently while he was exterminating 21 million people!

« Z » with « 2184 people to undermine the ideological and economic foundations of the USSR » through 33 foundations to evade the funds…. from Russia, though the 2,474 m3 of gold are supposed to be hidden in Spain !?

A second version is historically more interesting, because it enumerates one by one all the high profile Russian personalities that the Soviet Commonwealth terrorists murdered to get hold of the three trillions without having to answer of it.

The hatred of Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth against Mr Rothschild arose in 2005, after he sabotaged the main French agitprop journal, « Libération », by buying the majority of its shares. Libération had been founded in 1973. It became famous for leading propaganda to transform pedophilia as a game, so as to enable the KGB foreignagents to photograph and blackmail as many idiots pervert as possible.

Mr Rothschild banned the pedophile promotion and transformed Libération into a decent journal. The Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth developed an amazing antisemitism ever since. They invented the « Illuminati », a satanic network, headed by Mr Rothschild, of course, to gather all the people who avoided the blackmail traps or harmed their propaganda machine.

However, it is interesting to note that the standard KGB-agitprop codes presume that the number of the Military-People of the Soviet Commonwealth officers, this is to say the terrorist who have a decisional power, would be around 2184 around the world. The standard code indeeds provides to give correct figures, but reverse the responsibilities.

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