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CD Zandvoort
Marcel Vervloesem at the Court of Cassation

Zandvoort file secretly closed in 1999 under the motive of "unknown culprits" and stolen CDs

The higher Council of Justice reveals that the Court of Antwerp has judged Marcel Vervloesem in 2008, for having possessed the compact discs of child pornography he has sent to the King of Belgium, though the Zandvoort file had been closed in 1999, due to UNKNOWN CULPRITS.

The victims were then crowned by the theft of 7 compact discs with the pictures of these crimes, which Marcel Vervloesem had, under the name of the Werkgroep Morkhoven, his organisation fighting child abuse, entrusted to the King.

A thorough investigation was started on 04.13.99 and the Court of Antwerp closed on 04.18.99. The King was obviously not advised of the number of victims, who are 90.081, according to Interpol. The normal weekly timetable in Belgium being 35 hours of work, the mathematical equation show that these children have been object of maximum 3 minute deep inquiry each, the dossiers closed at a speed of 187 an hour.

Deep investigation on 93.081 child abuse
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- = 3.13 min./victim
96 days : 7 X 35 hours

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Letter of the Higher Council of Justice N/07/0185/BDM/KDB - free translation

To Mr Marcel Vervloesem
Koninkrijk, 61
2200 Morkhoven

Brussels - 21.02.08

Our ref: N/07/0185/BDM/KDB

Dear Sir,

Concern: your letter of October 17, 2007

We come back to you concerning our mail of January 16, 2008.

In April 1999, you sent compact discs, having as content the abuse of children, to the dignitaries to formulate a complaint relating to this dreadful form of childtrade. The General Justice Court of Antwerp reacted at the request of Mr Tony Van Parys and opened a file.

Since however, you would not have heard anything any more about this case. As 8 years passed meanwhile, you informed, July 31, 2007, the General Court of Antwerp’s justice to know the state of the cases and you asked for the consultation of file AN.37.97.242/99.

The General Court justice answered you that, the file had been transferred to the General Court of justice and that for further information on this subject, you could consult it, which you also did on September 9, 2007.

October 25, 2007, you received a reaction of the prosecuting attorney Tack who let you know that the file was visible in the file 130.P.2007, which can be consulted at the clerk's office of the Court of Appeal of Antwerp.

October 31, 2007, you consulted this file, but the requested file was not found there. This was confirmed during your following visit on November 2, 2007, when again, the file was sought, this time with the assistance of the head of service of the clerk's office.

November 5, 2007, you wrote to General Court of Antwerp’s justice, in order to communicate, that the required file is not in the file expected and you again asked to be able to consult file AN.37.97.242/99.

The General Court of justice confirms that on April 13, 1999, the 7 compact discs were delivered to the Criminal Investigation Department for further enquiry. July 18, 1999, the Court of Antwerp closed the file after a deep investigation, under the motive of unknown culprits, after which the file was returned to the General Court of justice.

The Attorney General confirms that the file, which you solicited, was object of the investigation of his services but which could not be found anywhere. Meanwhile, following a deep investigation in the files of the prosecutor of the king in Antwerp, a complete copy of the file with the number of note AN37.97.242/99 was found.

This copy, as well as a copy of the complete correspondence, was joined to the main file. The Attorney General in function informed you on November 26, 2007 that you could bring all your means, your complaints and arguments at the prosecution of December 5, 2007. Although a complete copy of the file is found, remains that the original is untraceable neither at the Court of the King's prosecutor, nor at the General Court of justice. Your complaint, with regard to this aspect, is thus founded.

The General Court of Antwerp’s justice and the King's prosecutor of Antwerp will be advised of this decision. Your file of complaint is closed.

Very best greetings,
Geert Vervaeke, president of the commission of opinion and enquiry of the Dutch-speaking council


Editeur responsable: Fondation Princesses de Croÿ et Massimo Lancellotti - 10 Rue Faider - 1060 Bruxelles - Belgique - Droit de réponse:

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