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Attention !
Warning: contra-indicated reading to the sensitive people.
Attention !

Sexual exploitation

The 1998 price of children

In the Zandvoort material, a letter from a provider to a client. He enumerates the various tariff of the prostitution of babies and children, the abominations allowed according to the age and how recently the victim was prostituted, which shows the perfect knowledge of the limits that the child can stand. He asks to chose, including an offer of "baby for masturbation".

Exact copy of the original document

Hello my dear friend. Here is a new list of girls we can offer you. I hope you are satisfied with offer. We have new girl age 4 to 17. Choose from list you see down.

1) Marija, age 5, you can do only blowjob, no sex, only masturbate, cum on her face, no swallow, no fuck, you can film her playing with older boys. price us-dollars 100.

2) Petra, age 14, you can do everything with her, she is doing blowjob, fuck, fuck in asshole, swollow cum, maximum 2 man at a time. you can film her, you can show her, face on film. she is fucking with her dad also, you can film this ( price us-dollars 100). price for fuck us-dollars 150, fuck with 2 man us-dollars 250.

3) Pjotr, boy age 8, is doing blowjob, you can film him with other boy play and fuck. no fuck with too long cock. he swollow cum also pissing game. for more cash (us-dollars 300) his father travel with you in austria and stay 3-4 days with you. price for fuck or piss game us-dollars 150.

4) Melija, age 7, is fucking, and doing blowjob. she swollows cum. only one man can do with her at a time. you fuck good with her, no force, because she is new girl. you can have her and sister Petra, age 5.Petra no fuck, only blowjob, no swollow cum. you can cum on face. she is virgine. if you want fuck her special price us-dollars 400. only fuck with care. fuck with Melija cost us-dollars 150.

5) Anika, age 10, ungarian girl. she is fucking and blowjob. if you fuck her you order 2 weeks ago. has to come from ungaria with mother. You can cum on face, in pussy or swollow cum. cost us-dollars 200. mother go to your country for us-dollars 300.

6) a very special offer: baby for masturbation. you can lick baby pussy and blowjob possible. NO FUCK. you can cum on pussy and in face. swollow cum is possible. price us-dollars 300.

7) new offer: only filming a fuck. you bring camera and make film. no fuck.


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