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Who thread its way between the police and the journalists to hide Maddie's dead body?

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 12 September, 2007

Last photograph of Urs Hans von Aesch, the "depressed" paedophile criminal who had Ylenia vanished after hollidays in Algarve and the portrait of an alleged kidnapper of Ylenia, liable to have been seen in Spain and Portugal.

The couple of British doctors " are suspected of having killed by accident their three-years-old daughter. This supposes that while one put the twin babies to bed, the other sabotaged the bedroom shutters, to make believe in a kidnapping. They would have thread their way between the journalists and the police officers, one carrying the corpse of Madeleine, the other the twins well alive, to find a hiding-place so perfect that even Portuguese people cannot find it.

In Algarve in Portugal, Madeleine McCann has disappeared from her hotel room this May 3. Supported by the British government as heads of states, the McCann parents had a journalist of the BBC as their spokesman. The media stimulated the public generosity, what had generated a 1.5 million euro fund to find Madeleine and on a long term, other missing children. The McCann met with many personalities and politicians. The smell of paedophile networks appeared, when rather than looking forward to a change of the policy in the domain, massive hate campaigns where organised via Internet.

The McCann were not informed of the dangers to rise against these networks. They had been offended by the precautions of Antonio Toscano, who at the age of 24, had denounced the "Arny" ring of Seville, in Spain, without imagining persecutions the criminals impose to those who expose them.

Urs Hans & Vreni von Aesch

He ended-up to say Bernard Alapetite, member of the Arnie, Coral, Toro Bravo and Ado 71 networks had a, appointment in Algarve. He will directly be accused of a hoax for his "personal promotion", as are all those who denounce networks. While the pedo tom-tom was destroying Toscano' reputation, and ironically clearing the French paedophile criminal by the means of Belgian blog intended to find Madeleine, Urs Hans von Aesch, another paedophile criminal, fled from Spain.

He had also passed in Algarve and owned a van identical to one that remained parked in front of the apartment of McCann before the disappearance of Madeleine. He will be found in Switzerland, dead with bullet in the head, not far from another man with a bullet in the chest. The DNA analyses showed that he had kidnapped Ylenia, a child similar to Madeleine, who had vanished the same way.

In Portugal, the sniffer-dogs located the smell of death in Madeleine' bedroom, on her favourite toy and on clothing of her mother. Kate McCann had been in contact with dead people in the hospital where she worked. She had not left the toy of her daughter since her disappearance. This smell could have been transmitted from the toy to the clothing or from the clothing to the toy, according to the experts. Nothing thus proves that Madeleine was dead, rather than asleep when her parents last saw her.

Nevertheless, the Portuguese press has accused these doctors to have given an overdose of baby aspirin to their children, rather than using the baby-sitting service included in the price of their hotel room. Police assured they where not suspect, but victims and witnesses.

A week later, the Portuguese police changed their mind. Nothing had changed, if not that the Portuguese newspaper risked bankruptcy due to a fine liable to reach half a million euro for diffamation and that the day of the accusations, the Swiss newspaper "Blick" had published the identikit of the third man that the witness said to have seen with Ylenia, thus is liable to have been seen in Portugal.

The Swiss police had asked her whether she took drugs. The testimony would no correspond to objctive facts and they accredited the absurdest scenario: Urs Hans von Aesch would have shot at an unfortunate walker and taken by remorse, would have hidden the stripped body of Ylenia and the weapon of the crime… to commit suicide with another weapon. The witness would be mistaken, according to them.

The alleged cretinism of the Swiss police was ignored by the international press, while the von Aesch widow has been spreading in declarations that exceed the understanding without reaction of those who bathe the McCann in suspicions of murder.

Vreni von Aesch reproaches the press a "hate campaign" and to be "far from sensitive". Ylenia' abductor would have had a nervous break down, but was not paedophile, according to her. He could not hurt an animal. When he was to cut the throat of hens, he was doing it at night. He seized them calmly, so that they do not panic. He cherished them, before lengthening them the neck, and, for more safety, chopping of their heads-off, she explained to the newspaper "Blick". She supposes that he would have decided to commit suicide, and of fear to leave this cruel world alone, he would have wanted to save such a horrible existence to a child. He would have stripped Ylenia thinking that if one is born naked, one must die naked.

Showing monstrosity as something banal would presume nothing suspect, whereas it would be clear that the McCann had thread their way under the noses of journalists and police officers, carrying the dead body of their daughter?

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