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Farewell Ylenia, we will never forget you

The body of Ylenia Lenhard, 5 years old, was found naked, semi devoured by animals in a Swiss forest. She had been kidnapped on July 31, as she was going to fetch back a bottle of shampoo forgotten at the swimming pool. Not seeing her return, her mother, a nurse in pediatry, called the police force and the research had quickly been deployed.

It will prove that this day, Urs Hans von Aesch, a Swiss paedo- criminal sentenced 15 month prison for a case of child kidnapping and who would communicate on paedophiles forums, was waiting for a prey at Appenzell. He had kidnapped her and taken her in this forest about thirty kilometres away. He had an appointment with a shooting. A man, touched of a bullet in the chest, had managed to harpoon a car whose driver took him to hospital.

It a hundred meters away from there that under a cross, walkers will find the clothing of Ylenia folded in her bag. It is also a hundred meters away from there that another walker will find her body, six weeks later, in this terrible state. The van of Urs Hans von Aesch had been found in another forest the evening even of kidnapping, not far from the cyclist helmet and child's scooter of Ylenia. He will be also found there, with a bullet in the head, but only the following day!

The van was constellated with Ylenia's DNA and her clothing with Urs Hans von Aesch's DNA.

The place had been excavated twice, with fifty police officers, thirty firemen, seven dogs trackers and had been flown over by a helicopter. The army had been recalled in reinforcement, but only the impact of bullets had been found, revealing that one of the weapons had vanished with Ylenia.

The Swiss police force concluded that taken by remorse, the paedo- criminal had hidden the child and the weapon, to commit suicide with another weapon. The sniffer dogs would not have located the child, owing to the fact that it would have been buried very deeply. The animals of the forest would then have unearthed her, to explain she was not covered of earth.

But the shooting had taken place at approximately 13h00 and Urs Hans von Aesch had died at approximately 16h00, according to experts'. The place had been excavated twice, meter per meter, without nobody locating stirred up ground, which usually is inserted under the foot. There had not been of trace of spade or pickaxe, which should suppose that it would have hidden them with the weapon.

Werkgroep Morkhoven has difficulties to imagine that a 67 year old man could, in less than three hours, to dig such a hole without the police who came on the place of shooting noticing anything, then hid the weapon and the spade, then committed suicide with another weapon. Moreover, how to explain that the animals of the forest could located the child, but not the sniffer dogs?

The autopsy will speak better of what has happened to the poor child. Nothing excludes yet the assumption of a third man likely to have shot Urs Hans von Aesch and kidnapped Ylenia, to bring her back after the second hunt: after she had been used as an involuntary actress of the monstrosities which sell so well.

The Werkgroep Morkhoven and the Foundation Princess of Croÿ present their most moved condolences to Ylenia's mother. She will remain in our hearts for ever, side by side with all our other little martyrs. May all the prayers in the world be with you.

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