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Marcel VervloesemMarcel Vervloesem, hostage of the right to information

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 22 janvier 2009

The direction of the prison of Bruges threatened Marcel Vervloesem of sanction, if he did not manage to obtain the censure of information concerning him on Internet. Prison advises us the first penalty, the prohibition of visits by people who take turns to convince him to live, possibly even of telephone, since he has not called us.

Danger InfoWhen Belgian justice called Marcel Vervloesem spend four years of prison for crimes which it was physically unable to carry out, he received daily anonymous telephone calls from two magistrates, who told him about the pressures operated to have him condemned at all costs. They explained him that the result of the lie detector produced on the first of his indicters was so overpowering, that there was order to stop the eight others, to prevent that he be the only one recognised as saying the truth. The other told him he had been degraded to the Justice of Peace, for having protested. This confirms the violations of the separation of the capacity, at the Fortis and Sabena fashion, by direct threats from the ministries.

Marcel Vervloesem's treatment is justified by the will to prevent the judgement of hundreds of cases similar to that of Dutroux that appear in the Zandvoort file, exposed by his NGO in 1998. His imprisonment quickly appeared to have had for goal to prevent that he may survive time assigned the Court European of the Human rights to release him. His hospitalizations where only authorized when he was between the life and death, in the greatest secrecy, strictly time to reanimate him. He survived by miracle, with 89 violations of the recommendations of the Council of Europe.

His fellow-prisoners at the medical centre of the prison of Bruges told him about the methods of sanctions, inspired by the film "Else, the She-wolf of SS". They are stripped, attached naked, feet and fists shackled at the four corners of a bed during 9 days, their state controlled daily by a doctor and the director of the prison. The prison was then confronted with the difficulty of having a detainee, activist of Human Rights and supported by organizations, which break the censure of the press. They found a solution by dividing the infirmary in two sections: one for the patients in a vegetable state; the other on the floor above, for the prisoners in revalidation, or with the arms and legs broken. Marcel was confined in district 61, which is now reserved for the vegetable prisoners, so as to prevent that he can speak with people who have all their minds. This explains the number of zombies which saunters in this infirmary.

Two days earlier, on November 17, 2008, Marcel had met the doctor of the Commission of Euthanasia, to put an end to the inhuman detention conditions, by lack of health care. He told him he just had to fill a form to discharge the doctors, to stop his drugs and to eat normally, to have euthanasia in 10 days, without any one being able to stop it. Marcel then filled the "euthanasia form", and followed his advice. He agreed to take the medication again, when the ministry for justice showed it agreed to grant him the medical care on which his survival depends.

It was only a lure. Meanwhile, his diabetic diet generated to gangrene, followed by an irreversible muscular atrophy. Marcel did not have the privilege of Marc Dutroux in 2001, who was offered a 200 km of helicopter trip under fires of the press, so that the hospital St John of Bruges controls his diabetes. The preferential treatments of Marc Dutroux enable Belgium to show a high level of civilization. But Marcel did not even have the right to see the specialists of Marc Dutroux, though only 3 km away from his detention centre.

The Werkgroep Morkhoven inquiry of revealed a comprehensive policy which allows the state to make huge savings on the health care and the survival allowances to the prisoners. The savings provided by the prison overpopulation justifies the application of a brainwash method to control the prisoners at a minimum cost, with the minimum staff. It consists of mental tortures, which invite the prisoners to lean or commit suicide. Prisoners are constantly denied their rights. They are underfed. They are handcuffed on the operating table. They are imposed light day and night so that they cannot sleep. They are exposed to the contempt of the public in the hospitals by unjustifiable measures, etc.

Marcel was object of around a hundred arbitrary sanctions since September 2008, in violation of all the regulations, as without judgement or right to defence. He was imposed 34 days of isolation, including 2 days in an "observation cell" and 63 days in section reserved to the quasi lobotomized prisoners, without right to social contacts with normal prisoners. It is thus understandable he had decided to proceed with the false euthanasia on 1ier February.

Marcel, who never had any control on our press bodies, was threatened by a director of this prison, of sanctions unless he managed to make us withdraw from our articles the expression "attempt at murder" , to qualify the treatments, under the responsibility of Dr. Van Mol, who is responsible for health care in all the Belgian prisons.

It is impossible to hide that a man is urged to commit suicide in prison, without becoming partner in a crime that Belgian justice retains as a homicide. Marcel was again object of an arbitrary sanction deprived of right of defence. He was confined in his cell 24 hours a day, whereas his attending physician at the prison had prescribed him eight exits of his cell per day, including three in the open air. The letters liable to cheers-him up too much was returned to the senders, refused by the prison, after having been open. He found no reason prolong his martyrdom of 10 days. He has disconnected his insulin pump this January 19. Luckily, his adoptive son managed to change his mind.

For the first time, this January 22, the prison will "respect the regulation". Marcel had to pass twice before the Commission of the Sanctions, ounce for having disconnected the insulin pump, the other for having answered as he heard the first, that knowing the Princess, she would not miss the opportunity to make a fine article on Internet. This commission of sanction is unjustifiable, since Dr. Van Mol was discharged from this suicide by Marcel Vervloesem on November 19, 2008, by his own euthanasia form.

Marcel Vervloesem is forbidden to any other visit than that of his family for one month, knowing his family has great difficulty of coming from so far away. He can no more see his friends and the NGO representatives who took turns to visit him as much as possible to convince him to live, despite all the efforts of the prison to persuade him that death was sweeter than their treatments.

The organizations that support the fundamental rights, believe that Dr. Van Mol should have to answer of Marcel Vervloesem death, if it has to occur before he is released for health reason. A prison specialist, who had been in charge by the European Commission to evaluate Human rights in the Romanian prisons, in order to judge its admissibility in the Union said:- These Romanian prisons where not perfect, but nothing compared to what is happening here. It is not only a shame for Belgium: it is a shame for Europe.

The European Court of Human Rights has recently reiterated that it is the people, by vote of the judges who decide the sentences. You will find in this link, the complaint with the names of people that justice - so the Belgian people - have cleared, by retaining for sole culprit, the man sentenced to death after he exposed the Zandvoort network. We will therefore call them, according to this judiciary truth, the INNOCENTS OF ZANDVOORT. (in french)

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