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Marcel Vervloesem, supported by Jacqueline de Croÿ and Jan Boeykens, at the opening of the prosecution, on 19th november 2003.
Marcel Vervloesem libre et vivant

Marcel Vervloesem, free and alive

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 7 décembre 2010

Judge Rob Perriëns denounced "the dirty role of the press" and told Marcel Vervloesem: "You have seen your enemies, but you have not seen your many friends who called from all around the world for you". The release of the NGO Morkhoven founder on August 4, 2010 has been no more secretive than a any other. The newspapers simply did not know how to explain the censorship on what amounted to 700 attempted murders, for the 700 days that Marcel miraculously woke-up alive, from a ban on health care in prison.

Marcel Vervloesem exposed the inconsistency of granting immunity to the child pornographers of the Zandvoort network, provided they denounce car thieves back in 1988. He was declared guilty, on November 15, 2006, of having exposed to the press in 1998, the 88,539 photos sold by the Zandvoort network. These photos had ridiculed all the European Ministers of Justice and police forces, whose "extensive investigations" had reached the conclusion that there was no paedocriminal network. The Court of Appeal confirmed on February 6, 2008, that Marcel Vervloesem was guilty of rapes. This however flew in the face of medical evidence as he was physically incapable of such an act. He was jailed on the following September 5. The European Court of Human Rights refused to recognize the urgency and thus save him him the tortures contrived by two successive ministers of justice.

The record is impressive. His six years old cancer, included a metastasis operated in a hurry the day of his conviction, was never destroyed, but never expanded. A two-month ban of dialysis destroyed 40% of his kidneys and 30% of his heart. He has definitely lost a bone in his hip, after having been incarcerated, as diabetic patient depending on insulin, in a cell with a psychiatric patient who was spreading his excrement around, until surgery for gangrene was performed. The Minister of Justice offered him euthanasia in the form of a pill to induce a deadly heart attack. Two prison doctors incited him to a suicide, by not taking his insulin would fatal in 10 days, but he survived 42 days, without intervention. He was handcuffed 599 hours "for health reasons", which is illegal. His lack of eye care resulted in a glassy eye. How he escaped a cataract is another miracle, according to the ophthalmologist.

The conditions of his release include a ban on contact with the press, whose "dirty role" allowed to libel him whilst he is not allowed any right of reply. He is also forbidden to make any contact with human rights organization so as to prevent him of being "driven to commit the crimes that has led him to prison.” Put another way, to set the record straight on the Zandvoort network. The judge has inflicted a savage blow on the child rights movement and on Marcel's best friends. Working with him is a joy and a force for good. He thought to remain in prison, but his survival was not a priority. We promised to keep a watchful eye over him through our organization, and this in silence, until we perceive a threat on him. That day has arrived. The moment of truth has thus come.

The news of Marcel's release alive caused an emotional earthquake in the village of Morkhoven. The villagers, who had accompanied him in his campaigns for child's rights for years, rushed to his new apartment, to paint it. They furnished it and sewed him new curtains, even before he was released. They did not understand why "their" miracle was not allowed to return. They confronted those who had negotiated their immunity for acts of paedophilia, drug trafficking and petty theft in exchange for false testimony. "I was not the only one," replied Victor's friend, the half-brother who was once plagued by jealousy and is now plagued by anxiety.

Marcel's family and friends are reassured. They say he is more security there, where the police have orders to intervene at the slightest problem, whereas in Morkhoven, the police had to ban intervene when his life was threatened. His new neighbours protect him. Two ferocious old ladies monitor any suspicious movement and call the ambulance as soon as he goes the slightest tint off colour. They have already saved his life twice, although the doctors tend to regard his recovery as extra miracles each time. Another old lady approached him in the street and asked him: "Are you Marcel Vervloesem?" And then, realizing she had recognized him correctly, she pulled out a valuable watch from her handbag and clasped it around his wrist.

A journalist from the Antwerp Gazette recognized Marcel in the street two weeks after the release and alerted the international press. We asked those who followed the Zandvoort case to keep quiet for the sake of Marcel's security. Meanwhile German, Dutch and Italians journalists all came and knocking on his door one after the other. Each time, Marcel showed them the judgment and they kept quiet so as not to put him in danger. They offered him a super mobile telephone, a computer and a typewriter as his daughter reported. There are thus good people in that profession.

There was only good news, until a wave of panic swept through the village. Those who whipped up the slander against Marcel where trying to obtain his telephone number. It created a stir. Marcel's friends were furious and told them not to dare from approaching him. Then Ivoke, (the little Ivo) who launched on the behalf of the "Het Nieuwsblad" of the press, the libellous and defamatory campaign which led Marcel in prison, began to call the friends to ask them the telephone number. Ivoke is more poisonous than the local mob, as he turned the words of the honest villagers to smear Marcel, even though they had nothing against him.

"Het Nieuwsblad" has broken the silence by reopening its "gutter press" column with a new libellous and defamatory article on Marcel. Ivoke calls, the man who has exposed the industry to the production of child pornography movies eight years before the Dutroux affair, "self-proclaimed child porn fighter". Ivoke pretends that Marcel was convicted of "extortion" and suggests that his NGO would have abandoned him, which is libellous and defamatory nonsense.

Now people believe that "Het Nieuwsblad" is orchestrating a new campaign of lies to justify what has happened. The truth is that no one ever imagined that the Court of Cassation, the highest in the land, would dare, on June 24, 2008, to confirm the legality of a decision that recognizes a man guilty of rape when he does not even have a prostate. Now, the slightest word against Marcel invokes anger.


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