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The first officer of the "anti-terrorist squad " who reached the bannner.


Jacqueline de Croÿ - 26 mars 2011 - updated March 27

The tape recorded the hearing of the State Council on March 16, 2011 is clear: the delegate of the Minister of Justice De Clerck pleads contacts with the Russian embassy and the threat of not being able to recover Belgian citizens, probably convicted for espionage in Russia, to maintain the extradition of the commander Arbi Zarmaev. The deal was enough to sentence a 37-years-old political refugee to a dehydration regime, which in 21 months, has reduced a soldier 1m85 tall, to 45 kilos. He was, as from the eve of this hearing, left without water for 4 days, hand shackled behind his back, with dry bread dropped from the door hole of the prison of Hasselt, until he fell into coma.

Forty Chechen gave us an appointment on March 21 at the European Parliament. We spotted about twenty police officers in civilian clothes that looked like KGB agents, scanning the street walkers with a dark look, each one at few feet distance from a uniformed officer speaking in a walkie-talkie. The Chechens were difficult to spot as they where no more than the many groups of Spaniards or Italians, who come by bus to visit the parliament. We were, looking for them separately, so that I missed the highlight of the show.

At the moment I was wondering where did the KGB vanished, one of the agents was asking Jan Boeykens, the president of the NGO Morkhoven, if he came to the appointment with the Chechens and called his uniformed colleague to check his identity. Suddenly, the KGB spotted the Chechen. They rushed to tell them they could not make a protest, though they had not even taken a pamphlet out. Jan called them to come on the lawn of the public square to take photographs, and unrolled his banner "FREE ARBI ALIVE".

An "anti-terrorist squad" arrived with a van to take away the Chechens in less than a minute. Around twenty officers in combat gear deployed and encircled them, obeying the orders of the KGB. The first one who reached the dangerous banner paused for the photograph, before he jumped on the banner as if it were a submachine gun to destroy.

- No photos, no photos, shouted a gendarmette.
- They stole my banner, protested Jan.
- We didn't steal it, we took it, answered the KGB.
KGB ordering to destroy the "dangerous banner".

The Morkhoven NGO has 23 years experience with the units fighting information on paedocriminal networks. They are trying to provoke "outrages upon officers on duty", whereas the "anti-terrorists" seek physical fights with the aim of giving credit to "terrorist" charges.

They started by mocking one of a Chechen who was explaining that they came to save the life of Commander Arbi Zarmaev. Then, they shoved them, pretending to hit them even on the face, but stopping the hand just before touching them. One blocked Jan's arm behind his back, who then asked him: - "Zeg, joeng, (Flemish slang for tell-me son), what is happening to you?" The "anti-terrorist" became red of anger, and let go screaming: "I am not a joeng."

It was a delight to see with our own eyes what makes the strength of the Chechens, and what explains how such a small army had managed to kick the Russians out of their country in 1996. They have natural discipline, characteristic of the great warriors who do not respond to provocations, but obey the strategy to achieve their goal. One of the "anti-terrorists" pushed a Chechen so hard that he almost fell, but he remained stoic, simply thundering the officer with his eyes, no more.

Fake interview

Our presence embarrassed the ministry so, that it dictated the first article published in the press in 21 months, with a false interview of the commander's brother published on March, 22. Andi Zarmaev has never been contacted by a Belgian journalist as ask him a single question. The title approved by the minister is thus particularly explicit: Chechen beaten "half dead" in the prison of Hasselt "at the request of Russia."

The government justifies a "sanction provoked" seven days earlier "to avoid extradition", without mention of the transfer, two days prior to "block Dachau" of the Bruges prison. The famous Dr. Van Mol, head doctor of all Belgian prisons, had him implanted in his arm of a tube about eight inches containing a hydration serum. The Commander woke up in "block Guantanamo" of the same prison, which, according to the regulation when diagnosed as having a hope of survival superior to three days. The government will thus avoid extradition by the murder of commander Zarmaev.

Why does Putin demand the death of Commander Arbi Zarmaev?

Russia began the Muslim genocide by murdering one million Afghan civilians, or 4% of the population, officially in view to replace an elected government, by a deposed government that was submitted to its corruption. Only the sports clubs protested, by boycotting the Moscow Olympics games. Given the "opprobrium", Yeltsin and Putin found the necessity to justify the murder of 80.000 civilians Chechen of Ichkeria, pretending they were "the authors of terrorist attacks that had killed 300 Russians". Commander Arbi Zarmaev is one of the last survivors who have ridiculed the Red Army in 1996, who had to accept a peace treaty, because the Russian soldiers are so undisciplined, that the only thing they are not afraid to do is murdering civilians.

Putin decided to carry on the genocide in 1999, murdering an extra 170.000 civilians in one year. He then replaced the Chechen who refuse corruption under Koran law, by Chechen of other Russian areas, who accept licking the boots of Moscow. After having murdered 35% of the 734,000 civilians, Putin ordered the persecution of the soldiers: - "It was hard", explain Andy and Khedi, the brother and sister of Commander Arbi. "The Russians constantly came to our home. They would take any gold jewellery or computer they saw. Then, they murdered our neighbour, who was part of Arbi's unit and they cut him to pieces. We found one of his arms, then one of his legs in the mountain.

Putin pushed 250,000 Chechens of Ichkeria to a worldwide exodus, replacing them one after the other by collaborators. Only 25% of the population stayed to support Aslan Maskhadov, the president of Chechen Republic of Itchkérie and his soldiers, the refugees in charge to ensure the survival of the rare Chechens who still have a sense of honour, before Putin completely eradicates them.

"As everything can be bought in Russia", explains Khedi, "our mother has bought a false passport and a false driver's license in the name of Mamuev, so that Arbi could get out alive of Ichkeria. We arrived in Belgium in 2002. The Chechen community advised us of the danger to appear as soldiers". A hero of the Chechen army had to hide his identity despite a true story, which made him one of the 2,000 Chechen refugees in Belgium on 11,000, who got a political asylum, but under a false name which was to ensure his safety. Inevitably, since they are exchanged against Belgian spies!

It took seven years to the Belgian State Security, obviously helped by the KGB to discover the identity of the Commander Zarmaev, which proves the fake reputation of efficiency of these services. The Belgian police arrested his wife, counting on the fact that he would report her disappearance. The commander was arrested at the police station by a renegade trap. He was jailed July 29, 2009 on the grounds of a Russian extradition request.

The current president of the European Union, then Belgian Prime Minister has, through Stefaan De Clerck, his minister of justice, withdrawn the commander's quality of political refugee on the grounds of an "identity theft". Yet, he is still jailed under the name of "Mamuev Bislan", alias Zarmaev Arbi, showing that Belgium only recognises the name under which he is "protected" as a political refugee.

Commander Zarmaev is accused of "terrorism", while he was acting in his capacity as senior officer in the army of his country, with the mission to repel the Red Army, made of queer barbarians who wage war through rape and the murder of civilians. Technically, he can at the most be accused of a crime of war, which can only be tried by an international tribunal, not by any tribunal of the country that invaded his own.

When Stefaan De Clerck signed the extradition order March 8, 2011, he only extended a prison sentence that has already cost 65.000 euros the Belgian taxpayers, to have time to murder legally a Muslim leader.

The Democratic death sentence under torture, according to the European Union.

We denounced the death sentences by dehydration regime and absence of vital health care in the Belgian prisons as from 2008. We have seen walking skeletons in the "Dachau block' of the Bruges prison, without imagining that they were political refugees. All-the-same, the Commission of the Petitions of the European Parliament has refused our petition requesting binding laws to ensure the survival of political prisoners, the time they reach the Court of Human Rights.

The ordinary sanction of a detainee in Belgium consists at undressing him, then shackling his arms and legs to the four corners of a cement bed ceiled to the floor. The sanction cells, situated in the cellar have no door or window, and are thus under air pumps. The prisoners have no access to water because they are shackled, or to the canteen, thus to fresh fruits and vegetables, by periods of nine days. The jovial Dr Proot and the prison whose first name was Else (as the She-wolf of the SS) were coming every day to see the evolution of the naked men.

We now know that this treatment, provided that the director multiplies arbitrary sanctions, enables to transform a powerful warrior into walking skeletons. The guards of the prisoners in the death row are authorised to beat them under any pretext. For example, they have beaten Commander Arbi Zarmaev at the moment of a transfer where he was hooded, hands and feet shackled in a cage van, under the pretext that he had called for God to give him strength while slapping his own chest. They broke him a rib and opened his forehead and a cheek with cuts that had to be sutured. A judge found that normal. I'd bet it was Judge Gossens, who legalised the attempted murders on Marcel Vervloesem, on the basis of a document absent of the judicial file, but present in the drawer of the minister.

On March 12, tells us Khedi broken-hearted, beyond being so skeletal, her brother caught a greenish complexion and acute dermatitis. He felt constantly refrigerated, which is not normal, because the only thing that does not lack in Belgian prison is heating. The dictation of the minister that published on March 22 specifies that Commander Arbi Zarmaev had been sanctioned for having "provoked a conflict with the guards by superimposing all his clothes, hoping to again be punished so as to prevent his extradition."

A prisoner called Khedi to advise her that he was able to see her brother and talk to him through the hole in the door reserved to the communication with the guards. The commander was covered in bruises from head to toes, the breath so short he could barely speak, naked according to the procedure, thus more frozen than ever. These guards had beat and undressed a living skeleton because he was not allowed to be cold!

The director of the prison of Hasselt has interrupted the sanction five days before it ended, and banned the visit from his sister under the pretext that he would have "become a danger to society". This is the procedure reserved to the political prisoners in resuscitation. At present, the Commander Arbi is "treated" by the jovial Dr. Proot, under the orders of the terrible Dc Van Mol, who had put Marcel Vervloesem under dehydration regime, depriving him of the insulin and dialysis, what he has survived only by miracle. Tell us, Dr. Van Mol, were the commander’s skinniness and injuries photographed for Internet, for the medical records or for Putin?

The genocide supporters will not fool anybody by announcing that Commander Arbi Zarmaev would have "died of natural causes while waiting for his extradition". There is nothing wrong with the jihad. It is a holy war in the path of Allah, thus throughout the laws of chivalry dictated by the Koran, which were adopted by all the Christian knights as they returned from the Crusades.

Forget negotiations, Dc Proot: if the Commander Arbi Zarmaev should die a martyr to his faith and his fight, it would be that God sees no alternative to open the eyes of Europeans on the genocide supporters who govern them. The Chechens are so disciplined and efficient, that soon they will have touched all the mailboxes of the country: you can say goodbye to the censorship that has protected you.

As for the Belgians who want to play "James Bond in Moscow", they do so at their own peril, not at the one of our political refugees.



Fondation Princesses de Croÿ et Massimo Lancellotti - 10 Rue Faider - 1060 Bruxelles - Belgique - Droit de réponse:

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