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Marcel Vervloesem's murder on line: shivers assured

Par Jacqueline de Croÿ, 8 aout 2008

The final indictment to order the murder of Marcel Vervloesem was signed as soon as it appeared that the legal file of the paedocriminal network Zandvoort was going to be reopened in France, and before the Court of the Human Right may judge of the legality of his sentence.

He has not a chance to leave prison alive. He will not runaway nor commit suicide comfortably at home. He will enter it to do both a hunger and thirst strike, together with a refusal health care and of reanimation. He has lived to bring light on children's sexual exploitation. He will die in a way to bring light on the justice pronounced in the name of the King of the Belgians and on the nullity of the European directives, as regards of human rights.

Marcel Vervloesem discovered 21 compact discs on which were reproduced photographs of murders, rape and torture of children. Belgium has retained 20 of the discs, so that French justice dismisses the case, in the absence 88.539 parts of the file. It has also saved a French magistrate, who appears on the file, trousers down, with an 11 year old boy. The appeal of a judgment has just been recorded for this reason at the highest court of appeal. Over 500 files could be reopened in France.

The network uses the services of a sectarian movement with "scientology orientation, which offers the destruction of the victims and witnesses, by assembling cabals and traps, unless they agree to make "concessions". Marcel Vervloesem is not man to "collaborate" with any sort of Gestapo. He was thus condemned to four years prison for crimes which the medical community recognized he was physically unable to execute.

The magistrate, who undertook to retain 20 of the compact discs out of the French instruction, had ordered his preventive imprisonment in May 2005. He had chosen a prison without infirmary, whereas he knew he is cardiac and diabetic dependant on insulin. Marcel Vervloesem had started a hunger strike. He had been put in an isolation cell, where a guard awoke it all the fifteen minutes, “to control if he was not dead", according to the ministry for justice.

Now, Belgian justice decided that he would go back to the prison without infirmary, before the European Court of Human Rights has time to judge of the legality of his sentence. He had a cancer and two metastases, but still not chemotherapy in three and a half years. Nine doctor's certificates contra-indicate prison, which justifies at the maximum, a domiciliary imprisonment for medical and humanitarian reasons.

Marcel Vervloesem does not have a chance of leaving prison alive. He risks murder by someone liable to be thanked by the network, with a release on parole for good conduct, before Europe has a chance to free him for the violation of his fundamental rights.

He envisages falling into a coma within three days of his hunger and thirst strike. Three days of shivers on line that will make you understand what a snuff movie is. An ordinary hunger strike can take from three to seven months to die, what is physically not as painful, but too long to his taste.

It is not easy, he says, but it is manageable when knowing there are many people supporting you so much, and who will continue the fight.

Marcel Vervloesem is 55. He has two children, of which an adoptive son and has 5 grand-children. He will leave inconsolable collaborators, who will make his memory live, by continuing his phenomenal work. They will expose, without ever tiring, his murderers, those who failed in their duty by refusing to assist him when he was in danger and those who lacked him respect. He will become more dangerous dead than alive.

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