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Panic on board: Koala list in the Werkgroep Morkhoven's hands

Marcel Vervloesem, who showed the Zandvoort file in 1998, had the surprise to receive copy of the address book of Sergio Marzola who, according to the Italian police force, is one of the founders of this paedo criminal network. It counts tens of thousands of people, at the origin of the Operation Koala, which allowed the seizure of two million files of child pornography.

The Werkgroep Morkhoven, whose objective is to find evidences of crime against children, is deeply touched by the trust it was granted. But the news, obviously by the means of illegal listening, came to the ears of people who have access to the confidential judicial files of the citizens and who do not seem to be at all amused with the idea that the Koala list is between the hands of the Werkgroep Morkhoven.

Belgium assured there where only 5 of its citizens in it, but they are over 200 Belgian addresses. Canada, which counts three times more citizen than Belgium, only had 93, which according to the Belgian proportional standard, would have meant over 600 suspects. Was the aim to cover-up the particularly high percentage of Belgian suspects in a paedophile ring, ounce more to cover-up Zandvoort?

Marcel Vervloesem was object of a deployment of anonymous telephone threats, of people who repeated comments of the magistrates on his personal judicial file, but that has never been published. The Werkgroep Morkhoven considers that these practices of the judicial administration's inadmissible and files a complaint at Jo Vandeurzen, Minister for Justice.

This 9 March, the University of Utrecht (Holland) has offered Marcel Vervloesem a full medical check-up in order to define the qualifications of the judges of Antwerp' Court of Appeal of to deny the opinion of the Belgian medical profession, who ensures he was physically unable to commit the crimes for which they have condemned him. Magnificent too, the Association of the Dutch Lawyers offered him to write the conclusions which will be useful for the European Court of the Humans right, to expose the violation of the European laws in the prosecution.

This remarkable support of the Dutch intelligentsia has obviously annoyed the Belgian authorities. One of these people who have access to the confidential judicial files said, this 11 March that Pascal Taveirne, whom the Belgian media named "Mr. T, the Brugean implied in a case of child pornography", would be an isolated predator. He assured that the Foundation Princesses of Croÿ and Massimo Lancellotti would have made a "violation of the press laws" in claiming the opposite. By absurd means of intimidation, he added that the private foundation's statutes, drawn by lawyer and legalized by notary, would not be in order.

Interpol had identified Taveirne in 2002, in a film where he raped his daughters, which he sold to the "Fun Club" ring, but Belgium allowed him to carry on. The justice of Bruges considered him guilty of crimes only for the period of 2004 to 2006, when Sergio Marzola had employed him to film him as he was raping little Ukrainian girls. This is ounce more explained by the will to keep the Zandvoort dossier empty, in order to be allowed to destroy the evidence on crimes that has not yet been stolen.

The anonymous who has access to the confidential judicial files, has denied the theft of seven Zandvoort compact discs of child pornography. There is no proof of theft, according to him, but the file is untraceable, according to the Higher Council of Justice. The anonymous was indignant when Marcel Vervloesem asked whether the original documents had been used as toilet paper. NO, he answered. The evidence on some of the 90.081 crimes would have simply vanished, after the file was closed due to "unknown culprits" after scarcely three months.

The Werkgroep Morkhoven does not intend to treat the Koala list with same lightness. Copy was forwarded to Members of the European Parliament, for the security of the right to information. It is object of a serious investigation, whose preliminary results will be discussed at the time of the open day of the 29 and 30 March 2008 to 61 Koninkrijk, to 2200 Morkhoven.

The "unknown culprits" dossier of Zandvoort will be on the table, but the Werkgroep Morkhoven has not yet decided to show Marzola' address book before the end of the inquiry.

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