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Chechen genocide


Jacqueline de Croÿ - 9 juillet 2011

PRAGUE. Michael Kocab, former Minister of the Czech Human Rights, has opened a press conference on the plight of Chechen refugees at the Cafe "Krásný ztráty" , on May 23, 2011. The surprise came 27 days later with a sound montage of the video of my speach. They cut so many sentences that they ended-up to put "uh..." between each word to fill the holes. We had to cut the end, because it was too much. It is necessary to read the subtitles to understand me.

I analyzed the sabotage, wondering why would Czech journalists accept to obscure events that took place in Belgium. I was then struck by the zooms in on my neighbour, Victor Fainberg, who seems horribly bored every time I say something very shocking. I compare the video with the one of the intervention of another guest and the language becomes clear:

  • Hand flat on the table indicates the stand-by;
  • A closed fist is followed by words replaced by "uh... uh...";
  • Both fists closed are followed by a sabotage that hides the responsibilities;
  • Both hands on a file then appears to say "Mossad Control."

Indeed, Fainberg introduces himself as a Soviet dissident, but he married a psychiatrist of the detention centre where prisoners were drugged by force to cure them from their political views. He was himself detained there for five years, but under a regime that has not only allowed him to seduce the psychiatrist, but also to do gymnastics and to study literature, according to a report. The couple immigrated to Israel before moving to Paris. The friends of whom Fainberg talks about are the Zionists who participated in the sexual revolution of May 68, who have signed petitions to request the liberation of paedophiles. Since, they are those who are calling for all the wars that bring back cheap oil.

Fainberg is now 80 years old, but he is perfectly clear, and gives of himself the image of a KGB/Mossad double agent. He seems to defend the interests of both his native country and his adopted country. Chechnya is indeed connected to Israel through a pipeline that carries the oil, which the Russians steal from the Chechen under the pretext they would be "terrorists". The speech of Fainberg at the press conference was a dilution murders of Chechen refugees, amongst others in Bosnia, but without defining the responsibilities in a genocide that no longer belongs to the Russians only.

The video shows that Fainberg starts a conversation (with the adviser of a MEP), waving his index finger under my nose when I talk about heinous crimes. He calls a reporter who passes twice between the camera and me, rather than to go and talk to him in another room café. He disappears, then reappears to talk louder and louder, with gestures more and more extravagant. He interrupts his circus show to do a "Mossad Control" code, then pushes my chair to pass behind me.

I had come to Prague with the aim to explain the democratic modalities to legalize torture and murder of prisoners. The first cut hides that the Chechens are not the only victims of these practices. The only sound montage that is not preceded by the "close fist" code is to hide that the survival of the Commander Zarmaev is assigned to the Grace of God, perhaps because Belgium had a hard time managing the miraculous survival Marcel Vervloesem. He too has been jailed, but for having identified a magistrate (deemed Zionist) in a child pornography magazine.

Another sound montage shows how it is possible to compose a full sentence with someone's voice, and without asking permission. They found necessary to hide the fact that Commander Zarmaev was beaten by Belgian officers in order to prevent him from attending his trial. They had the originality to attribute me a sentence whose content has never been reported to me, and that did not correspond to the objective of my intervention.

The most sinister cuts are hiding the law that requires from the prison doctors to ensure that the sanctions do not harm the health of prisoners, so as to hide that doctors are covering the tortures and murders of prisoners. The Czechs journalists have also eliminated the questions related to the motivations of the Minister of Integration in Belgium, to "integrate" the Chechens into cut-throat areas, rather than around universities and sports stadiums, according to their culture.

The cuts that shock me the most are probably those that aim to destroy the acts of heroism of boys, who are following the wonderful example of their war heroes and risk their lives to save women from forced prostitution. They erased the words necessary to make believe that the Chechens are causing the fights, whereas they have to defend themselves - bare hands - against the guns, knives and baseball bats of the Albanian mafia, which the police refuses to confiscate. They also cut that it is more dangerous for the women to enter into a police station than to keep silent, because the police warns the Mafia, which prompts the worst criminals to reprisals on their children.

At the time, I did not pay attention to the bad manners of Fainberg, until I heard the word "anti-Semitism". I told him that my family has collected 18 medals, including one from Israel, where a tree grows to thank my grandmother for having risked the lives of her eight children, in order to save thirty Jewish children. He then suggested that my father was a "resistant of the last hour", which is a serious insult. Luckily, my father has joined the underground army at the age of 16, because he was too young to join the regular army, and he came out of it with the Croix de Guerre medal. His date of birth proves that he had no obligation to risk his life.

Is that a proper manner to talk to a person who requests the end of a genocide, which was decided by the super powers, all religions and all political views confused, by fear that Chechens conquer back their country and increase the price of their oil?


Fondation Princesses de Croÿ et Massimo Lancellotti - 10 Rue Faider - 1060 Bruxelles - Belgique - Droit de réponse:

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