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Is Moon's New Yorker also stuffed with hidden camera like his hotel in Seoul?

Marcel Vervloesem: solitary confinement for braking censure

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 10 novembre 2009

Deprived of treatment to a metastasised cancer for 14 months, Marcel Vervloesem suffers from constant and acute pain, similar to a knife that stabs his body, but there is no medication in prison to relieve him. He intended to put an end to his sufferings on Saturday. He has reported his decision when it appeared he had been sentenced to death by the Moon sect. Marcel is sanctioned since this Tuesday by a week of solitary confinement without radio, without television, without chair and table but a matrass on the floor, for having "discredited" psychosocial services. It could not be clearer: Marcel is sanctioned because we found the piece of the Zandvoort puzzle that we needed, because he did not commit suicide according to the program and because we published the news.

Sun Myung Moon is Korean a sex offender sentenced to 5 years of hard labour and excommunicated for having abused women by terrorizing them with the devil. He was all-the-same allowed to be self enthroned "Messiah" in the U.S. Senate and to celebrate a wedding of 210 couples in a United Nation conference room in New York.

Marcel was making his first steps on the path that led him to discover the paedophile network Zandvoort in late 1987, when I went to Congress for World Peace in Seoul, without imagining that I was landing in a hotel in Moon. Of the 600 people trapped in the same way, the entire U.S. delegation had gone back two days earlier, as soon as they discovered the identity of the organizer of the booby trap congress. I remember the door that seemed to be of a cupboard in the extension of the column of the lifts of the hotel, which by accident opened before my eyes, on a huge computer, a wall covered by screens, and a man who was watching each room of the floor. Two other guests said to have been woken-up by a strong light in the middle of the night.

I met Marcel Vervloesem and the NGO Morkhoven only in 2003. I had forgotten about Moon. I would never have been able to imagine what could be filmed in a hotel without having seen the Zandvoort file. Ulrich was photographing his young victims in secret, and then forced them to work for him in hotels, under threat of sending these photos to their school and their parents. He had collected 88539 pictures, of which one of a French magistrate, pants down, with an 11-years-old boy... in a hotel.

One understands better how Moon could invest UN and get its recognition of several NGOs under his control. The U.N. has decreed that the Zandvoort file was only 10% of its actual volume, without consulting the Werkgroep Morkhoven who traced it, but other NGOs who did not know the dossier. The UN Committee against Torture refuses to spare the victims of false miscarriages, among which Marcel Vervloesem, of torture in prison that are designed to kill them, to empty their brains or to push them to suicide.

Moon is the Messiah of sects, due to the vast fortune he has accumulated, and he supports all the sects that are submitted to his money. He formed an army of followers called Moonies, estimated to about 3 million people around the world. This explains the drifts of basic services: justice, media, police, social assistance, post offices, Internet servers, liable to block the information and turn the lives of their victims into hell. Prisons are an important item to provide favourable treatment for those who can not escape from it, and torture the witnesses to death.

The Moonies are recognizable by their "deprogramming" by brainwashing. They learn that they are superior, which gives them a Nazi touch. They obey to the first snap of fingers, repeating what they are told, so they all say the same things. They are recognisable by their deceitful and pretentious language, the rudeness of their lies and a piss-vinegar sense of humour. They are completely dehumanized towards those they consider inferior, but subservient to the hierarchy.

The surprise comes from Stefaan De Clerck, Minister of Justice, who implements his parliamentary answer given on November 6, 1997, in a surprisingly moony manner. De Clerck was then ensuring that a perfectly carried out investigation had not fully revealed a network of child pornography production between Temse and Madeira, while the Dutch Justice had sent in 1992 to the Belgian Justice, videotapes shot in Madeira by the telephone operator of the Temse Hospital. De Clerk had finished his pack of lies by accusing the Werkgroep Morkhoven of abusing "the credulity of the public and the political opinion" to "pursue its own interests" and it required to "to stop that radically."

To "stop that radically," Marcel was imprisoned, accused of "blackmailing" paedocriminals. The "Messiah" had made a mistake, because Belgian law provides prisoners with an immediate access to records of their accusers. The Morkhoven NGO was then able to bring to the Portuguese justice, the evidence that will be the source of three international arrest warrants. The Belgian judges did not dare to condemn Marcel for blackmail, because one of his accusers had confessed of having lied to the TV, but they gave him a six months suspended sentence for "disorder in his files!"

To "stop that radically", the law became "freely interpretable". This allows judges to sentence people to rape, which the accusers have confessed of having formulated for money or under threat. The Supreme Court has said that the Department of Justice has the right to dictate a judgment to a judge, to extend the prohibition of health care in view to shorten the life of Marcel Vervloesem!

Look for Moon and you will find everything that has to justify what is unjustifiable. The Moon Democratic coalition has reversed the mission of the psychosocial services, created in 1994, to assure human detention conditions, as well as the respect of the prisoner’s rights. They now have all power to oppose the requirements of physicians, which is a violation of international laws. An assistant of the psychosocial service of the Turnhout prison has just refused to another prisoner, the exams at hospital the doctor has requested to assess the state of his cancer. This is the enjoyment of the decision-making power over life and death!

The sectarian teaching is manifested by the inability of the Justice Department to recruit exclusively a staff, deprived of any notion of morality or to mix dehumanized people to normal people, without provoking conflicts. The description of the bullying appears in the most perfect tradition of Moony brainwashing, which is described in the American press of the 70s and was to lead young people to suicide or submission to Moon. A Moonie learns that his family is his worst enemy, so he can not have emotion. They also learn that ridicule does not kill (as Moon proves it) and that there is no wrong argument.

The psychologist psychosocial service has described us as a "Mafia": a despicable mafia of princes, earls, barons, scientists and volunteers who fight against the sexual exploitation of children, in opposition to the Honourable mafia that his service has to assists in the prison. He told Marcel that he would steal his mail, he would manoeuvred to forbid him the least prison leave, output even able to domicile; that he would authorize hospital treatment only if he accepts 12 hours handcuffed in a cage van. He kept his promise for at least six letters sent to Marcel and that he has not received, knowing he would be advised of the theft. Marcel has not received a letter of his daughter to whom he telephones every day, nor of his granddaughter. She is 13-years-old and ask her grandfather to live for her and she sends him stamps so that he can write Senators.

The psychosocial service has not delivered on the deadline, its report to justify the refusal of prison leave, which should allow a Moon tribunal to refuse any parole. The psychologist had counted on the suicide of Marcel, who planned to put an end to his life last Saturday, since he has no hope of being provided morphine to alleviate the permanent suffering inherent in his metastasised cancer, which is left without treatment for 14 months.

A procedure is extreme emergency has just recognize the torture of a prisoner of Bruges and ordered measures to stop them immediately. But the lawyer of Marcel was on vacation, that W / E, which did not allow him to initiate this procedure to save the life of his client.

Hard luck: Marcel wanted to inform the prisoners that those who violate their rights may have been exposed on a child porn photo or to a brainwashing that have convinced them that Jesus and Mohammed are doing unfair competition to Moon.

The psychosocial service then quickly wiped a report denying prison leave on the grounds that Marcel would have contacts with the Mafia princes. It would make negative media publicity for the victims, according to him, which is to say to Stefaan De Clerck and his team of torturers. We know that the survival of Marcel depends on the grace of God, without that we have any mean to save him, if only by praying to God, not a vulgar sex Messiah.




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