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Stefaan De ClerckRETALIATION FOLLOWING THE PUBLICATION OF THE FRENCH ZANDVOORT WITHDRAWAL OF CASE: The Belgian Department of Justice, headed by Stefaan De Clerck, prohibits any contact between Marcel Vervloesem and us, even by telephone or by post since February 26, 2010. Belgium will have to answer for the violation of our private lives, and of the right of free enterprise of the NGO Morkhoven, with a tenfold request for compensation in case we could never again see our best friend alive. Marcel Vervloesem was illegally jailed because the network imagines he is the only one who knows the dossier. See for yourself.


Ulrich ran a network trading pictures of crimes against children via the Internet, but "none of the investigators has identified him as having a paedophile activity." Robby Van Der Plancken, "escort boy" as from he was 12 and exploited by Ulrich since he was 15, was his "boyfriend" paid since 1993 "as an employee within the company."

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But naughty Marcel Vervloesem, who has exposed the dossier appears "unfavourably known of Belgian police for acts of paedophilia" at the time, on the basis of slanders which will be dismissed by the Belgian courts, when one of the detractors admitted that all had been paid 15,000-FB (375 euros) to file false complaints.

Robby was in the judicial dossier Marcel Vervloesem's slanderers of a previous identical cabal, first as a former victim, then employed by the network. Since then, Robby had a wife and child. He wanted to get rid of Ulrich, who was blackmailing him. He had thus not hesitated to call back the NGO Morkhoven, who had attempted to contact him at his mother house. Robby recognized Manuel Schadwald and mentioned the name of the Ulrich's favourite bar in Zandvoort.

On basis of these indications, Marcel and Luk Vervloesem of the Morkhoven group went to this bar on June 11, 1998. As they did no know what the boss of the branch network looked like, Marcel called "Ulrich, Ulrich" so loudly and joyfully that Ulrich was startled. This is how they met for the first and last time. Ulrich gave a CD-ROM where there were pictures of Manuel, by fear of the press, which had publicized his identification in the network Temse/Madeira, then he runaway with Robby, who killed him in Italy with the gun of Busquet, a French citizen in whose home they had passed by in Lyon.

The sisters-in-law of Ulrich, his heirs, accompanied Marcel Vervloesem and the Dutch television NOVA went to Ulrich's apartment on June 17, 1998, as they testify in the TV-report "Faits Divers" of September 1998. They found a copy of his stock in trade: 93'081 photos of real crimes, on CD-ROMS, which were entrusted to Marcel Vervloesem, representative of the NGO Morkhoven, for the research of missing children.

The French investigation, blocked since 1998, was struck by an emergency in 2000. "Given the urgency", the French Juvenile Brigade has been charged to implement the letters of request in Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany and England and has made "careful analysis".

"The careful analysis" of the name of Marcel VERVLOESEM managed to spell it VERVLOESSEN. The juvenile brigade even found us a "driver", Luk VERVLOESEM, they call Patrick VERHOEVEN. They thus prevent that any one may imagine that Marcel was assisted by a family member, to give him the appearance of a mafia godfather.

Marcel "the terrible" would have met Ulrich " the goody" on an undetermined day of June, when "he would have given him six videos and a CD-ROM of a paedophile nature, which no trace has been found by investigators," according to the Juvenile Brigade. They attribute the presidency of the association Morkhoven to Marcel Vervloesem to eliminate the real president of the procedure, Jan Boeykens, who had sent the CD-ROM to Jacques Chirac and that Danielle Ringot was investigating but of which "no trace has been found".

They come to the conclusion that when the NGO Morkhoven, through Marcel Vervloesem, gave to the police of Liers the June 11 CD-ROM, following a promise from prosecutors that the case of Zandvoort would be properly investigated , he would not have presented this CD-ROM "as having a connection with the ULRICH case."

"The careful analysis" of the Juvenile Brigade has reached the conclusion that the CD-ROM in question was a compilation made by Marcel Vervloesem, who had "recovered the hard drive of a computer of Ulrich", of which he would have done "multiple copies on CD-ROM before destroying it."

The Belgium and Dutch police would have assured "that, according to VERVLOESSEN", he would have have broken in Ulrich's place "alone" to "recover disks containing pornographic material" under the indications of Van der Plancken !

Thus, June 19, eight days after meeting Ulrich for the first and last time, Marcel Vervloesem would have made a unique burglary in history, in front of the television cameras of NOVA and the heirs of the deceased paedocriminal, to "recover disks "and "the hard drive of one computer" on eight, rather than to steal them with his "driver".

The Dutch police, "after the search made at home (of Ulrich), in the framework of the burglary, had seized numerous pornographic photos taken from the database that proposed Ulrich". The French police forgets to add that their Dutch colleagues had seized the 90,000 photos, thus the complete collection of Ulrich, which was naturally stored on hard drives of his eight computers, since these photos were for sale over the Internet. The international police cooperation is so extraordinary that France would not have had access to the official police reports of the Dutch police on the journalists and the sisters-in-law of Ulrich concerning this extraordinary "burglary".
Menace de l'information en ligne
The 337 first search notice of the Dutch police appear to have been made on the basis "of the most exploitable" of the photographs found on the computers of Ulrich. This is nothing defensible as any photograph of child put up for sale on Internet by the criminal network of Zandvoort presumes that the child has crossed the path of a paedophile who has marketed the image of his or her nakedness. Every parent whose child is present in the file for must get justice at least for a sickening intrusion in his or her private life, with the aim of inciting crimes against children, if not for the sexual abuse of the child.

Morkhoven have received the albums of research notices issued by Dutch police "in unexplained circumstances", according to French judicial truth. These albums of search notices have been given to Marcel Vervloesem by the officer Bergen of the Dutch Police. This officer was setting-up a cabal in order to have him convicted for "selling child pornography", with parents pretending to be victims of the Dutch corruption. The NGO did not fallen into the trap. Mrs. Hutsebaut, an alleged "profiler" with a deranged biometric eye, has then identified a Dutch child on the fragmented version of the first CD-ROM, of which copies in the meantime had been distributed like hot cakes in unexplained circumstances.

The Dutch judicial authorities assured that the child in question was American, the photograph published in an American magazine before the birth of the Dutch child, but the Belgian judicial authorities have sentenced Marcel Vervloesem for a "fraud" based on the false identification of Mrs. Hutsebaut.

Marcel Vervloesem was able to alert the French police that several shots of Jean Manuel Vuillaume, condemned as head of Toro Bravo network, had been published in the journal paedophile "l'enfant impossible" where on the CD-ROM. It was not difficult to verify, since copies of this magazine were at the headquarters of the NGO, but the French police claims that "throughout the hearing, VERVLOESSEN could not bring any material evidence to his statements.

Marcel Vervloesem spoke of Busquet, residing in Lyon, and of Zabowsky residing in Ardèche, as contacts of Ulrich in France, "but he could not provide any evidence to what he was saying." All in all, a strange twist of fate would have brought Ulrich and Van Der Plancken at Busquet's in their flight. Robby Van Der Plancken would have accidentally murdered Ulrich with the pistol of Busquet without needing to explain why he had offered his pistol to thictim who became murderer.

"Given the urgency," the Juvenile Brigade was also charged of the letter of request in Italy for questioning Robby Van Der Plancken, where he was imprisoned for the murder of Ulrich. Robby confirmed having met Ulrich, who was then about 45 years when he himself was 15 years old. Robby was then "escort boy". He would not have known of Ulrich attraction for children. He would not have moved in the apartment of Ulrich only after the death of his lover, Leo Van Gasselt. In reality, Robby had been living with Cindy and they had a baby. He worked in a biscuit factory to escape from the network, but was bound by the blackmail of Ulrich. What Robby did when he killed Ulrich, said Cindy was for her and their daughter.

Judge Ringot was apparently not challenged by the need of a letter of request to Portugal, despite the fact that the identification of Manuel, who led to the Zandvoort network had been made as from the Portuguese branch of the network. The judge curiously asked Germany and Great Britain, duties of investigation she has not sought from Belgium and Holland:

  • Identifying the children whose portraits were included in the "Ulrich" file
  • Give their marital status if it had been established;
  • Whether the children identified had been the subject of criminal proceedings for sexual abuse

The French investigators had not managed to point out the presence of Schadwald, the source of research, nor a boy in Koblenz, recognized by his teachers at school, in a television report. We note however that the German police did a good job in identifying paedophile magazines who published the production of the Zandvoort network.

The case posed a legal problem, insofar as the possession of such photos was legal in Holland in those days, nobody being liable of punishment for what was not sanctioned at the time the facts reproached occurred. However, there were many other charges, such as the proposal for prostitution of minors.


The address books are the client/staff files of the CRIES-UNICEF and SPARTACUS networks, dismantled and rebuilt under other names by the survivors, keeping the same address books. Father Stamford, godfather of SPARTACUS, appears to have been murdered "legally" in the prison Turnhout from a "natural" heart attack, and the main people responsible for the CRIES-UNICEF network had already been convicted.

The famous French Juvenile Brigade decided that these address books belonged to Leo Van Gasselt, who had died of cancer the year before, in 1997, and whose heir was Ulrich. These address books thus belonged to Ulrich. Throughout his indictment of withdrawal of the case, judge Ringot leaves confusion between Leo and his brother, Petrus Van Gasselt to ensure that the address books do not belong to Ulrich.


ROBIN. The Dutch Police have identified a young Dutch boy whose abusers were convicted on the photo where Francoise thought having recognized her son Robin. Other elements are likely to have emerged to allow the Dutch courts to sentence these people. The question remains as whether the person accused of having abused Robin had any connection with the paedophile network of Zandvoort.

ALEXANDRE. The photo Chantal recognized as representing her son appears in the file called Alex, played as from 1998, so the same year Ulrich gave the file to Marcel Vervloesem. The fact that the age of the victim did not appear to correspond with that of Alexander is nothing revealing. Indeed, one of the activities of paedophile is the photomontage, which transposes the face of a victim on the body of another victim. Only a biometric analysis can determine if it is the same child.
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