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Ashraf Sekkaki : an ex-runaway from Mol!

28 juillet 2009

Model son at home, little Ashraf would have developed in 1996, a "double identity" at the age of 13, while making laugh his buddies by audacious shoplifting. The Justice of Mechelen left his future between the hands of one of its experts psychiatrists, who envisaged that: "To maintain the interested (a 13 year old child) in detention for an undetermined period, without considering his future, reverts to expect serious problems in or outside prison, if he would manage to runaway".

Two years later, the "model son with a double identity" was locked up in the reformatory of Mol, around 20 kilometres away from the Dutch border, where the paedocriminal network Zandvoort recruited children. But little Ashraf seems to have turned out badly: he was running away to Mechelen, in his hometown, rather than in the Dutch brothels. He was then condemned to prison at the age of 16 years, in 1999, but the press does not say why and for how long. The teen was unfortunately complaining of an allergy to the guards, who by extraordinary, found a small amount of heroin in his cell. Justice condemned him in 2002 for that, to a life time imprisonment, via a psychiatric prison internment. He was then only 19 years old.

Marcel Vervloesem, researcher for the NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven, has exposed the runaways of Mol question as from 1988, which a criminal gang of Antwerp incited to runaway, to do paedopornography, then to integrate the "escort services" of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The first was Wilfried, 16 years old. The most famous was Robbie Van Der Plancken, who led the NGO to the Zandvoort file: 88.539 criminal images, then murdered the one who had exploited him.

Little Ashraf became "Sekkaki, the big chief." On September 9, 2003, he was deprived of freedom since 5 years, which taking into account the Belgian law that envisages release on parole at the third of the sentence, is equivalent to an effective sentence for a 15 years prison condemnation, for any prisoner who can prevail himself of a good conduct. That day, he broke-out the Turnhout prison with another prisoner, by drawing aside bars of the window of the gymnastics room.

Ironically, the case will be entrusted to Prosecutor Hermann Janssens, in charge of the Zandvoort file, which is packed with runaways from Mol. This prosecutor had come to the conclusion that the sole criminal was Marcel, who had found three runaways from Mol at the place a brothel owner of the ring. He had Marcel imprisoned Turnhout in 2005 for rapes that his health condition did not allow him to carry out. This prosecutor has maintained him in the prison, although the author of one of the complaints had admitted having lied under threat to be sent at the Mol remanding, where the retraction of his false accusation effectively led the teen.

The judge, who had given in adoption Wilfried (another runaway from Mol) to a friend of the Antwerp gang, will judge Marcel guilty of that non existent rape. But what a funny idea to imprison him in the same disciplinary district than Ashraf Sekkaki: another Mol runaway, who preferred to steal, rather than to be fucked-up by the ass !

The "big chief", "Moroccan of Mechelen", former "model son with a double personality" would have done 16 bank hold-ups during his 5 months escape, but considering the way the justice and the press treat these dossiers, we can never be sure of the truth. The life sentence of the Mol's runaway was renewed, again via psychiatry.

En 2009, Ashraf Sekkaki was deprived of freedom since 11 years, of which 7 years for the hold-ups, though the boy who had took him in, only had 3 years and 4 months. It acts of a total effective imprisonment with good conduct for a 33 year sentence, though he is only 26. The famous psychosocial service (PSD) of the ministry, had all the same estimated that it was "premature" to release him, as if it would have been justified to imprison him before his birth.

This same service "reconstituted" a social investigation by eliminating entire sentences of the delegate's report, then eliminated an entire a second social investigation and the medical dossier of Marcel, which judged appropriate to grant him penitentiary vacation and an electronic bracelet, which would enable him to treat his deadly diseases. One thus understands that Ashraf Sekkaki saw no other solution than escaping in a helicopter. Marcel cannot do that for health reason, and he does not want it, because his priority is to expose the application of the law in Belgium.

The only reform of the justice which can return its dignity is to entrust the release on parole to colleges of doctors and psychiatrists, composed by half of experts appointed by justice, and by the other half of experts appointed by the prisoner.



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