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Sworn translation in French - original version in Dutch

Zandvoort/Dutroux 2001 minutes: "borrowed" from a crèche for baby porn

Minutes No. 8257/01 of the Federal Police - SJA - Cell "Abduction'' Neufchâteau.

Marcel Vervloesem spoke in early 2001 of a testimony that children from a nursery were drugged and “used’ by the baby porn industry in the studio situated at n° 111 Admiraal Ruyterweg in Amsterdam. Ten years later, on the eve of 2011, we learn that 64 babies have been abused for the porn baby industry in a crèche at n° 74 Admiraal Ruyterweg.

Robert Jan Warmerdam is a 27 years-years old Dutch transsexual, who was active in the sadomasochistic community for fifteen years, so since he was 12 years old. He knew Robbie Van Der Plancken, the child of the Mol Institute in Belgium, who had been exported to Holland to be a prostitute, also at the age of 12 and led the NGO Morkhoven to the Zandvoort pedophile network. Both came to "G-Force, a bar in Amsterdam, owned by Edward John Mullaney, a U.S. citizen, according to Warmerdam.

The Dutch investigation was limited to the building owner (not the club owner) and an employee, but not the tenant. Mullaney is close to the child porn production milieu, starting with Temse/Madeira network through the firm Adonis and Norbert De Rijck. He also close to the Spartacus circle via the firm Korper & Korver BV and he was still part of the former Zandvoort circle, via Alex Kreun and Karel van Maasdam, aka "Alex Privé".

The most famous G-Force client, according to Warmerdam, would have been Marc Dutroux, also a child prostitute before becoming a child trafficker. Another, less famous but more illustrious client, would have been the former head of the Amsterdam police, who disguised as a woman to visit the sadomasochistic club. However, his description did not correspond to reality, according to the Dutch inquiry, which could be explained if the officer came to work in thick military shoes, rather than in fishnet stockings and high heels shoes.

Warmerdam talks about a sadomasochistic film production studio located in No. 111 De Admiraal Ruyterweg, whose activities were combined with that of No. 523 of the same street, he said. Didier Pellerin, aka "Mistress Roxanne", was then tenant of the "Rox" studio domiciled at 111 De Admiraal Ruyterweg and employed Marlene Decokere, mistress of Nihoul, who was condemned as the Dutroux leader.


Original version in Dutch of the minutes No. 8257/01 - or go to the sworn translation in French


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