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The Good Engels "Free Wilfried" action , at the law court of AntwerpMarcel Vervloesem at the European Court of the Human rights

BELGIUM: The court of cassation has confirmed legality of declaring a man guilty of rape, in spite a prostate cancer, therefore a gland of the male reproductive system, of which thedysfonction joint together with a serious diabetes, destroys any possibility to impose the paedophile sodomies or fellatios described by the plaintiffs.

The judgment of Marcel Vervloesem is based on the doubts of Dr. COSYNS to the reason for the number of complaint, rather than on a diagnostic relating to the effects of the diabetes and cancer, according to his mission as a doctor.

THIS CANCER WAS HIDDEN TO HIM. He was operated in emergency of a so-called double cancers of the liver and the blister, only in March 2006, though a blood test dating from January 2005 had reported this tumour to the prostate. Marcel Vervloesem has survived 3 1/2 years without chemotherapy, including 14 month before the first aid, which resulted to 2 metastases. The Court of appeal has confirmed a 4 years prison sentence, "taking into account his state of health".

Marcel Vervloesem is object of gangster contracts since 1988, when he discovered that the children who fled the ill-treatments at the hospital Good Engels in Antwerp, where caught by the mafia to prostitute them.

The Werkgroep Morkhoven, activist organisation founded by Marcel Vervloesem, reproached judge VAN CRAEN of having granted the adoption of Wilfried, a 17 years-old homosexual boy, to a 60-years old invalid, openly homosexual too, who will later on be condemned for incest. The activists reproached Dr. COSYNS of not having seen that children where leaving isolation cells of the Good Engels hospital, with broken arms and legs and that a five year old girl had died there… isolated.

They had made a protest at the Law Court of Antwerp to release Wilfried, who had been sent into the isolation cell of the hospital, when his adoptive father was in prison for incest. He was then sent to the reformatory of Mol. Marcel Vervloesem was disguised as a monk, wearing the mask of death. A coffin reminded that the destiny of Wilfried was not to be similar to that of little girl, who died in the isolation of the hospital.

At the same time, Robbie, son of a brothel owner, had been incited to run away from Mol's reformatory to Holland, where he was prostituted. He was exploited by an "escort service" as from he was 12-years old. A boy like him could provide from 450 to 900 euros a night, according to his father.

In 1998, Robbie was 20 and wanted to lead his own life, away from the network, with his wife and daughter. He led the Werkgroep Morkhoven to the Zandvoort file, where are over 100.000 photographs of crimes on children. He then murdered the owner of the file, who kept him under blackmail.

In answer, a new agreement guaranteed the payment 375 euros to delinquents to show Marcel Vervloesem of rapes when they were minors of age. One of them turned back when he found his apartment vandalized by the band and testified of these payments.

Three young people were then attacked, until they agree to seek drugs in Holland, with for instruction if they were arrested, to say that Marcel Vervloesem had raped them. They were arrested in May 2005. Marcel Vervloesem was imprisoned, though he had a 4 months old prostate cancer, as from January 2005 at the least. One of the teens retracted his accusations the following day and was sent to the reformatory of Mol.

The court of Turnhout will designate Dr. COSYNS in September 2005 to deliver his opinion in his capacity of expert. Marcel Vervloesem was advised of a double cancer to the liver and blister only in March 2006, a week before he was sentence to three years solid prison, based on the doubts emitted by this doctor in reason of the "number of complaints", without a word on the prostate.

In 2007, Judge VAN CRAEN had passed from the youth tribunal to the Court of Appeal. He increased the sentence to four years prison, at the time Marcel Vervloesem was operated of a metastasis "in the belly", according to his doctors, still without a word of the prostate.

Now, the court of cassation confirms legality to condemn a person, though a plaintiff, now major of age, has retracted his complaint in writing, ensuring to have carried it under threat; though the court has recognised the credibility of a witness who ensures that a second complaint has been paid 375 €; though five doctors certify that the defendant cannot physically execute the crimes; though 42 parts of the defense were stolen from the file; and though the reasonable delay for the judgment has exeeded of two years.

Arrestation de RobbieOn thus understand why Robbie might have thought best to murder his main abuser, rather than to trust justice. In the United States, several victims were allotted all the murders of the Mafia. Some were condemned as serial killers, sometimes for 80 murders, whereas they only recognized a few of these murders, such as that of Daddy, or Mummy and the grandparents, who had exploited them without having to answer for it.

The victims are not surprised, but furious of Marcel Vervloesem's sentence. They all have been objects of such judgements and saw those who tried to help them on the dock. The children of gangsters, who are generally the first ones to be exploited, testify of their methods. Judges are threatened, including those of the Court European of Human Rights, according to them. It is frightening, but they have also been afraid and many have not survived.

The Werkgroep Morkhoven and the Foundation Princesses of Croÿ and Massimo Lancellotti fully support Marcel Vervloesem. They will go to the court of Strasbourg with doctors, to explain the possibility of sodomizing someone with a prostate cancer. Many parents and young people who endured the crimes of the network and the cowardice of the authorities support Marcel Vervloesem, whom they call the "Nelson Mandela of the children". He will remain a hero, without the mafias being able to do anything about it.

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