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Light on the assassins of Commander Arbi Zarmaev
Picture on the left: Doctor employed by the prison of Bruges, probably employed by the hospital St. Jean, which offers luxury diets for fat Americans and cover the murders of political prisoners. Picture on the right: Jurgen Van Poeck, director general of the prison of Bruges, according to whom the commander Zarmaev "is not sick and refuses medical treatment". They obey the orders of Dr. Van Mol, who receives his own Minister De Clerck, the European Court of Human Rights covers the murders.


Jacqueline de Cro�� - 7 avril 2011

The dehydration regime in the Belgian prisons, which is deemed to kill political prisoners in 11 days, ends the day before, by spreading white powder in their cells!

The Professor Giorgio Gagliardi was allowed on April, 5 to see Commander Arbi Zarmaev, a Chechen warlord in political detention. The doctor of the prison of Hasselt refused to see him for a year, but the prison guards used to shoot at him with drugged darts through the peephole of his cell door. He has been kept feet and ankles shackled behind his back, deprived of food and water during four days, though the hope of survival to that treatment is of three days.

He would have arrived from the prison of Hasselt in a normal state, according to the general practitioner that the ministry of justice has appointed him at the prison of Bruges... but with very deep wounds caused by shackles, festering so much that it is not possible to suture them. The doctor showed the depth of the injuries with a space of one centimetre between his thumb and his forefinger. When the professor asked if the bones were visible, he nodded affirmatively, and shrugged his shoulders.

The Hasselt prison doctor, whom the commander has never seen, had prescribed him a medication to cure the "paranoid delusions", according to his colleague of the Bruges prison... rather than a disinfectant. His medical file is so empty that there is not even the patient's weight!

A psychiatrist allied to the prison of Bruges, thus to the famous St John Hospital, has prescribed to disinfect the wounds of the commander with a drug against schizophrenia, if we have to believe this doctor. He has no place in the infirmary, "because he is not sick" and "because he refuses medical treatment", according to the general director of the prison of Bruges, J��rgen Van Poeck. The General Director of all Belgian prisons, Hans Meurissen, ordered to treat him with the "Guantanamo regime" which forbids him to leave his cell without being shackled hand and foot, on his raw wounds, out of the bones. He has endured agony to see his family every day for 10 days, until he could no more stand it.

Professor Gagliardi could make a very accurate description of the Bruges AIVB cells, which confirms the feasibility of the facts that the commander has testified. The door, doubled with bars, has a large peephole, which the guards open and slams noisily every fifteen minutes after having switched on a violent electric light, to stop the prisoners from sleeping, then leaves a soft electric light the rest of the time. The cell is a corridor of about a meter beyond the length and width of the bed; under a window about 13 inches in height on the width of the cell but in a frosted glass the stops from seeing outside. The pain provoked by the shackles is too acute for him to be able to leave this cell for the last 11 days.

The European Court of Human Rights was requested on April 4 by the mother of the youngest son of the Commander Zarmaev to save his life under Rule 39. This Court is supposed to order interim emergency measures which, apply only when there is an imminent risk of irreparable harm. This is the case of threats against life (a situation which falls under Article 2 of the Convention), or ill-treatment prohibited by Article 3 of the Convention (prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment), as well as to certain rare requests concerning the right to respect for private and family life (Article 8 of the Convention).

"The European Court of Human Rights responds within hours," has assured Fran��oise Tulkens, Vice-President of the Court to the family, during a conference at the State Council in Paris. Her Court, however, was too "over worked" to handle the request, who asked that the Commander be rushed to hospital, eligible to get married and to recognize his son despite the Belgian ban, before he dies from the treatments that are inflicted to him. False Hope: The Ministry of Justice has imposed him the "black regime", leaving him only a trickle filter light through the frosted glass during the day.

Commander Zarmaev is in a confusion state, but he is not mad and he can be saved, said Professor Gagliardi. The following day, the mother of his youngest son was allowed to see him through the peephole, but for the sole purpose to make her panic provoque a Chechen protest, which the police is preparing to suppress. A white powder was spread on the floor of his cell, obviously by the prison staff, as no one else can access there. Death deemed to occur after 11 days of dehydration cell, would thus only occur by spreading drugs after a ���darkness regime���!

The Commander has become deaf. He is sitting on the floor, touching the powder and constantly repeating:

Allah ... they are fascists!
Allah ... they are fascists!
Allah ... they are fascists!

The government now hopes to legalize the murder of Ayndi Zarmaev, who served in the unity of his brother, but they will not have him by provocation.


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