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Victor HisselOperation Koala: Victor Hissel accused for his son?

Jacqueline de Croÿ - 16 avril 2009 update 17 avril

Romain Hissel (20 years), who stabbed his father, symbol of the Belgian French-speaking fight against the paedocriminal networks, admitted having consulted child porn websites, "without knowing why". The secrecy of the judicial instruction flew away at the first official report, as in 2008, when his father was accused in the Koala dossier for having consulted the child porn website.

The young man said to have discovered a child porn magazine in the office of his father, when he was 7 years old, thus in 1997. The double character of these magazines made it possible to sell them in the bookshops, until 2003. Europe only prohibited them at the time, by including in the definition of paedopornography the "lascivious exhibition of the genitals or the pubic region of a child".

Manuel Schadwald, le garçon de 11 ans disparu de Berlin, dont la recherche a mené au fichier Zandvoort. Un enfant de 7 ans, peut-il imaginer qu'il s'agit de publicité pour un film pornographique ?
Manuel Schadwald, the 11-years-old boy missing from Berlin, of whose research led to the Zandvoort file. Could a 7-years-old child imagin it acts for the publicity of a child porn film?

The worst of these magazines was a coded publicity, known of the amateurs, to buy criminal videos. For example, a black line, apparently a defect of film, which seen with the magnifying glass, revealed a phone number in Holland, where to get a pornographic film with the child represented. One can thus conclude from this that Romain Hissel was jolly advanced for his age to have discovered odious system.

The press announced that Victor Hissel possessed paedopornography of time when he defended the parents of the victims of Dutroux, without considering the normality for a lawyer, to constitute his files of incriminating evidences, nor that these magazines will be prohibited only five years later. Victor Hissel is shown as the member of a network and at the same time, to have "often launched anathemas against the networks of paedophiles, sometimes imaginary…" However, Romain Hissel statements raises a more relevant question: if he had access to his father's office, did he not consult these sites, "without knowing why", thus contributing to his accusation in the Koala case?

Romain Hissel speaks about "serious facts" who would have been held within his family, but of which he had not have been victim. Would it be that his father took his fault to protect him? He justified his gesture while saying: "Either I denounced him to the police, or I killed him". How could he have believed that by stabbing his father, he would be saved from going to the police? Has he imagined that it was as easy to kill, than on TV… and that his family would keep silent, rather than to stand the monsters of the press?

The experts are at the appointment. In a general manner, and without of course coming to a conclusion about the specific case, certain serious mental troubles, or an important inter family violence, explain the majority of the parricides, said the psychiatrist Maurice Korn. He forgets Oedipus, who never had to complain about his father, King de Thebes, since he was raised by the King of Corinth.

Operation KoalaThe Koala operation was made following the identification of Pascal Taveirne, a butcher's assistant of Bruges. The inquiries were carried out on the basis of the banking transaction discovered by the operation Zandvoort, Hamlet and Achilles. These operations would have added up 220 arrests, the rescue of 166 children, and the seizure of 3.5 files million paedopornographic. Taveirne was judged in anonymity as a "father implied in a case of paedopornography", without mention of the operations Hamlet and Achilles, which alone allowed to seize of 1.4 million child pornography. This is not a pain-killer.

Advocate Hissel was to the French speaking Belgium and the Dutroux case what Marcel Vervloesem, activist of the NGO Werkgroep Morkhoven, is in Flanders and the Zandvoort case. Sirs Hissel and Vervloesem are the only Belgians named in these cases, which by their close connection, are just one case. The judicial instruction of the Hissel dossier only required an email address to accuse the lawyer, then to seize his computers, whereas the others had required financial transactions to purchase the criminal photographs. In the same way, the Vervloesem prosecution only required the possession of the Zandvoort file, time to take it from a criminal and to give it to the authorities on the behalf of his NGO.

Gaie France Magazine was sold in the bookshops at a rate of 15.000 specimens, of which a Portuguese version. It had disturbed at first for the marriage of homosexuality and neo Nazism. Bernard Alapetite and Jean-Manuel Vuillaume, photographers for Gaie France Magazine, were condemned, for the production and trade of paedopornographic films. They also recognized their photographs in the Zandvoort file, but they were not condemned for that production, without French justice explaining why.

Lire (FR)...

One cannot help to make a parallel between Romain Hissel and the Morkhoven teens who in 2005 had been invited, under threat, to consult child porn sites on the computer of Marcel Vervloesem and to accuse him of sexual abuses. They were the sons three of Werkgroep Morkhoven sympathizers. They had been physically, sexually and verbally assaulted by participants in a preceding cabal, which had just collapsed, as one of the plaintives had testified in writting that all had been paid to file the complaints. They only had peace when they agreed to go to Holland to get drugs for their attackers and to consult paedopornographic websites from Marcel Vervloesem's computer. They had received the assurance of getting away from it, in case of arrest, providing they accused him of sexual abuse.

A telephone call had thus been enough. One of the teens retracted his complaint, as soon as the news of Marcel Vervloesem's immediate imprisonment. He then wrote his daughter to tell her that his friends and he had been commissioned to come the evening, when her father was looking at television, to ask him if they could make photocopies and consult paedopornographic websites on his computer. They had preferred to lie to have peace, but to benefit from the access to the computer, to play video games. They had fallen in the trap: it was too late.

The Instructing magistrate ordered the seizure of Marcel Vervloesem's computer and modem, obviously on the basis of the silent partners' declaration, whose denunciation is however absent from legal file. The "Computer Unit Crime", in charge of finding the traces of paedopornographic sites, only found video games. The computer has been kept since four years in the cellars of the Law court to make believe in an extra harassing, but actually to cover-up the silent partner of the cabal, who is also the author of an untrue declaration with an aim of harming.

All the Ministers for justice who followed one another through the years, covered a simulation miscarriage of justice, which was to condemn Marcel Vervloesem, for "having acquired the Zandvoort file by perversity". As they did not find any trace of paedopornographic websites, they could only condemned him for crimes which he is recognized having been physically unable to execute, because of his diabetes and the state of his heart, including for the rape of the young guy who ensured he had never been raped.

Now that we discover how little was necessary to accuse Victor Hissel and Marcel Vervloesem, but that censure is maintained on Pascal Taveirne, we would not be surprised that the Morkhoven teens were invited to consult the same websites as Romain Hissel. The set-up would be almost perfect. The network would get rid of the two most learned men as regards as their criminal organization... with a legal truth to close the file which exposes them in Belgium.

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