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When a sex offender became "Messiah.

Procecution of a sex offender in a camp of re-education by work

Le délinquent sexuel, entouré de personnes qu'il parvenait à leurer...
1954: When a sex offender preaches for the women to have sex with him, to free them from the devil
When President Nixon meets a sex offender at the White House
When President Raegan makes publicity for the publication of a sex offender
The 100.000 $ hand shake of a sex offender with Gorbatchev
When the wife of President Bush meets th whife of a sex offender...
La famille Mooniste modèle

Day of the Dead: the Moon sect covers the network Zandvoort

An investigation on a hacker who was spamming our internet media revealed that the senior EU officials, the ministers and the magistrates who are covering the organised criminality have chosen for Messiah, a self-enthroned Korean sex offender: Sun Myung Moon. Their "senior ambassadors" support "Holly Hoaxes" on the Holocaust and child porn.



Son of a Korean farmer, Sun Myung Moon, was born in 1920, under the name of Yong Myung Moon. He founded his sect in 1945 at the age of 25, the year after marrying and abandoning pregnant the first of his five wives, Christian from the Presbyterian Church. Moon would have then discovered he had been called by Jesus when he was 16, but he would have studied electronic engineering in Japan, rather than theology in Korea.

Moon proclaimed himself reverend and invented that the women were to receive the "blood of the Father" during three periods of sex with him, to be freed from the devil. The Korean Presbyterian church has excommunicated him in 1948, for these sexual rites in a cult. Moon was repeatedly sent to camps of re-education by labour, for violating social order, adultery and sectaries.

The war against communism has decided that General Mc Arthur, at the head of the UN troops, has released Moon from his re-education camp October 14, 1950, at the same time as the political opponents who were also re-educated there. Moon immediately rebuilt his sex cult in three months, which resulted to other unsuccessful attempt of re-education. He has given his sect the statute of "church" in 1970, so as to benefit from the laws of the freedom of religions.

USA greeted this sex offender in 1972, in the framework of its war against communism. Moon was inviting young people to attend a secular movement for a social reform. The program included weeks of indoctrination, by shouting and punching of the instructors, which left them little sleep. The young people were asked to consider their families as their worst enemies. The most cynical of the followers where offered carriers to which they would not have access elsewhere than in the Moon business. The others ended-up selling candies and flowers or begging in the streets for his "church" under the surveillance of a hierarchy. Those who wanted to leave the sect where sequestrated and beaten. A man was hospitalised six weeks with four bones of his face that had been broken by Moonies.

Moon became a multibillionaire, weapon dealer, owner of shipyards, newspapers, banks, universities, hotels, factories of cars, of tools, etc...Members of his sect have been exposed in the laundering of money; with drug barons and former Nazi war criminals. Moon has all the same been invited to the White House in Washington on 1 February 1974 and to Congress of the United States on December 18, 1975. He has created "The Washington Times" in 1982, which will cost him 100 million dollars of loss per year. T

The newspaper allowed him to make scandals over his enemies and the electoral campaign of his friends. He was imprisoned July 20, 1984 for thirteen months for tax evasion in the United States, as a mean to make him understand that he did not have all the rights he thought having. This sex offender was offering to buy shake hands with heads of state at a rate of $ 100,000 for their charities. Mikhail Gorbachev and George Bush agreed. The CIA placed Moonies at the United Nation. Moon has self-enthroned himself "Messiah" on 23 March 2004.

When "church" of Moon counted its profits by hundreds of billions of dollars, the "Church" of Scientology could only count them in hundreds of millions. The two sects are prosecuting together some organisations aiming at protecting the victims of the sectarianism drifts. Scientologists are notorious for their threats upon judicial experts and the departments responsible for giving moral support to their victims.

Clearly, if the Messiah of a sex cult has interests in the production of real crimes pictures, he has no problem offering $ 100,000 handshakes for the charities of the judges who make their judgments under his dictation and of ministers who are closing their eyes on the separation of capacities.

The colossal fortune of Moon was not built from the sale of candies and flowers, but the indoctrination of his employees on the respect of the sole Moony laws, in exchange for inaccessible careers. Moon is at the basis of the modern system of corruption and manipulation of the media that covers-up organized crime. The CIA left him free to do so, as in return, they could control South Korea, the United Nations and the major European institutions.


The carrier of Moon Senior Ambassador

Emmanuel B., alias Dr Emmy introduces himself on his Internet site, at the start as being an actor playing the leading roles in musicals, such as "The King & I" and "The Sound of Music". He became involved with the media and won a prize in a "Civil Defence Course" in 1963. He has loads of incredible diplomas, showing one can even become a Doctor of Laws in a year crush course:

  • 1968: Effective English and Personal Efficiency
  • 1969: Bachelor of Art
  • 1976: Notary Public
  • 1977: Doctor of Laws
  • 1980: Sacred Theology

Dr Emmy B. has opened a lawyer’s practice in 1978, specialised in the family and constitutional laws, with particular emphasis on the Moon concept of Human Rights. He also has diplomas of "General Thinking Skills under the Guidance of World" and of "Canon Law relating to Marriage Procedure". He has founded an "NGO for Family Rights" and of a "Democratic Reformist" political party. He states his contacts with the United States Information Service [USIS], who would have sent him to Salzburg to attend in March 1976, a "Mass Media Course". Another crush course, which has turned the "doctor" into a "Salzburg Alumnus", an important incidental reference, he says, which is only a posh name for "former student of Salzburg".

The ambassador of Moon has launched a frontal spam attack, presenting Norman Lowell, a former banker, founder of "Imperium Europa". Lowell offers to assume the leadership of a "European Empire". He has described Mein Kampf as "The Book", Adolph Hitler as "The Hero" and the Holocaust as a "Holy Hoax". Lowell was sentenced to a two-year, suspended jail term and 500 Euros fine, on March 27, 2008, on three charges of racial hatred, and one charge of insulting the President of Malta.


Coincidences between the Moon sect and the paedophile network Zandvoort.

All the people who, for twenty-two years, have taken turns to attack the Werkgroep Morkhoven, the Belgian NGO that has exposed the paedocriminal network Zandvoort, make a competition of the same morbid cynicism. They now applaud each attempt at murdering or inciting to suicide, Marcel Vervloesem, the main witness of the dossier. What ever education they have, may they be illiterates, psychologists, doctors or civil servants, they all give the same type of argument immoral to "justify" the violation of the law, or to refuse to perform the mission belonging to their duty.

The attack of the Moon ambassador is identical to other attacks that were already operated in the past, as if all those people had attended the same Moon workshop.

The Moonies are lazy and conceited people who refuse the work required to reap the fruits of their merits. They can choose any title and be assigned any function, without the least qualification, provided that they break the law when the are ordered to do so. This remind of one of Marcel Vervloesem calumniator, who though he is illiterate, was thanked by a job at the direction of a social service, and since, became President of the Council of the local police.

Junior TribuneMoon appears at the top of the pyramid of crime, under cover of a dying sect, but in reality, the Moon coalition is infiltrated everywhere, seemingly without mystical goals. A fact is that the United Nations has falsified data on the paedophile network Zandvoort, and now refuses since 14 months to save Marcel Vervloesem from heaviest tortures. The next attempt of the Belgian-Moony authorities to kill Marcel is scheduled for this November 7.

Yves Leterme, former prime minister and new Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, said he was chocked at recent United Nations meeting, to have been solicited by a foreign leader to help him arrest, eventually kill people. Who is he mocking by pretending he does not to know what is happening in his own country? This statement looks more of an offer to start a new workshop specialised in legalised murder.

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