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Victor HisselFamily drama that stabs Victor Hissel, a symbol of the fight against networks

Jacqueline de Croÿ - Dimanche 12 mars 2009

"There is an absolutely obvious organized band of criminals that emerges from all the pages of this dossier and that nobody wants to see, not because it does not exist, but because it is too heavy for a sick justice to take it in charge." (Victor Hissel, RTL-TVI Journal, Tuesday 4 March 2003 at 19:00)

Victor Hissel, the most talented of the Belgian orators exposing the paedocriminal networks, was stabbed by his son Romain, aged 20 last Thursday. The "sick justice" has made him pay a heavy price for his words, taking his family in its ravages. He had been the lawyer of parents of Dutroux' victims. He will be assigned the role of Pascal Taveirne, a butcher boy of Bruges, who is at the origin of three major international police operations on child pornography:

- Operation Hamlet, starting from Denmark (2002)
- Operation Achilles, starting from Australia (2006)
- Operation Koala, starting from Australia, (2007)

The two first operations where kept under silence of the kingdom's censure, as the official version requested to maintain that Belgium would be the only country in the world where organised criminality protected children from the sexual exploitation. The dossier took its root in the Zandvoort operation, which was carried out in 1998 by the Werkgroep Morkhoven, a modest Flemish NGO. More than 100.000 criminal photographs and address books revealed a multitude of personalities. The countries concerned, all suffering from a sick justice, have chopped the file in multiple individual dossiers, including that of Marc Dutroux.

The identification of Pascal Taveirne, at the origin of Operation Hamlet, obliged to treat a case of organized band of criminals, which was associated to Marc Dutroux. But Belgium had already started the procedures to condemn Marcel Vervloesem, spokesman of the Werkgroep Morkhoven, as the unique criminal of the dossier he had exposed, by pretending it did not show any Belgian case. This is why, though he was at the basis of Operation Hamlet, Taveirne was not arrested during the simultaneous arrests in Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Denmark and in the United States at the time, on the same day. He was arrested only in July 2006, when in the Achilles operation identified him again on child porn film.

The name of Taveirne appeared only in the Italian press, on August 11, 2006, when his partner in crime, Sergio Marzola, was arrested. The Belgian press only mentioned the arrest on August 7, 2006, of Karl Van Rompaey, for the murder of Katrien De Cuyper, victim of branch X-KISS of the Zandvoort network. Van Rompaey was maintained four months in prison, on the basis of stupid anonymous letter, before being released because of an empty file. Meanwhile, the X-KISS website was offering child porn via webcam.

Interpol has prepared the Koala operation on the basis of banking detail of the child porn purchasers discovered at the time of the operations Zandvoort, Hamlet, Achilles and Video Child. Marzola had collected 35.000 addresses e-mail. The sale of pornography is also done by the publicity of example of the adult version of the porn production and sexual stimulants. As soon as the networks are irritated by those who fight them, they send them hundreds of these emails every day.

The justice department agreed with the press to let the "secret of the instruction" leak, to soil Marcel Vervloesem's honour in violation of his presumption of innocence during ten years. It had made it possible to condemn the Flemish spokesman for the abused children, by maintaining silence on his physical incapacity to commit the crimes of which he was shown. It was now the turn of the French speaking spokesman of these children. The Koala file would have included the e-mail address of the lawyer, which considering his position, would have nothing surprising. He was going to take in the media role that belonged to the Bruges butcher' assistant, at the origin of all the international police operations.

Belgium had announced that the Koala operation had led only to five Belgians, who all remained anonymous. The violation of the secrecy of the instruction of Mrs RUSONOWSKI, presumably started around August 2006, broke on February 18, 2008, the day before the Taveirne prosecution. The day of the prosecution, the main accused had never been named ontherwise than Pascal T., and Victor Hissel's photograph covered all the newspapers. The lawyer was exposed as having admitted to have downloaded child paedopornography, which he had paid with his credit card; the King's prosecutor of Liège, Daniele Reynders, excluded that Victor Hissel could have access to these videos "only once or by chance", said all the newspapers.
Pascal Taveirne become: "The father implied in a child porn case", on that day, and his wife did not even have a nickname. The Bruges law court sentenced him to 10 years prison for the facts exposed by Operation Achilles (2004-2006). His wife got a suspended sentence for negligence and the custody of the children, as if she was unaware of the facts that had been exposed by Operation Hamlet (2001-2002). This enables to think that Taveirne was not as satisfied as his wife on the conditions laid down by justice.

It took three days to the Liège law court to deny that Victor Hissel had bought child pornography with his credit card. Though many paedophiles pretend to be victims of conspiracy, to destroy their so-called fight against networks, there is a fundamental difference that parts them from those who are really victims of these practices. The real paedophiles who use this argument have the entire network to support them, thy do not lose anything of their quality of life and they have nothing showing their fight for the victims. The real fighters on the contrary, have the entire network to attack them, they loose everything, before having passed into a tribunal, and they can show endless evidences of the quality of their work. The facts thus plead in favour of Victor Hissel's full integrity.

If one can believe three words of what say this press who drives the enemies of the network in misery and blood baths, one can retain that Romain Hissel lived recluse, in the traumatism of the nervous breakdown of his father. The press has soiled the honour of a grand orator by ridiculing any assertion of the existence of the networks, and then ruined his reputation forever by accusing him to be member of a network.

Romain, traumatized as of the youngest age by these barbarian journalists, seems to have reacted by a propensity to violence and suicidal tendencies. Mrs Hissel took her children to live in the house opposite that of her husband. Approximately one month and half ago, the police force of Liege had to intervene to stop an argument between Romain and his sister, during which he would have tried to strangle her. He would have liked to leave in a country in war, quoting Sudan, to find death at the time a combat.

Thursday at around six p.m., Romain Hissel was back from a trip to Paris, when he crossed the road to see his father and try a new car. A violent argument occurred between them. Many believe that the years of media cruelty contributed to raise the knife which struck Victor Hissel.

The journalist rushed on the spot, to expose horrifying and bloody pictures of the man they have laid on the pavement. The only comforting words were of the Liege barristers' president, who called the media to "more reserve and more decency". He raises the question of if the drama would have occurred if the press had shown "this essential reserve in covering the former elements of this up roared story".

What about the "justice", responsible for the "secrecy of the instruction" leak, with for effect to cover the judges who left the Taveirne couple free of exploiting their daughters for four years?
The justice and the press discover the time bombs they generated. Thousands of children who grew, isolated by mocking remarks; young people who live in the fear of the false administrative mistakes and miscarriages of justice, destroying the fundamental rights of those who expose the networks. Already in 2000, the Swiss police force feared that it would end-up like that, says Patricia Poupard, who has endured the same treatment from the French justice. The worst is living in the fear that one own child ends-up in prison, she says.

Victor Hissel is out of the coma. His son is in the prison of Lantin.

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